Three different billboards that promote the company’s People for Smarter Cities program are designed to sit on, to take cover under when it rains or to pull your bags over instead of carrying them. The bench, shelter and ramp are not only designed to be beautiful, but also to be useful to city dwellers. It’s not the first time, however, that billboards are being used to serve as useful elements for urban living. The reason for IBM to come up with a campaign like this is obvious — the technology company is one of those brands that want to get engaged with urban issues.
One day every month, design firm Studio Shelf sets up its office in public spaces across Cape Town in order to connect and interact with curious people on the street.
In order to raise awareness for global warming and its big potential consequences (and to promote itself as the first carbon neutral bank in the world), HSBC asked the Mumbai office of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather to come up with a campaign in public space that addresses the danger of flooding.
Last weekend, the most talented Dutch graduates in the creative sector, aka the HOT100 2013, came together to combine all of their brain power during the HOT100 Days in The Hague under the supervision of The New Institute. There is an old Bengali tale (there might exist similar tales elsewhere too) of how the shoe got invented. Marketing campaign for Millhouse Furniture including advertising, direct mail campaign and promotional banners and POS. Ideas is a multi discipline Leeds based design consultancy working both in the business to business and retail sectors to create effective communication with impact that sells.
Here are a few innovative marketing ideas that will propel your furniture business past the competition.

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Some time ago Thai furniture retailer HomePro launched billboards that could be re-used as indoor furniture after the campaign was over. The campaign aims to stimulate people to think smarter about their urban environment and also promotes IBM as a new partner in urban solutions. We had the chance to meet some of them and we could not help but to notice one particular project by the recent graduate cum laude from Delft University of Technology Pieter Stoutjesdijk who has created a design for emergency housing that can be set up within astonishing 5 hours only. Long long time ago, before shoe was invented, there was a king who got sick of his feet getting dirty everytime he goes somewhere. Host an Event – Hosting an event at your business is an excellent way to spread the word about your inventory. Embrace Mobile Marketing – More and more people are using smartphones to search for products and services on the internet.

Keep Your Marketing Simple – Too often furniture industry businesses send out too many marketing messages. Stay Informed – Two of the best ways to discover new innovative marketing ideas are by reading blogs and attending webinars.
Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that allows users to create and share theme-based images collections on a virtual pin board. Sites like Facebook have features that allow you to share and advertise your event with precision to specific target audiences. If you don’t have a mobile website, it might be a little difficult to navigate on a smartphone.
It’s best to work with a furniture industry marketing agency to help plan and execute a successful marketing strategy. Recently, we hosted a webinar on furniture store search engine optimization that could generate ideas for your business.

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