Your interaction with your guests is a different kind of relationship than someone that just goes to the store to buy something.
The reason guests often come to stay with you is because something is going on in your area. Keep your guests and subscribers informed about what’s coming up in your area including local events. It’s good to keep your past guests in the know when it comes to updates and changes at your hotel. Guest stories are unique ways to add value by letting your customers speak to other customers.
Everybody from out of town wants to know where the in-towners go when they want good food and entertainment.
It’s okay to include sales content in your emails, but it’s also good to build a real relationship with your hotel guests. Include the information above in your hotel emails and you’ll find that you can send more emails to your subscribers and that you’ll form better, more profitable relationships with them. Here is my guarantee: During the next twelve months try at least six of the ideas from this e-book.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A resource for anyone in the hospitality industry looking to further develop their hotel's marketing strategy. Some hotels and resorts are vacation destinations unto their own, but generally visitors have an eye on the surrounding area in addition to the hotel room you lovingly prepared for them. You know social marketing is important to your overall content strategy, but you also need to understand that each platform caters to a specific demographic and has its own style and language.
We define "hotel marketing" as creating better travel experiences for hotel guests and driving revenue growth for hotel owners. Now the next real question is when was the last time you sent an email that didn’t offer a promotion or discount or some kind of cal to action for a sale? You’re looking to build relationships that bring people back over and over for years and years. Some will come to visit family and maybe for another reason, but most are coming to see something or to attend something.

You could create a calendar that has lists of all the big events, both personal events and business events, coming up in the next few months. If you see a guest that has a really smart way of packing bags then share that tip with your subscribers.
They love cool little bits of wisdom especially when they’re traveling and out of their regular routine. Answer those questions in email form and have it automatically send to guests before they arrive. Reach out to one of your guests and just ask them about their stay and what they did in the area. First, it gives your other guests a little insight into what others are doing when they visit. Give this information to your guests by interviewing your employees and sharing it in an email. If you are not absolutely delighted with the results I will refund quadruple what you paid.
And, as a bonus, we will subscribe you to receive (via email) my regular Dr Max’s Hospitality Industry Secrets, Tips, Tonics, Remedies, Scams and Medicines.
This presentation provides access to ideas and articles that will help you increase the number of guests that you attract to your hotel. Content marketing continues to gain momentum, with Content Marketing Institute reporting the average B2B marketer uses 12 different content marketing tactics. Forbes reports that this big brand launched two different platforms for it’s Renaissance Hotel chain to provide a virtual concierge that helps visitors plan their trips and discover the best an area has to offer. Use social media channels and your business blog to provide behind-the-scene looks at how you run your independent hotel, from the food preparation to the room setup. Feature other small businesses on your hotel’s blog, both to provide more content for your readers and to foster engagement. Twitter is excellent for getting quick hotel updates out to your visitors, while Facebook works well with supplementing your long-form content marketing efforts. Add it here…Hotel Marketing Strategies is a crowdsourced collection of photos and screenshots showing creative hotel marketing in action. You won't find articles, interviews, videos, infographics or press releases published here anymore.

Give them little hacks for packing or for getting around town quick or something like that.
They ask the person at the desk or another employee of yours where to eat or where to go and visit. It’s a way to keep your guests interested in what’s changing in your area and you can give them new options when they come to visit next time. In this competitive industry, a strong marketing strategy that yields a high return on investment is essential. Take a look at your budget and consider making room for some of these content marketing ideas.
For example, if you own a resort near the Wisconsin Dells, consider talking up the natural attractions nearby and telling visitors about the local wildlife that make the lakes their home. Marriott focuses on providing their discoveries with constant updates and heavy social media engagement, according to Forbes.
If possible, work with other small business owners to provide specials and coupons specifically for your hotel.
Pinterest and Instagram are both visual-orientated platforms, so consider saving your striking photos for these sites. And second, it works as a testimonial for staying with you, which is a great sales tool without really being too sales-y.
When you appeal to your visitors to see you as a personality instead of a business, you have a stronger connection.
You may not be able to beat the nearby chain on direct room costs, but the special discounts on food and entertainment may tip the scales. It will be a nice little reminder to your guests that you’re working to make their future stays even better than before. If you’re having a hard time assembling relevant content, consider making a pinboard filled with recipes you offer in your hotel restaurant or prospective room decoration ideas.

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