September 28, 2011 By Cathy Leave a Comment Halloween is a pretty easy to decorate for, tons of supplies, tons of pumpkins, a few eyeballs, some cotton and masks and you can whip up a Halloween Display. May 30, 2011 By Shirley 1 Comment We continue our quest to protect Fathers from bad gifts and hope you are joining the fight to promote Men’s Eyewear as a much better Father’s Day Gift Idea rather than the stuff I just saw suggested in a magazine, gingham handkerchiefs!
It all helps get the optical consumer thinking about eyewear as a father’s day gift idea and saves a few dad’s from useless gifts! January 17, 2016 By Cathy Leave a Comment For those who can never remember the Roman numerals for Super Bowl, as of this year, they have switched to numbers. 1.) Have Displays with football jerseys, football helmets along with Safety Sport Eyewear can be used all year long.
2.) Encourage the cool factor of Sports Safety wear with Football players wearing Eyeglasses. 4.) Have a mock football game in the parking lot (if possible) or even bring in a Fussball Game and have a contest. 7.) Have a survey on Facebook asking who their favorite team or even have survey on who they think is going to win.
Super Bowl Sunday is a huge opportunity for eyecare professionals to inject a bit of fun and connect with your patients.
May 7, 2012 By Cathy 5 Comments One of the big advantages of Pinterest is the ability to find all sorts of cool things and ideas such as what do you and your patients do with multiple pairs sunglasses and eyeglasses. 2.) Simple hangers- All you need is wood hangers and a few nails or hooks to put the hangers up.

Today’s post is sponsored by Fashion Optical Displays, made in USA eyecare furnishings. November 9, 2014 By Cathy Leave a Comment Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Winter scene using Lincoln Logs or pieces of wood, add in flour for snow and a few characters and you have a quaint winter scene. This isn’t necessarily about eyewear, but taking clear wine glasses, sticking some holly, turning upside down and inside of candles, put in eyewear, which makes this another good idea.
We love the Ficklets charm from Rons Optical or even fill an eyeglass case with a raffle ticket for a free eye exam or a discount. What would be cool, is set aside a little wall and put up some of these DIY eyewear racks to show your patients how multiple pairs of eyeglasses can be a bit of fashion decor.
A piece of reclaimed wood, some string, rubber, cords stretched across the board and how cool is this. Again, paint the picture frame and this could be a great way to showcase your Eyewear of the month or Trending Colors. It used to be we waited until Thanksgiving and now advertising for the holidays starts in September. All of these displays are deceptively simple and most people will have materials in their Ornament boxes waiting to be re-used. It can be made to any size, decorate with eyewear and instead of tinsel, use eyeglass retainers.

Located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, it has quickly become a name recognized both nationally and internationally. I tell you, by the time December 1st is here, I am already over Christmas and cannot wait for the hype to be over. Christmas elves, bags, tissue paper, ribbons, ornaments and other miscellaneous trappings you have, will draw people in and as well help everyone get in the holiday spirit.
It remains one of the few companies in America that optical professionals turn to when advancing their practice.
Bryan is seen here wearing the TITANflex 2011 C which could make a great gift for a rock fan dad! You have plenty of time to rally the troops and start your fun now with a little opti-gating. But as business owners, especially in optical, capturing the holiday dollars is crucial and one of the ways to entice is your Holiday Displays. Delivering quality equipment, professional installation, and training ensures success for everyone involved…start to finish.

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