It might be all about digital marketing these days, but print is still king when it comes to producing the kind of breathtaking marketing designs that makes your audience stand up and pay attention to what you have to say. However, you won’t garner much of your audience’s attention if you use the same old, dated design ideas that consumers have seen thousands of times before. If you had a plain manila folder and a magazine sitting out in front of you, which would you rather read based on cover appearance alone? Your brand identity is determined by a great number of different factors and one of them happens to be the location of your business. There is a much wider world of printing materials out there than just your standard papers and stocks. When you look at a well know brand name like Nike or Apple, they use a very minimal design effect to make a bold statement. Remember being a kid and wanting to take just one little peek at your presents to see what was inside? QR codes are a great way to entice recipients of your marketing materials to get in touch or to visit your website, however they don’t exactly bring much to the look of your design. Give recipients something to do with your printed marketing other than read it and forget about it.
Charts and graphs are an easy way to make a point using visual cues, however these don’t always make for the most exciting design elements. If you’ve ever looked at a finished design and thought it could benefit from more branding elements, then you’ll want to invest in some high-quality company stickers or labels. The following is a letter I received from a dear client, John Douglas, who also happens to be a talented local photographer. As I mentioned to John, it is wonderful to see yourself progress toward self-confidence as a business person and professional. Success is measured incrementally, and doesn’t happen according to your prescribed schedule. Matt is a husband, father of four, marketing consultant and founder of Marketing Ideas 101. The Marketing Ideas Academy is a powerful online course, full of time-tested, proven marketing ideas that—when used daily—are GUARANTEED to achieve results for your business. Happy Hour Announcement:  Conducting a happy hour everyday for a limited period of time is a great way to attract customers. Tie-ups with bridal boutiques: You may also tie-up with the bridal boutiques located in your area. Partnership with Modeling Agencies:  Many hair salons have entered into a partnership with the modeling agencies located in their area to do hair for photo shoots and fashion events. Article Marketing: Another great way to build your brand is to publish online articles related to hairstyles and hair care. Utilize Social Media: Many hair salons have succeeded in building their brand by utilizing social media effectively.
Tax’s 101 for Hair Stylist NEW Salon Word of Mouth Marketing Machine? What Is Guerilla Marketing All About?After studying the key concepts behind the art and science of Guerilla Marketing I have come up with what I believe are the fundamentals that you can being applying to your sales and marketing efforts right away.
Here without further ado are the keys to how you can begin to utilize guerilla marketing strategies for yourself.
Above is a great example of what is guerilla marketing in the form of street advertising by Saatchi & Saatchi to promote Folgers coffee. Do you have insights, strategies or a story about Guerrilla Marketing to share with other readers? For Detroit area real estate professionals, a postcard marketing campaign can be an extremely effective method of increasing visibility and sales. A successful marketing postcard should include elements that will relay a message that motivates the recipient to take a predetermined action. Grab their Attention: From the moment a person first glances at the postcard, there is a five second window to gain their interest. Determine the Focus: Is the intent of the postcard to attract buyers, sellers or to simply serve as an introduction for the realtor?
Be Original: The ability to present a message through a unique approach can serve to pique the recipient’s interest. Focus on the Message: While design elements are important to attract attention, developing a message that conveys key information in an uncluttered manner is vital to the success of the campaign. Provide a Call to Action: This can be achieved through a promotion, displaying testimonials or offering a service no other agent is providing. Use a Quality Print Shop: Quality print shops in Detroit present their customers with a variety of services that will help ensure the success of a real estate postcard marketing campaign. Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful real estate postcard campaign is a well conceived and properly executed plan.
In this article on Guerilla Marketing Ideas I will show you how you can make the most of limited resources by using the Guerilla Marketing concepts of being bold, creative, unexpected and engaging.
Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being UnexpectedThe first of the guerilla marketing strategies I want to discuss is Saatchi & Saatchi's ingenious conversion of manhole covers into ads for Folgers coffee. As unscientific an approach as it may seem, "bigger is better" is something that still holds true for a lot of sales and marketing.
What you see time and time again is that companies with the best sales and marketing approach win out over their competitors who actually offer a better product. This is very similar to the first example where I suggested thinking about things like interestingly-shaped flyers or branded gifts to give customers; can you come up with some kind of cool toy or gimmick that is something neat to play with or use but as well advertises what you do and your strong selling points really well? I hope these guerilla marketing ideas were useful in getting you thinking about your own sales and marketing ideas and strategies that you can put into use on a much smaller budget. Gain instant and exclusive access to over 6,200 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs.
Computers have not yet replaced the ritual of actually holding something in your hands and exploring it with all of your senses; until such a time when that experience can be reproduced digitally, there will still be plenty of opportunities to make an impact using your printed marketing materials. The pictures, composition and attention-grabbing copy of a magazine cover is designed to entice readers, so why can’t the same be true for your business cards, presentation folders, brochures and other business collateral?
Vinyl, leather, poly materials and even recycled materials can change the texture, the durability and the overall look of your print designs.
On the other hand, that junk mail you always throw out is usually packed from corner to corner with design elements and visuals.
Great designs fulfill that desire by adding a die cut window, giving a preview of what’s inside your booklet, folder or other printed material.
Fortunately QR technology is evolving and it is now possible to add color, words and even images to your QR codes. Whenever I get a mailer for a used car dealership with a scratch off area, I immediately want to scratch it off.
This doesn’t need to be the case though, as long as you take the time to break free from the mold and try your own style. Stickers let you put your brand on practically anything, which means that your brand can go anywhere that you do. I have always found Jackie prompt to reply to requests, focused on finishing the job within the stated time frame and reasonably priced.
I feel his experience may resonate and help normalize others who may feel as he did as they attempt to break into their local marketplace. The website design looks fantastic, and I am still happy with it today after nearly a year. As a student, teacher and published author, Matt supports the worthy goals of service and commerce in the small business and nonprofit communities. If you planning to market your hair salon, we are here to share some creative marketing guidelines that will help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Many hair salons conduct a happy hour when they lessen the prices on haircuts so that they are more affordable to families with lower income.  Happy hours would enable you to get new clients, as many people will flock to your salon to get a trendy haircut at a reasonable rate.
There are many bridal shops that are keen on working with local hair salons that are trustworthy. Partnership with modeling agencies is another great way to increase your customer base and earn a lot of money. Publishing original articles online helps in creating good back links to your salon’s website besides showcasing your expertise. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin play a key role in creating brand-awareness by helping you open adequate communication channels. Keep in mind you’ll have some folks pop on and pop off the network, while others will stay logged in, wander away from their computer, then return. The answer to this question is the means by which you can create tremendous sales and marketing results by using creativity instead of large amounts money. I am a firm believer of doing more with less and that you do not need a huge marketing budget in order to make an impact with your product, service or idea.
You can apply these principles to give yourself the advantage of smart sales and marketing without resorting to the loud, tacky and even obnoxious marketing that inundates today's consumers. Taking a normal part of New York City life a€“ steam from manholr covers a€“ and turning into an eye-catching, head-turning piece of advertising epitomizes what guerilla marketing is all about. Perhaps you have implemented a new strategy that is working really well or have insights into utilizing Guerrilla Marketing in the Internet age. Postcards can provide important information about a real estate company to a highly targeted list of potential new customers. In the planning process, it is important to incorporate a number of concepts that serve to improve response rates and enhance the chances for overall success. Above all else, a postcard must be designed to rapidly convey a message that causes the person to respond. A real estate postcard targeted toward buyers may include a listing as well as a photo of an attractive available home.
This can include using tasteful humor, highlighting accomplishments or creating an innovative postcard design. You can use these concept to be more successful in your sales and marketing efforts regardless of your budget and beat out bigger, better-funded competitors.More than anything else I want to impress on your the basic philosophy of Guerilla Marketing which is you can too. What this guerilla marketing approach does is break into the day to day lives and thoughts of commuters and passerbys by introducing a familiar concept in a novel new way. Granted, you may not have the budget to pay the City of New York and hire a creative team to put together a similar concept for you. From the famous Goodyear blimp to McDonald's huge golden arches, if it stands out in real life it stands out in customers' minds. What this shows you is the power of guerilla marketing ideas to help reshape the way customers think about your business without knowing anything about your product or service. You can still browse articles published in the last 14 days from our homepage and receive your daily and weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas through our free Innovation Bulletin. To make a splash using printed materials in this digital-centric world takes creativity, originality and confidence in both your design and in the brand itself.
Give your print media some high-quality images or design them around a familiar theme. Take care when printing fonts to ensure your audience takes notice.
But don’t limit yourself to the expected choices-why not incorporate materials directly from your brand in order to make your printed materials really stand out? It takes a skilled professional to use a minimalist design for maximum impact, but your marketing materials will look more prestigious as a result. The best die-cut designs are the ones that alter the visual message while adding to the mission statement. Use die-cut effects to outline the strongest visual elements or to create shaped pockets, openings and closures. Try adding a QR code decked out in your brand colors or superimpose a logo on your QR code to tie it back into your brand identity. I know they’re cheesy and that the same offer is behind each one, but my curiosity still gets the best of me every time.
Infographics are a great way to express information in a way that is both easy to understand and actually adds to the overall aesthetic. Branded stickers make for a cheap, quick-fix solution for when your printed materials just need one small detail to be up to your specifications since they don’t require you to reprint everything again.
John is a model student; eager to learn, invested in his own success and quick to pick up the strategies required to build success, both online and offline. I have been seeing increasing activity and interest in my work as manifest by the number of requests I am getting now. As you are well aware the last year has seen some frustrations on my part, largely because I was focusing on the success of others and not on my personal successes. Being an engineer, I plotted a linear regression of where I expected to be in a year with regard to web traffic.
SEO is a way of getting your foot in the door and establishing yourself as a credible resource. I have learned that you have to have faith in people and recognize that they will make decisions to hire me based on their criteria, and not my criteria. As a married father of four, it's usually about whose turn it is to pick out the story at bedtime. At the same time, these creative ideas will help you take your business to the next level by enhancing your customer base. You may discuss about the partnership with the owner of the bridal boutique to find out if your hair salon could work with them exclusively.  This is indeed an imperative means of income for your salon as you can earn a lot by helping their clients with a hairdo.
You may also conduct live chat on your website and launch a toll-free phone number for your customers to address any questions or concerns about hair products, hairstyles, or hair care tips. Remember to follow up by reading my related articles on guerilla marketing ideas and strategies after answering the question of what is guerilla marketing.1. Postcards are inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising and they experience a high response rate when the message is compelling.
A postcard directed to sellers may include helpful information such as the number of homes the realtor has sold or “average days until sold” information. Planning and careful attention to details both in design and execution will result in a superior response rate and numerous legitimate lead opportunities. You can create customers, be persuasive, expand your market, increase sales and create the impact that bigger companies do. The point here is to focus the attention of the customer on something they are familiar with or is a part of their day-to-day environment but in a new and exciting way. How can you be bold in your advertising, displays or your general approach to marketing yourself "bigger" and sticking out?
Without these important components in your design, your printed marketing materials will have as much impact as the take-out menus that you find haphazardly shoved in your front door. If you’ve already determined that your business is serious enough for brand recognition, don’t they deserve some seriously awesome branding materials? For example, an apparel company might cover their printed materials with actual pieces of fabric remnants or a masonry company might try printed tiles as a creative alternative to business cards. For example, how about a cut-out cover for a mailer for a dentist office that shows only a few smiling mouths and the statement “These smiling faces” When you open the cover, you find out all of the people are patients and the mission statement continues by saying “are all thanks to Statham Family Dentists.” In this example, the reader wants to open the cover to find out what the smiling faces are for and to finish the statement. Breaking away from a traditional shape not makes for a striking visual effect; it gives your design a tactile quality that sets it apart from the rest. Interaction gives your audience an incentive to spend more time with your printed materials, just make sure there’s something of value tied into your interactive features.
The most effective infographics are the ones that use original artwork unique to only your business.

Rubber stamps are another way to have immediate branding at your fingertips and makes for a unique look on printed materials. Professionally, you understood what I wanted, made changes and suggestions that improved and enhanced what I was trying to convey.
Lessons like these are learned not just intellectually, but also at a cellular level, through life discovery.
I have learned to focus on myself and my abilities and not be concerned with the success or failure of others.
I never imagined it would be so difficult to to get top ranking, and to hold on to decent ranking. Joining forums and commenting on blogs also plays a significant role in building brand-awareness. This introduction describes the concepts that power the equation of Guerilla Marketing, namely being bold, creative, unexpected and engaging. Be Bold(if not Outrageous!)The first concept to take home with you is the idea of standing out from amongst the crowd of messages that your customers are faced with. What is important is delivering your message in a unique and interesting way that is outside the context that consumers are used to seeing such messages.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
You may be working on a smaller scale than organizations with multi-million dollar marketing budgets but the point is the the small guy can win using these techniques and you too can create more business than you can handle.
Just do it!Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being CreativeYou've got to love this ad by Miele that shows one of its vacuum cleaners sucking a hot air balloon out of the sky. Marketing intelligently!Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Being EngagingWhat a cool concept, a straw that advertises Yoga Center by showing someone bending over backwards in a yoga position! Rather, think of cool new ways to attract their attention and get them experiencing something fresh and new that relates back to you in a positive way.In order to be successful in sales and marketing using guerilla marketing ideas you have to be able to live up to the image and impression that you create. Of course, nobody can make you be creative, but the following ideas can at least put you on the right path towards discovering your creative side. Even if you do use paper, consider something like felt, vellum, linen or other stocks with a unique texture. A stack of business cards are going to all feel the same, even if they’re for different businesses.
For example, a restaurant could use a picture of a happy couple dining and hide a QR code on a plate of food that takes you to an online menu. Other than scratch offs, you can also garner interaction with pop-up design elements, pull-tabs or even just funky textures that beg to be touched.
Play with the font, color and even layout of your bar graphs and pie charts to come up with something that has mass visual appeal. Investing in a good rubber stamp will let you hand-print some of your marketing materials while adding a personal touch to your marketing collateral. Personally, you've allowed me to feel confident in your skills and have shown that through the many emails we've exchanged. This means such valuable lessons become truly yours, adding onto the wisdom you already possess. Experts estimate that the average person in the US is exposed to over 1,500 advertising messages a day. You can achieve a similar effect to this street ad with your own branded toys, gimmicks and other forms of messaging.4. This is a real winner, one of those guerilla marketing ideas that is creative, unexpected as well as engages the customer by virtue of the fact that it is probably something you are going to use or keep around (e.g. Do not go "over the top" and do something potentially embarrassing, harmful or in bad taste.
Maps can be either accurate reproductions or an artistic interpretation that put your location front and center. However, if yours is the business card with the unique rounded edge, you’re more likely to stick out. The question becomes how to differentiate your message itself and how it is delivered.In answering the question of what is guerilla marketing and how you can apply this to your own sales and marketing efforts, remember that being bold does not mean being intrusive. Be EngagingInteractive marketing is about creating opportunities for customers to be part of the sales and marketing process through feedback, evaluation and other methods that require customer input.
Awe, mostly, followed by the (somewhat illogical) thought that if Nike can do this they must be able to make great soccer shoes! The answer is creativity and being able to connect the concept of suction power in such an incredible and visually appealing way. Remember that you want customers to come to you feeling good and not be put off by your advertising concept or think that it is just plain silly!
One of the more clever ideas I’ve seen related to location branding is to send out mailers with custom maps that lead the recipient directly from their mailbox to your business’s front door.
There is a fine line between being passionate versus pushy and being noticeable versus annoying. Being engaging in guerilla marketing includes this kind of interactivity as well as other methods to hold their attention and allow them to absorb your message.A branded ballpoint pen or stationery may serve the purpose of being engaging as well as useful to your customer in a day-to-day fashion.
Customers are impressed with the creative execution and "wow" factor and so Miele scores points for its brand. Not only was Jackie incredibly prompt in getting back to me with outlays and designs, but she is incredibly creative and happy to “tweak” things until I was 100% happy. A cool branded executive toy or gizmo exposes customers to your brand when they play with it.
A colleague who encounters a large number of CVs in his work, said my new CV was one of the best he has ever seen in terms of creativity and readability. Be CreativeThe second rule in what is guerilla marketing is to understand the power of creativity.
Funny fridge magnets, sticky notes, calendars and such can provide thoughtful messaging that becomes part of a customer's daily experience as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie for any graphic work.Ecommerce websitesI have been working with Jackie at Jdesigns for the past three years. During that time she has revamped, rebuilt and added features to a number of our company’s websites. I have found her to be very quick to respond to our requests with accompanying progress on various projects. Her suggestions and advice to improve and maintain our sites in a rapidly changing landscape have been very valuable.
Being creative is key to understanding what is guerilla marketing and how you can do more with less.Marketing consists of message and medium.
Where you apply your creativity is figuring out how to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your customers both with what you say and how you deliver you message. Emphasize the defining characteristic of your product or service and then find an approach to communicate it in the most appealing way.3. Be UnexpectedConsidering that the average consumer is inundated with 1000s of sales and marketing messages on a daily basis it is not surprising that most people ignore the vast majority of advertising directed at them. As such it is vital that your sales and marketing efforts include an element of the unexpected by being innovative, unique, new and fresh in how you present your message. Their insights into marketing and Jackie's design flair delivered an extremely successful marketing video tool that we will be deploying immediately to full effect.

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