These are all senior roles; you must have at least two years full-time or three years part-time experience in the discipline you are applying for the position in.
You may find out more about Azam Marketing on our website and see all the fun we have in our Facebook Fan Group. Anyway, that’s the most general and obvious tip you need to keep in mind about marketing jobs in the marketing departments of big companies. The cool part about marketing departments in big companies is that they will hire people they think are right for the job, regardless of their qualifications. Now, this is the fun part about getting a job in the marketing department of a big company!
You can’t isolate yourself to your own job function or even to just your own marketing team. In simpler terms (for instance), even if you’re in the SEO department of expertise and work with your own SEO-related team, it is still likely that you’ll have situations where you will need to interact with vendors, as well as communicate to team members outside your team.

All of these extra trimmings will only train you into a better communicator though, which in turn will only enhance and extend your repertoire of skills.
We act as an efficient liaison between you, the candidate, and our clients, and we work hard to ensure that you receive a title, salary and benefits which will be fully commensurate to your skills and experience.
Or else, you’re putting your repertoire and resume of skills together in order to land a job just like it. You get versatile projects, and you have the freedom to let your creativity run wild without the constraint of stringent budgets. For instance, you could be a PR or Media Manager, or an SEO Manager, or even a Blog Manager.
The important part in all this is you getting or going after a marketing job in the marketing department of a big company. In fact, it just means that marketers have to now be adept at balancing both online and offline marketing strategies.

However, despite the rather specific positions, as you work in the department, you’ll find that your job and others’ jobs intersect quite frequently.
But even if you own a degree in marketing communication, a digital marketing professional diploma, a digital marketing professional certificate, or some other related course certificate, it will be your practical skills that will get you picked. But that limit will be much, much farther than what you would have had in a smaller company or startup. So, if to really want to flourish in such a job, you’ve got to keep updating yourself and learn about the entire end-to-end marketing processes in your department and company, even those processes decidedly outside your expertise. In fact, you’ll find that it’s much more effective to your career and your projects if you take every opportunity you can to learn about the functions of the other marketing members in the department.

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