Product launch marketing, research, analysis, and strategy development is founded in marketing planning & execution. If you want the added confidence of a scientifically validated product launch plan, contact us now. Business Schools of Marketing, in league with large global marketing companies from around the world. Nu Skin is launching a new weight loss product in October of 2013 that will work on the fat cells reversing them to the way it was when you were young. This will be the biggest product launch not only in the history of Nuskin, not only in the weight loss industry but in the network marketing history! You see lines of people with credit cards in hands waiting at the cashiers with loads of products in hand!! In a successful product lunch marketing plan, LTO creates a huge opportunity because they focus on 1 product coming at a certain time.
It creates a unique opportunity for attracting people that want to be part of something new – not an existing product.
If asked about the new product launch details, develop a story based around the history of  previous product launches and how you were able to help many people along the way get a healthier lifestyle. You need to know what it is and what differentiates it from anything else in the market place. Map out your area and the surrounding cities from weight loss centers to fitness trainers to health clubs…etc.
I’ll walk you through a step by step marketing strategy on how to make this the BEST product launch marketing experience ever! Hi Niveen – these products have always intrigued me because I wonder whats the science behind them – do you have any literature you could share?

Hi Gordon, ageLOC is an amazing genetic science that stops the aging process from the source (the genes) rather than the outside symptoms only. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Product Launch Strategy for a Training Company - this is a presentation that I was asked to put together to launch a hypothetical recognition of prior learning product stream. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. In Internet Marketing, every few weeks, the ‘next big thing’ launches onto the market, either developed by or promoted by the so-called ‘gurus’ (the well known names in the industry who have made it big). Then follows the countdown, 1 week to go, 1 day to go, 12 hours to go and so on, usually with the promise that if you are one of the first 50 or so to buy or if you get in within the first 48 hours, there is a huge discount to be had.
But in most cases, once those first 50 have been sold or the first 48 hours have elapsed – the product is still available at the launch price? Do developers who are making huge amounts of money from their products really expect us to believe that they are going to stop selling them to limit the competition? Internet Marketing product launches, particularly the big ones, are carefully crafted and orchestrated in every way. They create the impression that if you are not quick, the unbelievable discounts offered will go and you will have to pay the full price. Since I unsubscribed from all my lists, I have missed many big internet marketing product launches. But if I really wanted a particular product that was launched three months ago, I can usually track it down and still pay the same price as was being offered in pre-launch! If I can’t, I just have to subscribe to their list again and wait for the new improved version, which you can guarantee will be right on the back of it.

One thing is for sure – no matter what products are promoted this week, you can guarantee that there will be others that are more ‘un-missable’ next. It is worth noting that in some cases (mainly coaching courses and in the odd case, a truly genuine marketer), that there are some offers that do increase or disappear after launch. In the case of coaching, the reasons behind this are obvious as you can only coach so many people at once. These are typically e-mails linking into sales pages that basically tell you how great they are, how the product is a must have and “how the world will come to an end if you are so stupid as to ignore it”.
Huge numbers of these products, memberships or coaching courses are purchased within hours. Their aim is to generate huge excitement and make the market believe that their offer is a “simply must have”.
They want their business to be strong many years down the line and have no wish to risk loosing repeat customers from not honouring their word. I am married to Samantha and live with a menagerie of animals, including 3 dogs, 8 pigs, a sheep and a pony! Need to get message to a middle aged demographic. The feedback was that I nailed it and they wished their agency would do this for them.
I have been online full time since 2009 and am the founder of a global Digital Marketing company, specialising in SEO, Wordpress and Social Media.

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