Your sales reps have a lot of people to keep track of – existing customers, current prospects, and past prospects they hope will re-engage at some point. Marketing Dashboards quickly pay for themselves through their ability to surface key KPIs that show marketers the efficacy of their marketing programs.
Dashboards By ExampleLearning how to design, implement and manage business intelligence dashboards is best done by example.
Studying actual production implementations of business dashboards, enterprise reporting systems, excel dashboards and other business intelligence interfaces is the way to best leverage our collective experience. Whether you are a business intelligence developer, graphic designer, business subject matter expert, project manager, executive sponsor, information visualization expert, database administrator or dashboard user, you'll find examples of the good, the bad and the ugly.
More Dashboard TemplatesJoin the Dashboard Spy email newsletter at no cost and receive a series of free dashboard templates. Project leaders and developers have written Hubert thanking him for saving them hours of development time with his HTML templates.
Note: You will receive HTML templates for your development team as well as icons and examples of great dashboard design.
As advertisers look to follow consumers across screen, brands need to know how and on what devices target audiences are consuming content.A They need to track and measure a single individuala€™s responses to ads across multiple screens and attribute any results a€” such as conversions a€”A to the appropriate ad placement.
It's clear that intermediaries and solutions providers are in a race to provide the technical solutions that will allow marketers to integrate mobile seamlessly into cross-screen campaigns and properly attribute the results achieved. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.

Full visit history of each of your leads including all their visit history prior to converting. Easy to “digest” roll-up of the most important data about each lead – number of visits, pageviews, forms filled and more. LinkedIn integration to connect with your contacts on LinkedIn, get introduced and gain more insight on your contact list. When marketing department enterprise dashboard users can be alerted to the campaigns that are producing the most and best sales leads and contacts, the prioritization of campaigns can be quickly accomplished. After a campaign has been running, you can create a report to show the collected KPIs of the marketing program. Browse this hugh set of dashboard examples to find a variety of approaches and best practices. Shrouded in mystery for years, The Dashboard Spy finally revealed himself to be Hubert Lee. Hubert's newsletter is eagerly received by thousands of business intelligence professionals each week. We alsoA analyze how audiences are becoming increasingly screen agnostic and examine how cross-screen advertising can be made effective. Powerful algorithms might profile specific users based solely on their actions and digital profile as they move across certain apps or mobile website, and give them with a unique device fingerprint on the server side. As these solutions develop and improve, they will fuel the already rapid growth of cross-screen marketing.

How many times do prospects start to re-evaluate your solution without your rep ever knowing? At-a-glance, you see summaries of the marketing activity’s suspects, prospects, qualified prospects, short-term leads (0-3 months), mid-term leads (6-9 months), and longer-term leads (9+ months). There is an analysis section which provides tracking for success criteria such as Conversions of suspects to prospects, prospects to leads, and leads to sales.
Join the free Dashboard Spy Newsletter for BI professionals and get free eBooks, tips, and 3 HTML dashboard templates at absolutely no cost. A long time user experience expert known for high level consulting to major companies, Hubert has designed and implemented many of the world's most significant systems. In fact, it has the distinction of being the only song in existence about business intelligence! Inbound Marketing Gurus’ Activity Tracking tracks all website research activity for all known contacts and alerts your reps when their prospect is re-engaging.
The cost of the marketing activities is key and you can see figures such as costs per qualified prospect, cost per lead, cost per sales, and return on investment of the marketing activity.

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