Marketing is going through a seismic change, with new roles and skill sets required to deal with the data-centric nature of modern marketing. To adapt to this new era in modern marketing, CMOs must rely on new job roles and skill sets in order to remain successful. Traditionally, the sales team has been used to chasing leads, deploying techniques to “push” prospects into becoming customers. B2B customers are already 60% of the way along the purchase cycle before they decide to contact their selected vendor. If your sales team continues to use old sales techniques, you run the risk of alienating your leads or, worse still, making them feel as if they are being patronized. Of all the roles in the modern marketing process, it’s the CMO who is facing the biggest upheaval. Be adaptable and keen to experiment – and most importantly, encourage their teams to do so as well. Another key area for development highlighted by IDC is the need for CMOs to work more closely with CIOs, as the traditionally segregated worlds of IT and marketing are brought together because of the data-driven nature of modern marketing. This need for a shift in relationship is borne out by the Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 report, which highlights the significant technological barriers that are holding back marketing companies from creating a unified strategy. The most recent report from April 2014 (available here) tackled technology barriers from a slightly different angle. Have knowledge of packages and platforms such as SAS, Endeca, Net Promoter Score, Crimson Hexagon and Cymfony. While you can’t expect a single candidate or team member to boast all of these skills, the above list should act as a jumping-off point for identifying who you need in your modern marketing team. Whether you need such personnel on a day-to-day in-house basis is, of course, down to the size of your company and your needs.
Analyze the job roles in your team: do they align to the requirements of a modern marketing strategy? Identify how you can best incorporate new modern marketing roles and their associated skill sets into your team. For detailed analysis of another significant area in modern marketing, download our free eGuide: Stop: does your team have the right skills for marketing automation? Listening to the customer and understanding their business problem is key to successfully partnering with a customer.
My Strategic Marketing Management section covers marketing fundamentals like Differentiation, Positioning and Segmentation and tools like SWOT Analysis and The BCG Matrix. Strategic Marketing Management:Segmentation Every marketer performs segmentation in the most basic respect of creating a picture of an "ideal customer". Do you have insights, advice or a story about strategic marketing to share with other readers? Strategic Marketing Management is About Strategy Thanks for pulling together such great resources around strategy marketing management and sales and marketing strategy in general!
Demandforce marketing automation reputation management, Marketing automation and reputation management demandforce helps you attract new clients and keep current clients coming back more often.
Marketing resources practices marketo, Use these marketing resources to get practical advice and how to strategies for marketing automation lead generation social media marketing and more..
I took a number of marketing courses in my MBA at Melbourne Business School (MBS) and it was during my Consumer Behaviour course with Brian Gibbs that we got the best, single-page overview of the marketing process. Replacing it is “the age of the customer”, where the purchaser, not the marketer, has control of the buying journey. The age of the customer means that there is a new focus on analyzing customer metrics and data. The results showed that the quality of the email database and the lack of strategy are the two main constraints to effective email marketing. Being able to spot trends and themes buried in vast amounts of customer data is increasingly important.
But ignoring these new skill sets and their associated roles could see your company slipping into obscurity. Business is about creating value and the sales and marketing aspect of business is to create customers for this value.

You will also find sections on sales marketing strategies, retail marketing strategies, small business marketing strategy and general business to business marketing strategies. Strategic Marketing Management is about understanding marketing from the strategic perspective of creating customers. Even if you do nothing else, you have thus created a single market segment around which your sales and marketing efforts are then based. Perhaps you have implemented a different marketing analysis approach that has worked really well or have insights into implementing strategic marketing for different kinds of businesses! This shift means it has become vital to map the customer’s journey via the use of data and metrics. On the marketing automation side, 45% of respondents consider lack of time as the main barrier to implementation. I cover marketing basics here in such a way as to deconstruct theory and provide you will simplified insights on how to succeed in winning customers.
Understanding your ideal customer is of course an essential part of marketing success. In greater detail, Market Segmentation breaks down the "general public" into categories of buyers who share similar characteristics and to whom you can tailor specific marketing efforts. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Marketing Management interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. My Marketing Segmentation articles provides additional guidance on utilizing the principles of segmentation from simple to complex. Let’s say your company makes pens: Ask yourself what it is that your customers need. Online channels deliver a wealth of quantitative information that can be used for ongoing optimization.
Positioning is about understanding the market and your customer and maximizing success by providing customers with maximum value.
In fact, the tactical execution of marketing measurement is now starting to elevate channel decisions, customer insights, and budget allocation to a tangible and justifiable conversation. Understanding the power of successful positioning is key to strategic marketing. Positioning covers the entire business lifecycle of creating value and creating customers, from product inception to sale. The positioning section covers this central aspect of strategic marketing and how successful marketing shapes customers views and attitudes about your solution. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Marketing Performance Management (MPM) in more detail and outline a maturity framework for organizations looking for a better way to leverage analytics and measurement in ongoing marketing execution.In a 2007 survey of 250 Fortune 1000 firms conducted by Kellogg School of Management, 75% of respondents reported marketing was essential to their business. It stands to reason that optimizing the marketing process would therefore be a top concern for organizations.
The SWOT Analysis page covers this fundamental marketing tool in more detail and provides additional guidance. Yet, 61% of respondents indicated they did not have a defined and documented process to screen, evaluate, and prioritize marketing campaigns. A downloadable SWOT Analysis form will help you quickly summarize the potential of your own marketing plan. All of sales and marketing can be reduced to analyzing, planning and acting and SWOT Analysis is one of the many Strategic Marketing tools designed to do this.
We are either trying to analyze and understand individual customers or the market as a whole and then engage in activities that produce successful interactions with each. Why is MPM such a challenging discipline to embrace?Defining MPMYou can find a lot of definitions of MPM. Whereas the SWOT Analysis focuses more on the market as a whole vis a vis your business idea or opportunity, The Boston Matrix focuses on your portfolio of solutions by categorizing your various core products so that you can focus your sales and marketing efforts accordingly. The Boston Matrix page describes if your products fit the BCG product categories of Cash Cows, Dogs, Stars or Question Marks and how you should focus your sales and efforts accordingly.
For example, if you’re Montblanc, you won’t be making cheap plastic pens anytime soon even if some your customers say that’s what they want in a writing instrument.
At the foundational level, MPM includes a data repository, BI tools and analytical workbenches.
The categorizations themselves relate to market share and industry growth which in turn lead back to how customers are likely to respond to your marketing efforts.
At the strategic level, MPM provides role-based access to information and KPIs through dashboards, visualization, point-and-click analysis, modeling, simulation and optimization.”Kellog School of Management defines Marketing Performance Management as “The combination of tools, processes, and methods used to develop, monitor, measure, and control marketing campaigns and programs to increase the return on both individual and aggregate marketing investments. Marketing campaigns are defined to include all direct and indirect organizational marketing endeavors such as promotions, advertising, analyst relations, customer relationship management initiatives, etc.”The State of MPMMPM can be engrained in all facets of marketing execution both before and after a campaign is executed. Inspiring marketers to think in creative ways to achieve successful marketing results was partly what marketing guru Jay Levinson had in mind in his popular 1984 book. For example, MPM could be used to define which campaigns are most profitable, control group strategy, real-time monitoring of results, or as a basis for testing which campaigns are most successful.

The other half of the picture is practical advice for marketers to compete successfully using imagination instead of huge marketing budgets. My Guerrilla Marketing page covers general Guerrilla Marketing strategy while the Guerilla Marketing Ideas page highlights some of the powerful low-budget promotional ideas made famous as "Guerrilla Marketing weapons" in Levinson's book. These days, marketers recognize the value of making marketing more transparent to the organization. For example, should you be looking at companies that make markers and pencils as competition? By doing so, you will not only create synergy that will power your business as a whole but take advantage of the simple fact that that's what works. There’s job security in being able to justify campaign spend and demonstrate a return on investments. The reality is, there are aspects of marketing that are difficult to measure and likely always will be. For example, Group A wants cheap plastic ballpoint pens, Group B wants fancy liquid ink pens, and so on.
However, the research from Kellogg School of Management found marketers “…are also struggling to optimize marketing management in their organizations. While sales is sales and marketing is marketing, business consumers are very different buyers than general interest customers. Business buying is more focused on solving a problem than the desire for gain that motivates most non-business buying. In any case, you must understand how business customers behave and respond and market to them accordingly. The Business To Business Marketing Strategy page provides guidance and tips on how to make the most of engaging businesses customers. The findings suggest many marketers are still foreign to a disciplined metric-driven approach to marketing. Learn ideas for increasing your network of contacts and establishing yourself as an "expert" in your field. If you are a small business owner or are simply interested in learning low maintenance ways to effectively market to your customers then visit the Small Business Marketing Strategy page. They know they can communicate well with these people, they can defend this segment from the competition, and ultimately that’s the area of the market they want their company to operate in.
You should not feel overwhelmed by larger competitors as your size can actually be an advantage. The crux to successful Strategic Marketing for small business is to build on your differences instead of turning them into obstacles. Most customers today understanding that size does not necessarily mean the best product or service and you can build a growing customer base by following a few simple rules. Getting your positioning right is incredibly important because it’s the key to your entire plan. So, for example, Montblanc may position themselves in the luxury space as a company that sells excellent writing instruments that have the highest level of craftsmanship.
They would then position themselves appropriately in the luxury gift jewellery markets, but not in the broader writing instruments market.
This value is created by the existence of your product, captured by its price, communicated through your promotion, and delivered by where you place (or how you distribute) your product – these are the four Ps. Then, at regular intervals, you will need to re-do your three Cs because the market will change and you will need to change with it. That’s because positioning – with the help of the four Ps – is what translates the ‘actual product’ into the ‘perceived product’ within the consumer’s mind (they are often not the same).
And it is the pen’s positioning that will determine what qualities above its ability to put ink on paper set it apart from its competitors.
For example, the Web & New Media Strategy that Melbourne Water developed over the last year followed pretty much this process.
So, if we hadn’t done the three Cs right, for example, I would have had a hard time getting the four Ps done properly.

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