January 18, 2013 by JSE Leave a Comment Obviously, being an educational organization, I emphasize the importance of your training, education and certifications. However, you know that after earning your certifications and degrees, you must market and manage your business and career successfully.  Remember, if you are an employee or contractor at a club, you still must market yourself.
When you manage your business properly, you save time, money, effort, aggravation and frustration.  Better management also allows for improved customer service, better work efficiency and happier clients.
Why do something once and get paid only once when you can do it once, and get paid many times?
When you market your services, you also need to use technology to reach more people with your message quickly and for a low price.
Fitness Business Ninja – Complete online management of billing, schedules, transformation contests, diets, online training assessments and more. The Client Grabber – Online Classified Marketing System for Personal Trainers and Fitness Boot Camps. Fitness Pro Directory – Free online directory for you to build a business profile, add videos, links, photos, testimonials, articles, events and more. Client Retention Machine – Free video training to learn how to KEEP YOUR CURRENT CLIENTS.
In this article we will discuss the general sequence of marketing management hierarchy which is followed by most of the organizations in the same or with slight variations. Marketing Team Leader – These professionals are responsible for supervising the entire team of marketing associates in their outlet and managing the team to fulfill the targets on time for the company in an exquisite manner. Branch Marketing Executive – The professional who handles the marketing tasks for the company’s entire branch are referred to as branch marketing executives. This is the top level of the marketing management hierarchy and is responsible for administrative level work in the company.

Regional Marketing Manager – Regional marketing manager handles the marketing tasks for the company for a specified region provided by the company to the regional marketing manager. Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director – The highest managerial level attainable in the marketing management hierarchy is of a chief marketing officer, CMO also referred as the marketing director.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The management of a company depends on the proper working of all these officials since all officials work and operate at different positions.
Following are the levels starting from the entry level or the junior level management and ending with the highest one in the industry.
The designations in the company compose the hierarchy, like designations in a marketing firm will compose the marketing management hierarchy of that organization. Online channels deliver a wealth of quantitative information that can be used for ongoing optimization. Once they complete their internship they are offered salary and are promoted to the next level in the hierarchy.
In fact, the tactical execution of marketing measurement is now starting to elevate channel decisions, customer insights, and budget allocation to a tangible and justifiable conversation. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Marketing Performance Management (MPM) in more detail and outline a maturity framework for organizations looking for a better way to leverage analytics and measurement in ongoing marketing execution.In a 2007 survey of 250 Fortune 1000 firms conducted by Kellogg School of Management, 75% of respondents reported marketing was essential to their business. It stands to reason that optimizing the marketing process would therefore be a top concern for organizations.
Yet, 61% of respondents indicated they did not have a defined and documented process to screen, evaluate, and prioritize marketing campaigns. Why is MPM such a challenging discipline to embrace?Defining MPMYou can find a lot of definitions of MPM.

At the foundational level, MPM includes a data repository, BI tools and analytical workbenches. At the strategic level, MPM provides role-based access to information and KPIs through dashboards, visualization, point-and-click analysis, modeling, simulation and optimization.”Kellog School of Management defines Marketing Performance Management as “The combination of tools, processes, and methods used to develop, monitor, measure, and control marketing campaigns and programs to increase the return on both individual and aggregate marketing investments.
Marketing campaigns are defined to include all direct and indirect organizational marketing endeavors such as promotions, advertising, analyst relations, customer relationship management initiatives, etc.”The State of MPMMPM can be engrained in all facets of marketing execution both before and after a campaign is executed. For example, MPM could be used to define which campaigns are most profitable, control group strategy, real-time monitoring of results, or as a basis for testing which campaigns are most successful. These days, marketers recognize the value of making marketing more transparent to the organization. There’s job security in being able to justify campaign spend and demonstrate a return on investments.
The reality is, there are aspects of marketing that are difficult to measure and likely always will be.
However, the research from Kellogg School of Management found marketers “…are also struggling to optimize marketing management in their organizations. The findings suggest many marketers are still foreign to a disciplined metric-driven approach to marketing.

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