With the rise of the internet and the advent of new concepts like social media, e-commerce and digital marketing, critics started questioning the relevance of the classic Four Ps model of marketing. This is a very interesting article for me as we began our marketing class today and we study the 14 e of this book. Marketing Management By Philip Kotler 11th Edition Pdf Free Download Processing.
Inumeros novos estudos e publicacoes, conferencias e debates, estabelecendo conceitos, fundamentos e teorias foram desenvolvidos a epoca, com graus variados de acertos e erros.
Entre estudar, desenvolver, ajustar e lancar produtos envoltos em caracteristicas que se voltassem para a capacidade de satisfazer necessidades e desejos foram-se cerca de mais uns 20 anos. Eis entao que, na segunda metade dos anos 60, Philip Kotler, nascido em Chicago, em maio de 1931, a epoca um jovem ja brilhante e estudioso, dedicou-se com afinco a reunir, analisar, revisar, desenvolver, ampliar, sistematizar, reordenar e consolidar os fundamentos e principios do que hoje chamamos marketing. Com doutorado em Economia pelo Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hoje leciona Marketing Internacional na Kellog Graduate School of Management, da Northwestern University, uma das mais prestigiadas escolas de pos-graduacao em Gestao do mundo, onde deu prestigio ao departamento de marketing. Com brilhantismo, Kotler conseguiu reunir o melhor do pensamento mercadologico, agregando a ele uma visao objetiva e clara. Estabeleceu principios elementares e deu sentido aos fundamentos ate entao estabelecidos, trazendo demonstracao objetiva ao pensamento de marketing.
Ate Kotler, produzia-se e promovia-se para vender, e as definicoes do que seria o marketing eram profusas e difusas. Apos Kotler, e ate os dias de hoje, produz-se o que o consumidor deseja para satisfazer suas necessidades, e ha toda uma cultura de marketing estabelecida, sobre a qual passamos a discorrer aqui. Vimos que os mecanismos de sobrevivencia humana despertam nas pessoas estados definidos de insatisfacao quando ha a carencia e a insatisfacao que dela decorre. Imediatamente desperta-se no homem o desejo de suprir esta carencia, e com ele ativam-se os sentidos da iniciativa e da busca. Ja decorridas decadas desde as primeiras publicacoes de Kotler ate os dias de hoje, e vistas a magnitude e o avanco imensuraveis que pode desde entao alcancar o pensamento de marketing, decididamente por ele influenciado, podemos atribuir a este periodo a designacao de Era Kotler. Seja em merito pela sua incansavel dedicacao a pesquisa, ao estudo e ao debate, como pelo reconhecimento devido ao seu empenho pessoal em promover a difusao e o avanco do pensamento de marketing, percorrendo o mundo com suas obras, mas tambem pessoalmente em palestras, debates, seminarios e congressos. Este post foi publicado em Conceito de Marketing, Tudo sobre Marketing e marcado com a tag historia do marketing, Kotler, Philip Kotler em novembro 27, 2010 por juliano.
Consider Kellogg Graduate School of Management’s professor and authority on the subject, Philip Kotler, and the 4Ps of the marketing mix. Others may prefer to ground a definition in the 5Cs situation analysis and its relation to creating value, capturing value and sustaining value. The definition presented in the blog I read is really only just promotion (refer to the figure to the right). Nirmalya Kumar in his book “Marketing as Strategy” does an exceptional job to define marketing in these broad terms, and describing the functional definition in terms of business, the organization, and an enterprise. When defining or explaining marketing, do you want to be the guy that “promotes” a product, or do you want to be seen by your 6 year old as the “transformational engine inside the corporation that delivers substantial revenue and increased profitability?”  Kids as well as our business colleagues don’t need a dumbed-down definition of marketing – tell it like it is.  What is marketing? For fun – here are some classic definitions of marketing from well-known thought leaders.  They demonstrate the value contribution to a business. Kotler in his textbook “Understanding Marketing Management” (2009): “Marketing is about identifying and meeting human and social needs. The American Marketing Association: “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. It’s no wonder the reputation for the function of marketing in the corporate world is so low.
However, we need more people like you, Mark, to take this topic head on in the blog-o-sphere which may well be the first point of educating the large population of marketing people that are in the role, but have not had the leadership and guidance yet to fully understand the impact and importance of their role to the enterprise. As a CMO, He transforms reactive, market-driven companies into agile market-driving category leaders with a disruptively innovative vision for marketing as strategy.

As a writer and speaker, Andrew challenges traditional thinking to spark new design-centric ideas essential to igniting transformation.
Definition ThinkingPervasive Strategy is a shared plan, a leadership approach and a set of methods to achieve exceptional outcomes. Big Data is the collection, management and access of large, complex structured and unstructured data.
Analytics is the process of extracting value from Big Data through formal statistical analyses. I invite you to subscribe or sign up via RSS to stay current (see the subscribe field upper right of page).
What is your evaluation of the state of the marketing function in organizations today—is marketing getting enough share of mind in corporate boardrooms today?A.
Amarrou definitivamente o produto a satisfacao de necessidades, atribuindo a estas a prioridade em relacao aquele.
As strategy, it is one of the most important elements in business to get right before all others. Marketers’ definitions are often poor, limited, and often wrong – but mostly, incomplete.
Any marketing  professional or business school graduate should recall them, Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Marketing Analysis in the 5Cs model is grounded in: Customers, Company, Competitors, Collaborators and Context. As a business professional, you know that marketing is involved with nearly every strategic element of business.
The link here goes to a book review that can give you a high level overview of this London School of Economics professor’s modern (2004) perspective. True marketing professionals should not limit their own articulation for the value they deliver to the companies they work for, nor should they dumb-down the meaning since that propagates the misinformation. It’s so important to ground marketing, the function, and the profession, in terms of a conscious, connected and strategic business activity, at the highest level, both in thinking and pervasive throughout the organization. Far too few marketing leaders understand this, and I fear the situation is getting worse, not better. Most of these topics lead back to how pervasive strategy and fearless marketing drives business. Marketing has a much better and higher standing today in corporate boardrooms than in earlier times.
How are they redefining the ways in which brands connect with customers and the attributes of ?emotional bonds? and ?trust??A. But, individual responses will define it based on what their unique marketing experience is, or what their job profile says they should do, which may be a limited reflection based on who wrote the job description (HR?) and the specific needs for that company.
The source of this weak definition is one of the biggest marketing agencies in the US with an enormous visible daily footprint.
Is it time for marketers who get this to start calling what they do something other than “marketing”? Initially marketing was seen as mainly an advertising function or more broadly as a communications function. Knowing this well, and the difference between what it is they do on a day to day basis should be the impetus to elevate their own chosen profession.
Then marketing opened companies’ eyes to seeing the consumer as the center of the profit-making universe. More specifically marketing professionals should be broadening marketing inside their own companies increasing its functional contribution in terms of business value. If you are a VP of Marketing, or a CMO, with leadership domain in a group that understands the depth of marketing, or if you are a Marketing Professional passionate about the definition, and deep business function of Marketing, and understand the extensive contribution that you make in your organization, please share a supporting thought below.

Marketing provided the means of getting deeper insights about buyer motivations, beliefs, values and perceptions. By analyzing Big Data, one can identify the best prospects and the appropriate messages to deliver.Q.
Today the marketing function is in the hands of Chief Marketing Officers who manage broader functions, including the responsibility of identifying new market opportunities and assessing their size and feasibility. While technology is helping marketing become more personalized and adaptive, there are also concerns over privacy.
There are still companies that take a narrow communications view of marketing but they are often outperformed by competitors who take a broader view of the power of contemporary marketing thinking and planning.Q.
Companies are trying to know enough about a group or individuals to deliver relevant messages. The fault with old-fashioned mass media was that it would deliver a single message to the whole audience with only perhaps 1-2% of the audience interested in the message. We still need traditional advertising and 30-second commercials to communicate the big picture of a company’s market position and promise. We also need to use social media to deliver shorter and longer individual messages to different customers and prospects. Thanks to social media and other forces, the locus of control has gradually shifted away from the brand owners to the consumers. Enter the characters you see below, sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot.
Every 30-second commercial should mention the company’s websites for customers to get further information.
Some argue that in this environment, the need for a separate marketing department will gradually vanish. His Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations, now in its fifth edition, is the best seller in that. But a marketing department must listen to what customers are saying and even get its voice into the conversation that?s going on.
Marketing provides a framework for planning and integrating the Four Ps (product, price, place and promotion) and for coming up with new marketing ideas and initiatives.Q.
Given how marketing has evolved over the last few decades, where do you think the Four Ps model of marketing, the bedrock of marketing study, stands today?A.
Others have suggested using the Four As (availability, affordability, acceptability awareness) as a prelude to using the Four Ps. All of this is welcome, including the possibility of someone coming up with a radically different model for marketing planning.
All contending models fight in a market place that will determine whether a new model works better than the preceding one.Q. Going forward, what else are you working on and how does that tie in with your past research?A. The financial crisis of 2008 has cut deeply into people’s incomes and wealth, leading to sluggish demand and posing the question to companies as to how they can grow.
I just published with co-author Milton Kotler Market Your Way to Growth: Eight Ways to Win.
It presents the best findings and cases on how some companies have continued to grow using innovation, international expansion, stronger branding, mergers and acquisition, and four other ways to grow. It came after my earlier book with co-author John Caslione called Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence.

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