Carevium senior living CRM application includes a comprehensive Marketing Contacts and Outreach Activities management┬ámodule, in addition to the Prospects Management and Referral Tracking module. Carevium CRM also includes a comprehensive module to keep track of marketing notes, tasks, and activities. Please take a look at the Prospects Management and Referral Tracking section to learn about the prospect capture, referral tracking, sales stages, lead analysis reports, etc. About CareviumCarevium enables compassionate care for seniors by empowering caregivers - both professional and family caregivers. As companies grew, however, these organisational structures proved not to be flexible enough. Product management means the performance of a specific product group in the market place can be closely monitored. Product management on the other hand has the disadvantage that similar tasks have to be fulfilled by each of the company’s product management units. To make use of both marketing and product know how modern companies establish a matrix organisation. The image of a company communicated on the market place by the marketing department must be positive the image of a successful company Therefore marketing has to be interlinked with all business processes. A business process is a collection of activities within the company aimed at creating value for the customer on the market place.
All business processes and the activities they consist of are ultimately aimed at serving the customer. Marketing is interlinked with all core processes It is the link between the customer and the company and therefore plays a vital role in providing essential information to both sides. An objective that follows SMART is more likely to succeed because it is clear (specific) so you know exactly what needs to be achieved. The table below uses an example objective from a fictional software company, to illustrate how to apply the SMART objective principle.
Wendy is Branch Manager at Brook Street in Inverness and is celebrating her 12 year anniversary with the high street recruiters on the day of this event! Wendy's career at Brook Street got off to a great start, after being promoted from a Temporaries Consultant to a Branch Manager in the space of a year. Angela Garry is a qualified teacher and psychotherapist with 24 years’ experience in administrative roles in England and Ireland. Andy is the Strategic Business Manager for Sue Bruce, Chief Executive of the City of Edinburgh Council.
Andy also worked in the private sector as Senior Policy Adviser within Saltire Public Law and Policy, advising clients on how best to engage with government and to influence and enhance legislation and guidance. Since setting up Cameron Consulting in January 2004 I have been on a wonderful journey.Building on the coaching skills I learned while working with one of the Big4 international accounting firms the range of clients has developed to include senior executives, business owners, new graduates, first time managers and headteachers. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland I am an Associate of the Edinburgh Institute at Edinburgh Napier University and also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ( CIPD).
To demonstrate that I do what I teach I love to find out more about others and you should have no trouble finding a way to get in touch with me that suits you whether it be by phone or email or Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
John Curtis, one of Scotland’s leading journalists and a user of social media as a force for business growth. Margaret Williamson is Director of Boardroom Development Limited, the business she established in 1993.
Margaret helps people at the top of organisations make the connection between their own beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and the outcomes they achieve for staff and customers. Gilly gained practical management experience in finance, sales, marketing and training in a variety of roles at Midland Bank, Mars Confectionery and Kettle Foods.

A lively, approachable and impactful presentation style makes Gilly a popular and sought after speaker. Amy firmly believes that we are all happier and mentally healthier at work when people develop effective relationships. Amy, founder and CEO of Headtorch, delivers learning and development (L&D) sessions using a dramatic storlyline to stimulate discussion.
With a background in theatre and education, business, mediation, neuro-linguistic programming and coaching, Amy’s purpose is always to provide highly accessible, thought-provoking and engaging sessions. She has worked with a wide range of organisations including: PepsiCo UK, CIPD, Healthy Working Lives and the Scottish Institute of Business Leaders. Few people understand the importance of looking after high-profile figures than Joan Serafini. Lucy recently joined Principal Hayley Hotels to assist with the merger of the new Scottish Cluster Hotels across Edinburgh and Glasgow, consisting of Grand Central Hotel Glasgow, Blythswood Hotel Glasgow, George Hotel Edinburgh, Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh & Bonham Hotel Edinburgh. I have 18 years marketing and communications experience in the not-for-profit sector, with 13 at a senior level. Marketing staff in the senior living communities can use this module to manage contacts, and keep track of marketing activities, tasks, notes, etc. Marketing Activities list can be filtered using multiple filters such as activity status or date, contact person, type of contact, marketing staff, etc. Different products might be sold on different markets thus requiring special marketing attention. This makes it possible to avoid having a marketing department that focuses only on a few best-liked products.
It should combine product and marketing know-how in a flat hierarchy that s flexible towards market requirements. Businesses that have specific aims are usually more successful than those that don't; because a business with objectives knows what it is trying to achieve. You can tell when it has been achieved (measurable) because you have a way to measure completion.
If they test their objectives against the SMART principle, they will increase their chances of success. Over the past 12 years, Wendy and her team have experienced some great successes - from winning an internal Branch of the Year award three years running to achieving regular quality at work awards for their performance. He is an ex marketing manager for the Post Office and a small business owner who has seen his own business harness social media to reach more than four million customers a week.
She is an experienced strategy and organisation development consultant specialising in working with business and community leaders.
She combines a clear understanding and skill in strategic thinking with an ability to design and facilitate innovative learning opportunities that sensitively raise the self-awareness and capability of her clients. With a strong business background and interpersonal skills, Gilly is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer and developer of people. With speeches full of helpful tips and practical suggestions that audiences love for their immediate benefits, Gilly’s approach is enjoyable, frank and very memorable. There will certainly be drama and she’ll be very interested in your thoughts and ideas throughout. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry Lucy is looking forward to meeting the ACES delegates. For the last 12 years I have been managing the Jeans for Genes Day Appeal where I have been instrumental in raising over £35 million. For the first time in their history, Assistants are starting to get the recognition that they deserve as strategic business partners and not just as a support mechanism.

The data is accessible via WiFi or phone carrier-enabled tablets or a PC via web browser anytime.
The following screenshot shows a sample marketing activity list of an eldercare community marketer.
Your sales and marketing personnel can get going in a few minutes rather than undergoing days and weeks of training for the complicated CRM systems in the market. Therefore companies started to reorganise their structure (sub-system for industrial product groups) in order to regain flexibility and reduce its difficulties in coordination with process.
The ability of product managers and functional managers to communicate with each other is crucial for the success of a matrix organisation. Once a SMART objective has been set, the next step is to write a plan detailing how the objective will be achieved. Wendy firmly believes that regularly rewarding her team for a job well done helped them to achieve this success, and can bring a whole host of additional benefits too - as she will be discussing at this event. Andy was Business Manager to the Leader of The City of Edinburgh Council between 2003 and 2012, serving Council Leaders from different political parties and in both majority and coalition Administrations. My workshops are aimed at getting people to speak up and have their voices heard and I have been engaged by organisations to help them hear those voices. John is also motoring correspondent for the Daily Record, an expert on low carbon vehicles and is a broadcaster and business advisor. She began her consulting career in 1987 with PA Consulting Group where she was a Senior Strategy Consultant in their International Financial Service Group and a key account manager for the public sector in Scotland. In addition, Gilly has developed and grown Priority Management in Glasgow with year on year growth; her high standards and expectations throughout the business from administration to delivering training have resulted in a significant market presence. By introducing people to new working processes and by leveraging existing IT, productivity and performance improvements are immediate, tangible and measurable. Her concept of an event management company seemed to fit in well as another arm of the organisation.The success has come from spotting the possibilities of business events and trips, to and from Scotland. Whether you are working from home or on the road hitting a community event or an industry conference, updated contact information is available for you within a few taps.
Before setting a SMART objective relevant factors such as resources and time were taken into account to ensure that it is realistic. Click on the following link to learn how objectives differ from strategy Objectives Strategy and Planning.
Her main area of interest is in the link between strategic outcomes and leadership behaviours. Gilly now has a first class team working with her to deliver the Priority Management programmes.
She has to organise possibly the most glamorous event ever to hit Scotland.She was the Scottish co-ordinator of the Braveheart film premiere in Stirling, liaising with BAFTA, 20th Century Fox and essential services, such as local police, to ensure the evening for the event went smoothly.
They celebrate and recognise the role and its importance while encouraging Assistants to take control of their personal development, and drive their own career agendas. Finally the timescale element provides a deadline which helps people focus on the tasks required to achieve the objective. Or the following link if you would like to know about the structure and content of marketing plans Marketing Plans.

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