Contact UsAnte cualquier consulta no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros a la siguiente direccion de email. Little by little and without realizing it, we use more and more apps, to communicate, to inform, to entertain us, to find a place, to know the weather, etc, etc.
And the truth is a dynamic market, which is very important to have the right partner who every day is living to this context to get the best out of our app. From Meerkat to location-based ad technology, columnist Aaron Strout takes a look at the hottest mobile trends at SXSW Interactive 2015.
Just like major events such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and TED, SXSW Interactive has become a fountain of innovation.
Many of these attendees are influential bloggers, social media heads, and journalists who report back on who’s doing what in the interactive space.
The following are the three most relevant trends in the mobile space that gained traction in Austin. In 2010, group messenger app GroupMe was in the spotlight as a way to connect private groups of people. Out of nowhere, the live streaming app that automatically connects to a user’s social graph exploded on the scene at SXSW.
Over the course of SXSW, Meerkat’s live streams covered everything, from keynote presentations by the likes of executive producer Greg Nicotero, to hundreds of bands, to maybe even a sweaty after-party or two. Following Meerkat’s big splash at SXSW, Twitter decided to shut off access to its social graph to Meerkat users, and announced it acquired Meerkat competitor Periscope. And, in the case of Periscope, people who follow a brand’s Twitter handle can see when the company is broadcasting.
As TK Keanini, CTO of security company Lancope, noted at our Geekfest, the downside to everything being connected to the Internet is that now everything is accessible to hackers. One of the other security pitfalls that Keanini and others noted is that for most companies, it’s actually more cost-effective to clean up a breach after it happens rather than spending the time, money and effort to prevent an attack in the first place. This won’t change anytime soon and will likely become worse before it gets better (if it does get better).
Brands’ ability to locate, target and communicate with their constituencies is at an all-time high. Between geofencing, beacons and other location-aware technologies, companies have an unprecedented ability to connect with their audiences via smartphones, tablets and laptops. While many SXSW goers were using geo apps to connect to one another, many discussions centered around how companies are using these technologies to communicate with in-store customers.
Instead of relying on consumers to interact with beacons or QR codes, these companies employ sensors in ads or billboards that determine approximate age, gender type, and even go so far as perceiving facial expressions to ascertain whether or not someone is smiling, frowning or looking quizzically at an advertisement. If you didn’t go to SXSW this year, there are lots of ways to catch up thanks to the volume of recap posts from attending companies and press. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
Obviously , You know your business reputation is online and 93% of your prospects are making their decisions based on your reputation. Mobile apps augment the basic functions of mobile gadgets that have taken the technology space by storm in the recent times.
A recent report says that in the USA the users of smartphones  already spend more than 1 hour a day using apps. First I have to understand that I need to have the app in iOS (iphones and ipods, Apple) and Android (Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.) mainly, also for Blackberry and Windows phone, but certainly for tablets (Android and iOS). Given the huge number of brands of phones that use Android, and while we know that it is the operating system par excellence, who buy more apps are Apple users.
Because I will be seen, and of course I will have more downloads than if you do not see my app.

I’m a Bank and I want my clients to use the app and it is the new way to communicate with the Bank. I am a tourism company and I want they have an app on hand with prices of hotels, tickets, cars, and which they can buy. As such, a number of trends come out of it that many in the marketing, tech and digital world pay close attention to — and mobile is no exception.
More than 30,000 digitally and socially minded representatives from companies large and small come to Austin, Texas, to network, attend panels, and catch up on the latest trends. Increasingly, CEOs and CMOs of Fortune 500 companies have started attending the event as a way to network with other execs and to get a finger on the pulse of the digital world.
In spite of those developments, Meerkat is making changes as we speak, including giving users new ways to follow. Services like Meerkat and Periscope let not only people, but also companies, spin up instantaneous coverage of live events, product launches, executive moves and more with the click of a button. This will simultaneously scare the crap out of executives while giving them an instant, unfiltered forum to talk to their key constituencies.
It comes in the form of applications like AdMobilize and Affectiva, which are looking to help marketers by turning location-based marketing upside down. Start thinking about testing them and learning as much as possible about how customers and prospects are reacting to current messages. In the meantime, stay tuned to this column for more insights on the mobile and location-based technology space.
He is also the co-author of Location-Based Marketing for Dummies (Wiley) and an avid blogger, podcaster and speaker. New kinds of mobile gadgets have been bombarding the tech-market since long now, and have registered a very strong presence in the market.
It is also known that there are strategies to position the app in the Apple appstore though Googleplay is to be seen. The appstores are categorized by paid and free apps (also are highlights, news, recommended the most downloaded, etc.).
There’s no single way, there are many and here it is important to understand everything that what can be done and what is the best strategy for myself. CPC (cost per Click) or CPI (cost per installation), and this decision is based if I test device or not.
In 2009, Foursquare and competitor Gowalla created some buzz by signaling the beginning of the location-based app craze. Just a click of a button, and you’re watching live streaming video straight from your smartphone. Nowadays, many tech-lovers have also started following mobile market trends meticulously.The major players in the mobile market are iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones. But the important thing is in my category (there are about 20 in each) to be well positioned (between the top 10 o top 25) of the country having as market-objective. Catering to the needs of mobile-buyers and in order to meet the sky-high demand of mobile apps, numerous firms dealing in mobile app development have pulled up their socks.With the fortitude of developing spellbinding mobile apps, these firms have started working full-throttle. The apps being developed these days are being made to meet business and well as individual needs.A hands-on mobile app developer can be called so as long as he stays alert and has a quest to learn new things. He must be ready to mould his development practices in accordance with the market trends.There are certain things which a developer must be aware of before designing a mobile app. Before starting the design and development work for a mobile app, the developer must bear the needs and requirements of the end user in his mind. Few things that can help in providing a user with the best user experience are requirement-oriented development, easy navigation, creative ideas and value for end-user’s time.It must be taken care that the design of the app should be appealing enough to take the user by awe. A dexterous app developer must consider memory constrains, bandwidth and battery life of the different mobile handsets before designing an app.
The entire effort of designing an interesting app might turn into a fiasco if these issues are ignored.3. The developer must maintain cordial relationships with the client and remain aware of what a client looks for in an app.

This is the only way by which you can get successful in delivering a high-level of satisfaction to your customers. By getting acquainted with the clients you will get an insight into what is expected out of an app.4. Any mobile app can be touted as user-friendly and successful only when it is able to manage problems and mistakes. A good app is ever-ready to offer comfortable steps to make a clear way out of mistakes that have been made by the users.Mistakes are inevitable when it comes to using apps. The actual potential of an app is unveiled by the way an app retrieves itself from users’ erroneous acts.
When the concept of Web 2.0 was developed every business was told that it must have a blog. How do you separate the online wheat from the social chaff?Unfortunately, there’s no single answer, but you can hedge your bets by picking the most promising and keeping a close eye on them. The key is to sign-up early and to maintain a semi-active presence while the app’s user-base develops. Keek users can follow each other to receive updates and they can reply to people using text or video.
Its short-form, smartphone-based interface allows people to react quickly and reactively without worrying about creating a professional, polished video.2. FitocracyDownload Fitocracy for: Android or iOSFitocracy is a fitness social network that uses gamification to encourage people to exercise and to get in to shape. Fitness apps are all the rage at the moment, perhaps because the summer is on its way, and Fitocracy is leading the charge with users that are more engaged than any other social network besides Facebook, according to TechCrunch.
With over 1 million users and a deal with Arnold Schwarzzeneger, the future looks bright for the New York startup.3. Despite being tarred as a sexting network, Snapchat has recently experienced a huge surge in usership from the 40+ demographic.
Brands can make headway, too – Taco Bell recently became the first major brand to launch a new product through Snapchat.4. WazeDownload Waze for: Android or iOSWaze has been making, uh, waves, since reaching 20 million users in July 2012. The social GPS application offers a mixture of navigation and real-world data, learning from users’ driving times to provide real-time traffic updates and alternative routes when the roads are busy. As of March 2013, Waze had 40 million drivers who shared 90 million reports of incidents on the road.5.
Vine users have been able to post six-second videos since the app’s launch in January of 2013, and the platform quickly attracted interest from film-makers and animators since earning its own category at the Tribeca Film Festival.
While no usage statistics have yet been reported, it’s believed that Vine is killing the competition offered by Cinemagram, SocialCam and Viddy. These are just a handful of the apps that are making waves at the moment, but to really keep up-to-date, it’s a good idea to browse the best-selling apps on the iTunes Store or on Google Play every couple of days.
You never know what you might be missing out on!What hot new smartphone apps are you using? Let us know with a comment!Dane Cobain is a social media specialist for UK-based creative agency fst the Group. He’s also a gadget-lover and tech fanatic, as well as an internet addict.A post by Dane Cobain (1 Posts)Dane Cobain is author at LeraBlog. He’s also a gadget-lover and tech fanatic, as well as an internet addict.Do you like this post? If you are looking for a something new to enhance your social media campaigns, consider Vine.
Yes, GPS is a great device that will help you not get lost and find the most suitable ways to your destinations.

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