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UK consumer retail spend on mobiles and tablets is forecast to hit ?53.6bn a year by 2024, according to research from Barclays, but only 3% of retailers said they are at the cutting edge of being mobile-ready and 70% said they did not have a mobile-enabled websites or apps in place. Barclays’ research also looked at the indirect influence of smart technology on consumer spending habits, finding that by 2024, 42% of all retail sales will involve a mobile device at some point in the purchase decision process, whether it be checking prices or reserving items for collection.

Looking ahead, the survey found that less than a third of retailers have clear plans for investment in mobile, with 68% saying they had no specific plans.
Richard Lowe, managing director and head of retail and wholesale, said: "The size of the retail opportunity is clear for all to see. Of those retailers with a plan, top priorities were developing a mobile website (13%) and offering mobile payment options (11%).

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