It doesn't matter whether you want to earn a little extra cash to help cover your bills or you want to go for the 'Big Time' in business, window cleaning provides a cheap and affordable opportunity for you to succeed at all levels.
Everyday I'm helping people just like you succeed in the window cleaning business, one person at a time.
Andy, the training videos and tutorials are packed with the best window business information I’ve ever seen. I look more professional with the E-business card and sales have increased by 30%, even in this economy, no BS. I want to thank you for your dedicated support, wisdom and let you know it is everything I expected it to be.
I've been in the window cleaning business for only a year now and it has been really profitable for me.
Just like me, these people started out with little more than an intense desire to make their lives better. A proven business building system you can use to streamline your efforts with systematic, step-by-step instruction. Are you ready to claim your "Quick Start Guide to Window Cleaning Profits" for just $1? Click on the "Subscribe" button and you'll have 1 full month to access the Window Cleaning Profits system for just $1! To show you how my system will work for you, I've broken it down into easy step-by-step instruction.
The first thing you are going to need to know is what are the best window cleaning tools to start your business and how to use those tools to achieve professional results. The second thing you are going to need are marketing tools you can use to start creating sales immediately! Got Dirty Windows?™ has been the backbone of my own window cleaning success since I started using it in 1998.
Beyond window cleaning marketing tools and window cleaning techniques video instruction, you'll need a comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the window cleaning trade.
My system includes a 3 lesson, weekly plan of action guide, that gives specific directions to get you earning money immediately! One of the most crucial elements to starting your new window cleaning business is understanding the importance of pricing your work correctly.
Even though I've already dedicated a whole chapter to window cleaning pricing in the Quick Start Guide, I wanted to add this 5 chapter eBook to help you eliminate bidding mistakes. There's no better way to learn pricing than to actually see how much I'm charging my customers! Designed to ensure your customers know IMMEDIATELY that you are an EXPERT in the field of glass maintenance.

You can upload this promotional sales tool to your web site for visitors to download and read more about your services offered.
You can print or burn a CD ROM of this sales tool and hand deliver the information to customers. This tool will help convert sales when potential customers are unsure about hiring you by creating INSTANT credibility for your business. Every month you'll receive in-depth articles designed to help improve your window cleaning business and window cleaning skills. I've sold well over a thousand units of this system, so why am I willing to give it away today for only $1?
If you've been searching for a system that can jump start you into a serious income, NOW is the best time to claim your business kit! This is the the logo on my invoices and I'm considering using it on shirts since the blue helps it to stand out. I only had a brief second to look at this today but I'll come back later and take a closer look. From there, the long mountain across the bottom increases the effect.which our minds recognize what it is from a distance, making us focus on the top left (the LOGO) for a longer period of time. After much deliberating, wringing of the hands, beating my head against the wall, etc., I like the two designs below.
I ended up going with the first design with the mountain picture in the background and the blue reverse side.
Your website will feature a dazzling showroom of all your work that will leave customers wondering why they never hired you before. Take pictures on the job site and instantly add them to your Showroom using any smart phone or tablet. Your Insights page lets you see instantly how many people have visited your website and how many requested quotes. You can easily add these earnings to your regular income by simply cleaning windows each Saturday. By incorporating the videos in our employee training, our performance levels have increased and allows me to focus more on the business and sales. I found it to be the best kit on the market that continues to paid for itself many times over.
I've purchased my competitors packages, and I can tell you, without a doubt, that this set of video lessons is the absolute MOST COMPREHENSIVE training package available.
I just recently received my United States Trademark from the USPTO and am happy to offer it's use to you with the purchase of this business kit. K., at this point you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the window cleaning industry.

Take you to several of my own window cleaning accounts and show you EXACTLY, how many windows my customers have, how much I'm charging them, and how I'm performing the work. You deserve the opportunity to study my material and decide whether or not owning a window cleaning business is Right for You.
I know if you love this product, you'll love my advanced training and marketing products as well.
I'm leaning towards the mountain pic in the end because I think it will be very eye grabbing when it's sitting in businesses and cafes and such. Members are selected from the best window cleaners in North America but once we've selected someone from your market, it may be too late. It takes seconds and can be done from any computer, smart phone, or tablet. Your showroom also instantly updates your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts each time you add a new project, all at the push of a single button.
With InstaLead, customer leads are instantly sent to your cell phone via text message and an email is sent to your inbox.
Projects can be automatically shared on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as well. Members must ensure customer satisfaction by offering our no hassle $1000 Streak Free Guarantee. They must show up on time for appointments and take pride in exceeding the customers expectations.
Read this letter closely, because I'm going to reveal all of my window cleaning business Trade Secrets, and hand them over to YOU, all for just $1!
You're going to have to commit the time necessary to achieving the level of success you desire. You'll know how to clean windows proficiently and you'll have the marketing tools you'll need to generate income. The silver comes into play because navy and silver are our college colors (Nevada Wolf Pack) plus Argenta is a play off of the latin argentum which means silver (Silver State). And our social marketing platform enables you to generate more leads through social networks.
And our team will audit each and every review to make sure only authentic reviews end up on your website.
This makes it possible to respond quickly, often while the customer is still viewing your website.
These are the mountains that all Reno residents see every day so they definitely have meaning to us.

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