Noticias Marketing Digital 360 Rubrica dedicada a partilha de noticias relacionadas com o universo do Marketing Digital. Google has launched a new set of analytics tools, aimed at large firms looking to get more insights from today’s multi-screen consumers, taking on the likes of Adobe, Oracle, Salesforce and even Facebook Atlas. Available as a beta test, the Google Analytics 360 Suite is a set of integrated data and marketing analytics tools, designed specifically for marketers at large companies that need to transition their practice to facilitate consumers’ multi-screen media consumption.
The suite marks Google’s long awaited move into offering a data management platform (DMP), something missing from its previous analytics offering to customers. For marketers, they’re often used to manage cookie IDs and to generate audience segments, which are then used to target specific users with online ads. Google claims the new suite lets marketers see the entirety of their customers’ path to purchase and develop audience insights. The suite can integrate with other tools such as AdWords and DoubleClick along with third party platforms. The package also contains rebranded and updated versions of Tag Manager, Analytics and Attribution which will now benefit from additional features. Google, which acquired attribution platform Adometry, says its attribution has been “rebuilt from the ground up”. The biggest marketing platforms have all made data a key differentiator, as embodied in Oracle’s BlueKai, Adobe’s Audience Marketplace or Salesforce’s Wave. Audience Center 360 (beta): This is Google’s first data management platform (DMP), and as one might expect, it is natively integrated into DoubleClick and AdWords.
Optimize 360 (beta): A site testing and personalization product for delivering and testing multiple versions of visitor experiences. Data Studio 360 (beta): Data analysis and visualization that generates dashboards and reports.

Tag Manager 360 (beta): Although based on a tag manager feature in Google Analytics, this product is considered new because it is now a full standalone product. Analytics 360, formerly known as Google Analytics Premium, the enterprise version of the workhorse site measurement product. All this comes as Google wants to convince brand-side marketers that DoubleClick is not just a tool for performance marketing activity and its ad tech platform is an ideal tool for creating brand preference. Battlefield 4 marketing leak reveals autumn 2013 release dateDog tag pre-order bonus also outed in alleged EB Games leak.
I do hope it'll be bigger and better on PC, but for current generation consoles I can't imagine it being any larger than Battlefield 3.
With many challenges facing brands and businesses in the digital world, the need for a sound marketing strategy has never been greater. CMOs, Brand Marketers, Category Managers, Advertising Managers, Digital Directors, Agencies, Publishers, Media, Telcos, Content Providers, Bloggers, E-Commerce Entrepreneurs, Suppliers, Government, Academia, Digital Marketing Service Providers and those involved in digital marketing and advertising.
Polly Purvis, chief executive of digital technologies trade body ScotlandIS, said 2015 had been an exceptional year for the sector and confidence remained high, with two-thirds of firms planning to increase employee numbers this year. We all know that the knowledge and skills required to be successful in our jobs today is accelerating. It works as a piece of software that processes information at presents it in a way that’s useful for businesses.
It’s no wonder enterprise-class marketers have been telling us they need more from their marketing analytics tools.
But Google Analytics holds a special place in marketers’ toolkit, and now this new platform is joining up the data around the entire Google system. Google says that the real-time sharing and collaboration draws on the technology used in Google Docs.

Based on an existing product, Google says this was “rebuilt from the ground up” so that marketers can attribute sales and other results across channels. The tech giant said this product will “serve as the measurement centerpiece by analyzing customer data from all touch-points,” with integration into the company’s ad products. EA has yet to announce an official release date for Battlefield 4 beyond an April 2013-March 2014 window. I'd imagine it started development just as Battlefield 3 was releasing, so they've had over 2 years worth of time to work on it. Individuals each will have a role to play in the day-to-day machinations of the job, but a team must also be aware of what deadlines they're facing, which obstacles are more difficult and which objectives are mandatory.
The SOS is the same as not having a proper mindset because instead of focusing on the priority, your focused on the distraction (the sparkling shiny object) - whatever that may be; a friend calling, the TV, hanging out with family or some sociable project you never finished but decided to complete when you should be working. These new learning paths include how to become a Web Developer, a Manager, a Bookkeeper, a Project Manager, a Small Business Owner, a Digital Marketer, a Digital Illustrator. Hopefully that doesn't mean that they've not strayed far from what they released with Battlefield 3 as I can imagine the development outlines wouldn't differ much if that were the case. Clear leadership, proper communication and a diverse skill-set among the team will all be necessary in order for this to occur. Rahul Garg is responsible for defining and delivering the key strategic initiatives and solutions for the industrial machinery and heavy equipment industry and global business development.

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