BSkyB’s customer relationship management (CRM) strategy has seen it keep churn in check and boost revenues from existing customers by 8 per cent, according to its first quarter results released today. Sky saw 543,000 additional customers sign up for broadband, telephony and line rental, 40 per cent higher than the previous year, while 155,000 more took on broadband services; a 53 per cent increase on 2010. Marketing spend rose by ?69m on the back of what it called “strong product sales in the period” and the ad campaigns promoting home communications, Sky Sports and the launch of Sky Atlantic.
A statement said: “Despite the tougher consumer environment we saw good customer loyalty as customers continue to respond to the quality and value of our wider product range. To get full access to the site please register – it takes less than a minute and is free of charge. The ability to collect customers’ information without annoying them is a valuable skill for any marketer to possess. What Comes Before The Landing Page a€“ The Crucial Role Of Psychology-Driven SEOa€? A While landing page design is important, it is not the most important factor in attracting the right audience. This interesting story features a video discussing the National Strategy for Trusted Identities A in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and the Identity Ecosystem, and what it means that sites like Google, PayPal and Equifax are now credentialed providers. About Ashley ZeckmanAshley Zeckman is the Director of Agency Marketing for TopRank Online Marketing. Outside of her role at TopRank Online Marketing, Ashley prides herself on being a great home chef, painter, prankster and dog mom.

But it has been successful in cross-selling other services, with the average revenue per user rising by 8 per cent to ?544 a year – over ?45 a month.
A This article provides 10 easy steps for those who have not yet many the plunge into social marketing.
A Gowel also shares 5 key takeaways on marketing using LinkedIn for both newbies and Jedia€™s in training. A Knowing your prospects, understanding their pain, and speaking their language are all key components of creating a successful landing page. A What they are interested in are answers to their questions and solutions for their problems.
A This time the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is attempting to attain information regarding a Twitter account used to share information about the a€?occupya€? protests. A As more and more companies begin utilizing social media as a sales and marketing tool we can except to see even more court battles, and laws being passed. A Christopher Hosford shares four tools that can help measure, promote, and respond to your social media activity.
A In addition, 16% of companies surveyed said they would be aggressively shifting from traditional marketing to branded content in 2012. With the use of the social network flattening out in October, this new growth (largely the result of Google+ Business Pages) makes the social network that much more relevant to our audience.

A The article discusses the impact of credentialed providers on online privacy, data collection and why any of it matters for SEO.
A As one of the most visited sites on the web, Yahooa€™s next steps could have a big impact on the world of SEO. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In addition to finding innovative ways to showcase the exceptional work of her team, she is also responsible for creating digital marketing programs that drive customer acquisition and growth for the agency.
A This infographic by Flowtown shares some interesting information about the increasingly popular social media site.
Her background includes expertise in everything from content marketing strategy to branding, account management and social media. Answer their questions and let them know why your unique solutions will help solve their problems.

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