The original plan (above) has two major problems: A protruding kitchen counter interrupts traffic flow and takes space from the family room, and there's no buffer between the public space of the family room and the private master suite. Over the last ten years or so, residential designers have made tremendous progress in offering open floor plans. The remodeling world seems to have picked up a bit in 2012 with a project mix of mostly kitchens and baths, although there seems to be more and more interest in additions. As a remodeling contractor who has been fairly busy during the economic recession I can attribute my good fortune to a good work ethic, good reputation and MOST importantly a pro-active marketing effort. Generating business leads is important and a huge reason that I have been able to stay busy — I have a plan in place to generate consistent lead opportunities. Robert Robillard is the editor of the blog, A Concord Carpenter, Assistant Editor of Tool Box Buzz and principal of a carpentry and renovation business located in Concord, Massachusetts.

Mark – I didn’t reinvent the wheel these are tried and true marketing tips that owners and leaders in the construction field should be deploying! Do you register cordless tool purchases with the manufacturer more often than with a corded tool purchase? In the improved version, removing the kitchen peninsula allows foot traffic to take a direct path from the garage to the bedrooms. Eliminating long hallways and unnecessary walls are both good ways to impart a spacious feel. In my neck of the woods projects leading on the home improvement front are siding, windows and decks. The addition of a short hallway to the master suite sacrifices some of the walk-in closet in the master suite, but adds privacy and improves the family room by eliminating through traffic.

Too much emphasis on openness, however, can lead to a floor plan that looks great on paper but doesn't work very well for the homeowner.One of the most critical elements of any floor plan is its handling of traffic patterns a€” the routes that occupants follow as they travel from one room to another. You understand, many people are searching round for this info, you could help them greatly. Fortunately, it's not difficult to determine how well a given floor plan performs in this respect: Just imagine living in the house and walking from one area to another.

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