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Subdirector del Area de Formacion Directiva en EDEM Escuela de Empresarios y Coach Ejecutivo. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A collaborative marketing plan created by myself and colleagues to present to our client, New Covenant Community.
He currently works selling auto insurance for State Farm, where he also completed an internship over five months researching advertising campaigns. He works in a call center so he is constantly refreshing his communicative skills both with the company and its customers.
Alex has developed his marketing skills with two summer internships at a Forbes Top 32 corporation, State Farm.
Focusing on marketing projects in a California zone, Alex’s group won California-wide competitions and enterprise-wide competitions both years.
Alex has developed leadership and management skills by being the team lead both years of the marketing projects. Currently, Alex is furthering his small business marketing skills by working at a State Farm agent’s office in Bloomington-Normal.
She has a diverse skill set which includes event coordination, sales, fundraising, and the creation of a marketing plan for a client using advertisements through various media outlets. Raquel served as the Alumni Relations Committee Chair and was responsible for bolstering relationships between ISU alumni and current students. While in this position, she often planned social events consisting of at least 200 people in attendance. In addition to event planning experience, Raquel was also a team sales lead for Vector Marketing, where she strengthened customer relationships by recommending products based on customer needs.

Rather than collect sales commission, Raquel and her team donated their commissions to Homes of Hope, a charity offering homes to individuals with special needs. Her team commissions contributed money which allowed the charity to purchase a vehicle for their transportation needs. Raquel was also a team lead for a recent campaign plan submitted to the University Gaming Association (UGA) on campus. Raising awareness and increasing membership enrollment were two goals within the marketing campaign. Kraig possesses competencies in conducting marketing research and managing organizational operations within a business environment. Through his personal experience from working in retail, he has extensive capabilities in both personal sales and customer service.
Having the ability to relate to friends and strangers alike, Kraig find it easy to communicate his ideas and goals effectively. His passion is to find ways to market to consumers in new and sometimes unconventional ways. He has experience creating a marketing plan for Composite Advantage, a bio-based plastics company.
This section discussed the current situation facing NCC and the environment affecting their growth.
The analysis elaborates on such concepts as the strengths and weaknesses of NCC, as well as threats to the expansion efforts of NCC.
NCC has a unique strength by being a liberal church as there are not many liberal churches in the Bloomington-Normal area. An example of an opportunity is the opportunity to attract drop-out church attendees, while one of the major threats is people’s dedication to traditional styles of church. A survey was conducted (See Appendix B for complete results) and it was found that only 8% of the respondents had heard of NCC. The primary competitors looked at included sporting events throughout the year, time spent with family, and sleeping in. This information showed where the budget has been allocated amongst different advertising strategies in the past.

In that information there is a clear presence of the slogan “a congregation for people who value spiritual searching over religious certainty”. The most predominant constraint is saying religious words like “God” in radio and television advertisements. Also, due to a lack of ownership over their location, NCC has signage restrictions as well.
NCC also attracts people who have left their previous churches due to conservative viewpoints or disagreements with their belief system. This audience typically will be higher educated, democratic, and open to progressive religious practices.
The objectives include an increase in awareness, changing the current perspective, and increasing attendance in services.
A theme was created using the slogan “NCC lets me be me” which is used throughout the campaign.
The layout of our advertising will consist of one newspaper ad and one billboard ad that will center on the theme of “NCC lets me be me”.
The billboard uses blue, black, and white which is a more appealing color scheme and will draw people’s attention.
The ad will be two inches tall by two columns wide and will be run every Saturday in April, January, and every Friday and Saturday in November and December.
The billboard will be located on an electronic unit at the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Main Street. These include a website redesign that will be able to track how many times the website has been visited to measure awareness as well as attendance at the annual Corn Festival.
This budget outlines the money allocated for the newspaper advertisement, billboard, and supporting strategies.

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