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ADS Securities in Abu Dhabi, UAE is offering a unique opportunity to join the fastest growing Middle Eastern trading platform, providing sophisticated Forex and Bullion trading solutions to institutional and professional investors.
The main objective for this role is to assist the Communication department in a variety of activities and objectives and ensure that the brand of ADS Securities is delivered in an effective and consistent manner.
If you would like to be part of a team that is making a big impact on the way global forex and bullion markets operate please apply today. Abu Dhabi-based ADS Securities provides sophisticated forex, bullion and commodities trading solutions to institutional and professional investors. Current clients include global and regional hedge funds, central banks, asset managers, market-using banks, other non-bank financial institutions and qualified trading professionals. ADS Securities is the fastest growing Middle East based trading platform which brings together excellence in technology, world class liquidity and international standards of service to provide traders with exceptional spreads and prices. Located in a stable and resilient marketplace, with a high level of capitalisation, ADS Securities is developing a new and dynamic forex market. The first and main decision in the marketing strategy is to choose if intermediaries are going to be involved.
Distribution strategies require an adequate selection of intermediaries, based on criteria such as distributor size (sales figures), ability to generate business (number of sales points, commercial reputation, market coverage, production lines that work), quality of service, technical competence and equipment, financial capacity and ability to cooperate and avoid conflict. Finally, for the physical distribution of your product, from the manufacturers to the customers, you should perform and control several tasks that include planning, controlling inventory, processing orders, handling products, planning and managing stores, transporting the products from one place to the other. THE Government is in the process of crafting a stand-alone livestock marketing policy that will among other things help farmers have a say in the marketing of their animals and limit cases where they are being swindled by middlemen.
Addressing delegates attending a Sunday News Agribusiness seminar in Bulawayo on Thursday, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Deputy Minister Responsible for Livestock Paddy Zhanda said the policy will mainly address the issue of the beef classification system which has also seen small-framed animals mainly the indigenous ones being discriminated on the market. He, however, said the policy will not translate to the Government fixing prices of beef or any other livestock products like what has happened with crops such as maize. In most cases I cannot answer that because I will not be privy to the state of the animals being sold. But the livestock policy we are coming up with will mainly deal with the issue of classification of the beef so that we don’t discriminate our Mashona, Nguni and Tuli breeds,” he said.

Deputy Minister Zhanda said the Government was also concerned by the state of Cold Storage Company, a major player in the beef industry. He however, launched a thinly veiled attack on management at CSC for just “siting” and not doing enough to revive the company. He added that Government was supportive of decentralised cattle sales as it was helping the control of the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).
Deputy Minister Zhanda said because of FMD, centralised cattle sales were presenting challenges to farmers as sometimes they were not allowed to move their animals.
He said some farmers were complaining following the announcement by Botswana that it will shoot Zimbabwean cattle that will stray into its borders with effect from June as an FMD control measure. On the national herd which stands at around 5,3 million, the Deputy Minister said farmers should not just be concerned about increasing the numbers but on calving rates and efficiency. The agribusiness seminar was attended by nearly 100 farmers and representatives of farming organisations who took the opportunity to share and debate some of the challenges farmers are facing and how to deal with them. I PARTICIPATED at the one-day Agribusiness seminar on livestock markets organised by Sunday News at a Bulawayo hotel on Thursday.
Having a carefully designed social media policy in place isn’t only a matter of establishing standards for politeness; it’s necessary to legally protect your firm and its actions. Much of business behavior is so entrenched in the culture that it’s learned automatically and taken more or less for granted. Other complicating factors stem from the nature of the platforms and the way they give new communication abilities to users. Whether you create this document in-house or seek professional assistance, it’s critical to look into all the angles and cover as many scenarios as you can possibly imagine so that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law with future company actions. The company in the Facebook case fired the angry employee based on her violation of their social media policy, which forbade making complaints about supervisors on the internet. Social media is a powerful tool for business marketing, communications on all levels and plenty of fun (not to mention the copious opportunities it provides for making very public faux pas), but it’s got a serious side that can do your firm a world of hurt, too. And if you need help with your social media policy, you can always contact us at bbr marketing too.
In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data to third party applications like Google Analytics. Ideally an Arabic speaker, you will have experience in planning events, with excellent communication and organizational skills.
We present the latest in advertising, media, entertainment and mobile technology from around the web; creative ad campaigns, news and reviews, reports and insights, job openings, company directory and more!

It integrates all the decisions that allow the finished products to be placed before the final customers or intermediary buyers (industrials), including quantity, place, time, cost and price.
Taking these factors into account, you should conduct an objective and critical analysis of what each potential distributor is offering you, with the goal of choosing the most convenient offer.
He said nearly $6 million has been spent on vaccinations but this alone was not the solution hence the need to come up with new strategies to deal with the disease. The country’s calving rates stands at 48 percent compared to the required standard of 80 percent. For example, when is social media speech personal, and thus protected by constitutional rights, and when is it representative of the company’s official position?
Consider these two episodes reported by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which is finding itself increasingly involved with incidents relating to social media use. Make sure that you’re protecting your firm as you’re providing the guidance employees need to successfully navigate the rules. Every employee must be thoroughly trained on it, to become familiar with exactly what is expected and allowed. But the NLRB’s charge stated that the policy was unlawful in its inclusion of that rule and several others among the company guidelines. Questions like these make it mandatory that your firm develop a carefully thought out and legally vetted policy describing the rules for social media behavior both in and out of the office.
The ins and outs of the law in this area, as in so many others, do not follow the dictum of mere common sense. Note that it can be difficult for new companies to access to large distributors, because the volumes of products managed are not large enough to generate profits.
Some manufacturers can also sell your products directly to customers without using intermediaries (for example on the Internet, in retail machines, in branches, etc.).
This is partly due to its fairly recent appearance on the business scene – without decades (if not centuries) to evolve, the emerging technologies and their capabilities haven’t yet resulted in a widely accepted protocol.
Here are a few examples of distribution channels: direct sales (without intermediaries), independent distributors (commissioned salespeople), major specialized distributors, dispatches to major retail outlets, representatives from outside markets, retailers.

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