Asking Smarter Questions is your go-to guide for the latest points of view, news, trends, insights, statistics and tools regarding data driven digital marketing. What, you might ask, is the difference between predictive and classic descriptive analytics? When we say descriptive we mean one is looking at data and analyzing past events for insight as to how to approach the future.
Predictive analytics applies a filter to users’ online interactions with the aim of delivering more value.
Predictive analytics have the power to significantly optimize customer relationship management systems.  They can help enable an organization to analyze all its customer data therefore exposing patterns that predict customer behavior. BIZMOLOGY — There’s a battle going on between the sales and marketing departments at some companies (hopefully not yours). In a nutshell, predictive analytics (from a sales and marketing perspective) involves analyzing your current customer and prospect information and using that data to uncover new sales opportunities. This customer and prospect information can come from internal and external sources, such as your CRM or marketing automation software, social media followers, website visitors, third-party data providers (such as D&B), and even government filings.
The survey found that despite all the investments in technology to compile this data, marketing departments are still coming up short in the qualified lead department. Of course, we all want to predict what our customers need before they even know it, but I’ll settle for knowing who my best prospects are. For more information, you can buy the survey conducted by CSO Insights titled 2013 Sales Performance Optimization.

FalconStor has been using a three-pronged GTM approach – SSD and hybrid flash OEMs, MSPs and enterprise sales. FalconStor began as a storage virtualization vendor in the very early days of that market – really before the market was established. FreeStor was implemented by a new CEO as a fresh start, with a horizontal converged platform of all their offerings which had previously been point solutions, all of them updated and modernized, and capable of being installed agnostically on any server.
The new Intelligent Predictive Analytics FalconStor is adding to FreeStor now extends that advantage. Sheets acknowledged that analytics capabilities were an initial gap in the FreeStor platform. The technology to add the new capability came from an agreement FalconStor made with Cumulus Logic last September. Sheets said they expect the analytics capabilities will help them more in the higher part of the market.
Subscribe to the daily e-mail newsletter from and get the latest Canadian channel news delivered to your desktop every weekday morning. The Relevancy Requirement puts it this way, “Think of it as historical versus future.” Historically being descriptive analytics, future being predictive. Until an organization has defined their goals and objectives, developing predictive analytics will be of no use. In the meantime building your understanding of predictive analytics and the potential they offer your brand is the best place to begin.

Two-thirds of respondents said that lead generation needs improvement and that only 30% of leads actually come from marketing; almost half are self-generated by sales reps. All of this information has to be interpreted, and that’s where predictive analytics (also known as business intelligence software) comes in. When key vendors decided to create these types of services on their own, FalconStor wound up living off OEM relationships which forced them to abandon their initial plan to provide a unified platform of services, and left them with a lot of point solutions.
Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. For example, analytics software can break down your customers by industry, location, spend, or other criteria to find out who your best prospects are.
Once you know who your best customers and prospects are, sales can properly target them, instead of spending time researching and chasing down unqualified leads. People know them from copiers, but their second largest business is managed services, and they brought us in for that. Today they are limited to block storage, but are looking at file and object storage down the road. Perhaps most of your resources go to maintaining those major accounts, but small businesses represent your real growth opportunity.

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