For more than 200 years, promotional products have integrated their way into daily life, serving not only as useful tools, but as powerful, long-lasting advertising. One of the most interesting results came when respondents were asked to think of a promotional product they’d received in the past two years and to recall the specific product, the advertiser and the message. The process of using classified ads to generate sales for any product – whether it be an original product or an affiliate product – is often over-simplified and discouraged. It requires you to use a small amount of words to communicate an important point, which will either make or break your ability to garner interest in the product in question. So how can you use classified ads correctly to generate a considerable amount of traffic to your affiliate product sales page?
As long as you post classified ads in the proper section, you can do it completely free of charge. Now, with this in mind, you will want to consider the best way in which you can construct your classified ad. Once you have successfully drawn attention to your ad through the headline, you will then want to seal the deal by providing viewers with a reason to click through, provided that your affiliate product is something they will want to buy.
Once you have gained some experience posting ads on free classified ad mediums, you will want to move on to major electronic publications, including large e-zines and authority sites; however, before you do this, you could be confident in the classified ad and your conversion rate. Health and wellness is as important as ever and when it comes to corporate promotions, drinkware is always a big hit. The hottest new type of promotional drinkware is the shaker bottle, which not only provides the ability to hydrate, but also ties in with the popular trend of powdered supplements for pre-workout, post-workout and general meal replacement. Whether the recipient is an avid fitness lover or a newbie, either can appreciate being given a quality shaker bottle and newbies might even be motivated to workout by having a new cool bottle. There are many types of shaker bottles with different features and functions, but generally a shaker bottle is a non-electric cup or bottle with an internal mixing mechanism that simply works by – you guessed it, shaking.
Shaker bottles are pretty easy to use: open them up pour in your liquid (typically water), use the optional measuring scale often molded into the bottle. We’ve heard from some of our customers about the importance of cleaning these bottles well. People drink protein shakes for various reasons, some of the most common being to build muscle and burn fat. It’s no surprise that the implementation of wellness programs continues to rapidly grow across our nation. Promoting healthy living is welcomed by all and a great caring concept to attach to your brand even if your business is not directly related to wellness. If you are looking for other drinkware options that help promote wellness check out our infuser water bottles!
We certainly hope Rand won’t be a political flip flopper, but there are always Rand Paul Flip Flop Sandals. Yes, it appears that technology trumps even the most primal of human activities and indulgences. You should always give your customers something they can actually use – not something they’ll stuff into a drawer or closet to be forgotten.
Want to learn more about one of the most popular promotional technology gifts on the market? A portable power bank is an external battery in a sealed case with a specially designed circuit to control power flow. Power banks are convenient to transport, too – they’re small enough to tuck into a pocket, purse, or backpack. So, for example, a phone with a 1500 mAh battery can be fully charged once by a 1500 mAh power bank. Custom-printed power banks are perfect for giving out at tech events, conferences, tradeshows, and more. Power banks solve one of the biggest issues of modern-day living: the need for power for all of our various tech gadgets. They just slide the convenient power bank (that they got from your business) into their pocket or purse, and they’re all set with a dependable source of back-up power. The ePromos team handpicked some of the hottest promotional products of the year, and we compiled them into this Slideshare for easy viewing.
If you’ve been wondering about the year’s top promotional products trends, allow us to fill you in.
We saw popular retail brands everywhere, and when we didn’t see the real deal, we saw retail lookalikes. A great example is the line of bright and modern office supplies designed after the super-hot brand, Poppin.
Overall, if you want to latch on to the biggest promotional marketing trend of the year, think retail. We saw different versions of the selfie stick all over the shows – in new product pavilions and on the streets of Las Vegas in the hands of consumers. Add your logo, and the selfie stick is a phenomenal promotional item for corporate events, holiday parties, company picnics, parties, weddings, and the like. This is the year to promote health and wellness, and marketers have an abundance of creative ways to do it. While the front and back of a bag typically get all the glory (that’s the best placement for a logo and message), 2015 is all about making a statement on the side with cool pattern accents. If you want to take your promotional drinkware to the next level, check out diamond-cut drinkware. Here’s another great retail trend that’ll be big in promotional marketing this year: apparel with king-size customization.
The apparel trend for 2015 is all about huge prints, which is great when you want to make a big, bold statement.
With all the buzz around Apple products, suppliers are coming up with new ways to serve the promotional products market in this high-demand category.
If you’ve never given phone adapters (or other tech promos), there’s a big upside: People will always have a need for them.
Bottled water is nothing new, but it looks refreshingly different and eye-catching with these new twists. It’s always fun going to The PPAI Expo, the promo industry’s largest and longest-running tradeshow. Product reviews give potential buyers the ability to emotionally connect with others who have purchased your product. Know your brand and know what makes you different and special from the rest, you should have an official website with professional photos, image and design. By each marketing campaign you need to define your target clients, for each product you promote your need to find your target clients.

Consistent branding means that you need to dress up for your brand, not physically but with your website, image, color scheme etc. It is very important that you create goals and budget for your marketing campaign, how many clients do you want to reach within a month? These are the most important part of starting marketing for your small business, the key is to plan ahead and define your goals. The map could not load.This is normally caused by a conflict with another plugin or a JavaScript error that is preventing our plugin's Javascript from executing. A whopping 76.2% of respondents were able to bring to mind all three key pieces of information.
According to this PPAI survey, integrating a promotional product into a complete direct marketing campaign is a great way to not only reach your target audiences, but more importantly, to resonate with them.
Our premier status in the promotional products industry allows for access to everything from custom printed disposable pens to high end corporate awards and gifts. This is, in part, because it actually is one of the harder ways in which you can advertise. In most cases, supposed experts will discourage you from using classified ads because they themselves have never had much luck using them – NOT because classified ads aren’t a viable method of advertising. Again, many of the so-called experts will jump in and either tell you to use free sites or that free sites never work.
Additionally, you can do this on each of the craigslist sites for the metropolitan areas in the United States. You can do this by explicitly stating a quantifiable benefit in the second line of the classified ad – and then stating a crucial feature in the third line. Our blog gives you the best tips on ordering the right marketing merchandise to increase brand awareness within your target market. We believe this trend adding powder to water will stay popular for many years, making shaker bottles a good investment choice for your advertising or promotional dollars.
Features include, screw on lids, different types of drinking spouts, the mixing system itself, and optional measuring guides, flavor infusion, and dry powder storage.
Most are at least top rack dishwasher safe, otherwise some soap, hot water and a kitchen brush should do the trick. These programs are often at the corporate level for their employees, by government organizations, by gyms, and fitness companies. In a report posted by The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism, companies who have successfully executed wellness programs have significant costs reductions and financial gains which include 28% reduction in sick days and 26% reduction in healthcare costs. Shaker bottles are also great items to giveaway at different events, conferences and trade shows. This bottle includes the bottle, lid with drinking spout as well as a removable juicer which allows you to add more flavor to your shake.
This classic bottle is what many model their shaker bottles off of and it includes: a drinking spout, domed lid, white flip cap and the patented BlenderBall wire whisk. They are such a desirable item with a high perceived value making them a long lasting promo pick!
We at ePromos have always known that promotional merchandise can provide personality and texture to a brand. Smartphones, tablets, and other tech devices have become so important in our lives that people would rather have their tech gadgets than sex, alcohol, or caffeine. They’re fully customizable, they work with all kinds of phones, tablets, and other devices, and, most importantly when it comes to promotional gifts, they’re incredibly useful.
Since power banks don’t have software, you don’t need to worry about platform compatibility.
So instead of being tethered to a wall outlet, users can resume their day while their phone charges.
Whether your customers are getting on a plane, working outdoors, or heading to the beach, they’ll never have to sweat it when they get that dreaded 10% battery warning on their phones.
And since the power bank is customized with your logo, your brand gets a boost each time it’s used. The ePromos team has just returned from the promo industry’s leading tradeshows: The PPAI Expo and the ASI Show.
We’ve given you a first look at some of the year’s hottest new promotional products, and now we want to share some of the overarching trends in custom logo merchandise. If marketers don’t want to spring for the brand name (or if it’s not in their budget), they can easily give items with that familiar brand-name look, but for a fraction of the cost. We came across dozens of bags – from totes to backpacks – that featured gussied-up gussets. This is the standout promotional drinkware trend for 2015, surging ahead of past favorites like Southern-style and skinny drinkware.
Through this process, an image (such as your logo) is applied using sublimation ink, heat, and pressure. Spring Break and summer are just around the corner, so now’s a great time to explore the newest trend in custom towels. We saw t-shirts following this trend all over the show floor, and also in retail shops all over Las Vegas. Our team was there in Las Vegas last week, scoping out all the hottest promo items for 2015, uncovering new trends, and keeping our finger on the pulse of all that’s new. The companies and individuals who we honored this year are the ones who stood out from the pack and went above and beyond the call of duty. Amway Global is a huge global company, but they sell many products to small business owners, including cleaners and other supplies.
Small business owners don’t have a lot of time to research cleaning products, so having reviews at the point of sale could be the closer Amway needs to help boots sales and reduce customer services calls and questions.
MSRP applies to the continental 48 United States and does not include such items as delivery, installation, installation accessories (i.e.
There are few things you need to do before you start your big promotion either online or offline. But there is more into knowing your product and how you can deliver the best marketing strategy to gain more clients your way.
You also need to narrow down your target clients and find your niche, think of all the options that you could offer them that they do not get from your competitors.
When creating content for promotion you also need to define your target audience and stick to your niche. You need more than just campaign for your small business and more than just branding tools, you need to always set goal on every marketing campaign you want to run.
The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducted a study fielded by MarketTools Inc.

These giveaways are great for trade shows, corporate events, client visits, event promotions and more. Apparel designs can help your staff look uniform, give you an extra source of revenue and help with your marketing efforts.
The truth here, too, is somewhat in between: free sites can work, but you must use them carefully. From creative marketing ideas to case studies of how others have used promotional items to promote their brand, we give you clear direction in aligning your promotional product campaign with your overall business goals. According to the Institute of Medicine, the adequate intake of total beverages for men is roughly 13 cups (3 liters) per day, and for women about 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day.
When you shake, the friction does the blending, and since many of these powders do not fully dissolve having the ability to remix with a few shakes is a great benefit over electric machines.
There are also a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and functions as well, so finding the perfect bottle to fit your active lifestyle is a painless process. Most athletes drink protein shakes after their workout sessions as nutritional supplements to give their bodies additional energy and reduce recovery time.
If you are in the healthcare, wellness, fitness field these bottles are a no brainer choice if you haven’t used them previously. It is important to offer programs and events to promote healthy living and healthy lifestyles such as eating properly, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
Because the shaker bottles and wellness overall, is so popular, there is a good chance the user will hold onto this product with your custom logo printed on it. The BlenderBall, which is located inside, whips around as you shake, mixing up thick protein or add in’s.
This bottle fully disassembles for easy cleaning and features the Cyclone mixing technology that moves against the flow of ingredients for easier and smoother mixing. People either have to find a plug and recharge their device, or, if they’re smart, they have a power bank, an external battery pack that charges anywhere, anytime. You know what that means – your company gets repeat exposure and stays at the forefront of customers’ minds.
This electrical energy is then stored in the power bank for use when a phone or other tech device is running low on power. This trend lends a high-end feel to drinkware, so opt for it if you want to give your customers something special and new. We saw at least five dye-sublimated sock vendors at the shows – three of them featured in the new product pavilion.
Take a look around the shops in your part of the country and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Take a look at this SlideShare for more information on how to get the sizing of a logo right.
The great thing about faux leather is that it looks incredibly high-end, but the cost makes it well within most marketers’ reach. You will make more impact on your target client if you are consistent with your brand color, fonts and images.
For instance, if you want to generate traffic from sites that allow you to post free classifieds, you will have to find ones that actually receive traffic themselves. So it’s no wonder promotional drinkware is an integral component in the list of merchandise we recommend for health and wellness promotions. In the fast paced world we live in, people are constantly searching for a healthy solution to a quick meal! There is a removable plastic propeller that helps with the mixing process by preventing powder build up.
This shaker is great when you want to add a little fresh variety to your shakes or smoothies. Politics are serious marketing, complete with brand messages and slogan, that rival level of expertise you find at top businesses. It’s clear that in 2015, promotional products will look like they’ve just been plucked from a store shelf. You get incredibly fine-tuned, intricate detail with a dye-sublimation process than with embroidery or woven-in. An increasing number of suppliers are realizing that camo is popular with the female demographic, and as a result, we’re seeing lots of exciting camo products targeted to women. They put a modern spin on their products by incorporating colored tops and patterned bottles.
While many experts and marketers are out touting the wonder of the next new shiny application, the product review goes forgotten and ignored. If you are a B2B company that sells direct online, then there isn’t a sales person to develop a relationship, only a product page. Lots of business owners plan and prepare their field before they even start their campaign.  Know your products by delivering the best images, description and keywords, you cannot jump right ahead on your campaign without preparing the tools to get the job done.
Consistent branding also means, updating your website, have professional photos on your site, biography, current events, social media info, mailing list and blog. Whether you’re on the drive to work, the gym, home, or picking the kids up from school — the convenience of a shake is becoming the ideal healthy solution, often more filling and nutritious than periodic snacking on fast food. The wide opening on the Blender Bottle make it easy to pour liquid into the bottle as well as makes for easy clean up!
Even better…there is a screw-in bottom compartment which you can store your protein powder or meal replacements right up until you are ready to mix!
When you think about it, the Presidency is the biggest business of all, think House of Cards. If a tech device can be charged by a USB – think tablets, GPS systems, GoPros, portable speakers, and other items – it’ll work with a power bank. Going this route also gives your promo a retail look and feel that we mentioned is so popular this year.
When people are expecting standard-issue towels, your brand immediately stands out with towels in unique shapes. These are the basic of consistent branding, it makes you look professional and your target clients need to have a place to bring traffic back to you.

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