I have spoken to three people this week who use their Outlook as the method for keeping an email marketing list (or lists in one case) for their business. Signup boxes for your website – a way to promote your newsletter and allow new subscribers to sign up with ease.
Security for subscribers since most email providers have strict rules regarding email privacy and spam and this makes them feel more comfortable entering their email and knowing that you are following a policy with regards to their personal information and email address. Autoresponders – These allow you to setup a series of actions to happen with new subscribers. Cost Effective – Email campaigns take less money and resources (especially when having to respond to every request to add to the list manually) to run over a traditional mail marketing campaign like direct mail or print advertising. The initial setup of your system, process and a template for your newsletters is the most time consuming and technical aspect of using an email marketing system. When we provide ongoing email marketing support for our clients, they provide the content and we take that info and format it into their email marketing system adding images, links to special places on their website (or elsewhere) and proof the articles to get it ready to send – creating the newsletter. If you have a mailing list and are doing many aspects manually you may want to investigate some of the systems above.
Since working with Time On Task VA services, my compelling online presence has grown considerably! Unless you are already an online marketer with experience and solid connections to recruit affiliates, I personally recommend outsourcing because managing an affiliate program is very time consuming, never mind having to worry about fraud and malicious advertising practices.  Leave it to the specialists so you can focus on the other million things you have on your plate. Bloggers have a network of loyal followers.  If you offer something of value, many bloggers will be happy to do a review for a small payout or for the product. Your payouts will also have to remain competitive if you want to attract quality affiliates so check out what your competition is doing and what their commission rates are. Great source of information, and thank you for introducing me to HasOffer, I’m excited to try them out. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

The mobile reward program lets merchants validate and reward customers for in-store loyalty with their mobile website.
A Weber Shandwick study estimated that 50% of US employees are active in sharing content on their employers.
As a modern marketer, the ultimate bottom-line is to harness the power of advocacy marketing to build an army of trusted brand advocates for boosting your social brand in real-time.
Whether they are on a quest for friends or fans,organizations of all sizes spend on social networking, from meager amounts to a small fortune. Although a new concept in marketing, advocacy has been evolving as a key component of marketing strategy, and is gaining significant traction in today’s digital world. After finalizing your plan, the next step is to identify a sponsor preferably from human resources and marketing line of business, who would own and run the program effectively. Next, the sponsor team must guide and provide requisite information to advocates so that they get hands-on experience of the advocacy tool. Like any other program, the advocacy marketing program should be measured to link back to organization’s business objectives.
Getting your advocates to naturally adopt a tool is a key challenge in today’s digital world. It requires a fair amount of time and planning to make an advocacy marketing program a success within an organization. An effective employee advocacy program requires proper planning and implementation to reap these key benefits.
When I highlighted even a couple reasons why an email marketing program is a better use of their time and resources they were sold.
With one look you can see how many people opened your email, if any bounced (never delivered), how many people clicked on any of the links inside and more.
Generally monthly fees will run anywhere from $15 US to $129 US depending upon how many contacts (email addresses) you have and what services you want from their program.

The operative word for a good affiliate network is “sustainability.”  You will want to attract good quality affiliates who can help you grow your business and your brand. Don’t miss out on product updates, industry insights, marketing tools and exclusive data from WhatRunsWhere. Today, social media opens up a new world of advocacy opportunities to tap and motivate important marketing assets – Employees, Customers and Partners. The first and foremost step is to establish clear objectives of the advocacy program in the context of budget, plan and team, to get real business outcomes. The follow-up action is to get advocates on-board, and nurture and engage them to maximize online reputation.
The key metrics to be measured are: social shares, referral leads, engagement rate, clicks, upsells, conversions and many more. With the right team, tools and guidelines in place, advocacy marketing proves to be an effective and profitable strategy to tap and motivate your key marketing assets – Employees, Customers and Partners – who will enable a positive online word-of-mouth marketing. All information to help you see whether the time you spend creating and sending a newsletter is worth it.
This data will enable the organization to continually visualize value, and improve the advocacy program to a greater extent.
The bottom-line is to incentivize your early adopters, who, in turn, will act as internal champions to encourage further adoption within the organization. Unleash the power of gamification to build an army of advocates for promoting your social brand in real-time.

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