Me: So your company gave you the site right?  So what would happen if you left your company? Me: Cool! Let me ask you a question.  The last time you needed to solve a problem or look for anything to buy what did you do?
Realtor A: Well, like most people I read the reviews online, found a few dealerships, compared prices, found the year i wanted, looked a cool video of it, and then I finally went down to the dealership and worked out a deal. Me: Did it matter who it was?  Did you call the dealership and ask for their best car salesman?
Realtor A: Well,they have an online calculator and they do mobile closings for me and the girl I use is knowledgeable. If you need help with your Real Estate marketing you are in luck…we can help.  Please fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly!

It’s a 12-month planning calendar (on 1 piece of paper) that organizes your marketing activity by month and category. Over the last 18 years, I’ve helped 32,000 agents and brokers find better, easier ways to grow their real estate practices. Do your research homework to select market niches that have the most promise, and work them (i.e. Use your creativity and match your services specifically to the market or type of property you sell. Your success requires intense focus on your highest priority activities.  This list will get you started down the right path of where to make changes to grow your real estate practice this year, and for the future. After the 1st minute or two they’re going to give you some gifts as well… GOOD stuff too!

Become a FREE member NOW, and get 6+ Hrs of Recorded Training, Including "How to Evaluate Deals for Wholesaling or Rehabbing", "How to Close 2-3 Deals a Week", & much more! Our goal is to help real estate investors create the freedom to determine their own future. What does the Title Company that you have been sending your business to do to help you grow your business?
We strive to help you set up and grow your real estate investing business,  your lead base, and your revenue by sharing what has (and has not!) worked for us, and what we believe to be the best practices.

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