I want to thank David Carnes at OpFocus for his generous support of the launch and his time. Salesforce Integration – step by step how to setup the system the first time and how to troubleshoot.
Data Management – how to manage data flows, change data flows, lists, and Segmentations. Email Reputation Management – how to keep your internet reputation intact with Marketo. Please subscribe to email updates to receive the latest on Marketo and marketing automation.
While this Guide is not endorsed by Marketo as a study Guide, I can tell you that 80% of what’s on the test is in this Guide. Every day, marketers, marketing operations staff, and business analysts hose their databases accidentally.
Since you are reading this post, your initial panic has subsided and you are preparing to figure out how to roll back the change that occurred. Take a deep breath and understand that in almost every case, the data can be fixed if you act quickly, calmly, and clearly. Take that deep breath and remember you can resolve the problem, keep your job, and even look good at the same time. Admitting the mistake and offering solutions makes it clear that you are a mature adult who owns problems and comes forward with solutions.
If you cannot safely turn it off because it may impact other processes, can you potentially slow it down or remove the action that causes the error? At this point you may need to go into the Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), as well as the CRM to track down potential causes. Popularized by Toyota, the Five Whys is to ask why a process did not produce the desired result at least five times until you understand the root cause. I find this method is ideal for very complex situations and is often a bit more than most people need.
As part of your investigation, walk through the workflows and steps you expect the system to do. Remember that even if the Vendor or another System causes the error, you must own the problem until it is resolved. Immediately: as you panic, you may need someone not directly affected who can guide you and remain calm.
During the Investigation: vendor Support or other teammates may have more access or understanding than you do. Static List – if the erroneous process used one, but the lead may have been removed automatically.
Member of Smart Campaign: If a process caused the error that lead will be a Member of the campaign, so this helps us narrow down the affected group.
Alternative methods in this example might include asking your CRM Admin to do something similar. Now that we know which leads were affected, we can roll back the change with a new flow action. Run each Smart List through a Smart Campaign so we can maintain the Count and Member of Smart Campaign, just in case.

Add each lead to a separate list during this Smart campaign so we know exactly who was fixed. When restoring the backup, you may end up overwriting or losing data that was added since the Last Saved State.
Your IT department may also have backups of this data, so be sure to discuss this process with them before starting the rollback.
Read more:Marketo Responsive Landing PagesThe other day Marketo finally released the long awaited responsive landing page tool.
A few clients asked me for these templates so they could create playbooks or manuals of their own. Active Asset Templates – examples and links to templates in use and how to insert new templates. So regardless of which marketing automation system you use, you can build a playbook and manual for your business’s systems. If you need a Salesforce Consultant, call David first, because he and his team know Salesforce and Marketo very well.The Guide is now here, representing months of work to put my knowledge of Marketo to work for you. Take advantage of a nice, searchable copy to find that one thing you just can’t remember. There are 20 chapters full of amazing detail that would normally take you months to find yourself. Copies of the Sell Faster with Sales Insight booklet are available separately for your sales teams.
Now that you have the basics down, what you need now is to know how to build workflows for your business.
I had the PDFs ready to go but it turned out the print-on-demand services would not take my layout. Human error happens (maybe it was you!), and the goal is to solve the error or roll it back, not to point fingers. Open their Activity Log to walk through changes to their data and which processes changed that data. For the Marketing Automation Admin or Marketing Ops person, these are vital to fixing any snafu or even testing. Tables make life in Marketing Operations much better and help you understand the data in nearly every situation, including creating processes.
In Salesforce, some fields have their history tracked and it may function better to run the roll back through Salesforce. If the impact was internal, it is a good idea to discuss the process errors that led to the error.
The Marketing Rockstar’s Guide to Marketo is designed to help you use Marketo more effectively for actual marketing. I’d say about 50% of the Guide is still useful because it helps you think through how to work in Marketo. Thumb through the reference section to make sure you know exactly what that Filter Constraint does. I used my own Guide to prepare for the test and found the only major topic not in the Guide is Using Marketo for PPC.
For example, if a salesperson is uploading unverified, personal lists constantly, thus ruining data, the answer is to design the system to prevent this, not to call up the offender and yell at them.

If your marketing infrastructure has multiple systems (CRM, MAP, other databases), you should bring in the administrators of those databases as well. Use the Old Value to New Value so you can create the Smart List that shows you the total people who went from Prospect to SQL that were also a Member of the Smart Campaign. Call Support and discuss the options for restoring the data and when the Last Saved State is. Take the time to put in additional safeguards within the system and on your checklists to reduce the chances of this happening again. In this case, you need to take the lists of affected people and determine how to explain the situation to your audience. It’s very important to write down all the organizational knowledge about how your Marketo instance works.
Also, be careful when retyping the Chapter Header on Page 1 or it will lose it’s formatting. Learn what works and why it works in easy, step-by-step instructions, complete with detailed screenshots of actual Filters and Flows. Another bonus is that Marketo Analytics are largely the same, so that giant chapter is still very helpful. And you still need to sift through dozens of articles to find out how to do certain things. There are several chapters dedicated to being an Admin, including Preparing for Integration, How to Administer Marketo, and Data Management.
I recommend printing out the Guide in color on your office printer or taking it to a printing shop.
Admitting you did something or failed to stop something bad from happening is very difficult for the ego. This post is not about crisis management, but I can tell you that if your human team is honest and open in helping your human customers resolve your automation errors, it can turn your firm from social media pariah to remarkable.
Otherwise, when your Marketo guru leaves for a firm willing to pay twice as much for her skills, you aren’t up the creek without a paddle. Take a look because you might find a new employee or vendor to help you with your marketing operations.
The Guide organizes the best of the documentation and discussions, topic by topic, to help you find what matters faster. Do not hold me responsible if you do not pass the Certification Exam because I cannot make any claims that it will definitely help you pass or not pass. The Guide also contains several key requests from users: Reference to SOAP API and the Complete Reference to Filters, Flows, and Triggers.
I’ve done this both ways and I can tell you from experience that admitting the mistake quickly and owning the resolution is far better than trying to cover up mistakes.

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