How does a Copier Sales Rep Compete in a Highly Competitive Market and keep a Positive Attitude?
Conway, AR – Dealer Marketing, a full service marketing agency focused on copier and managed IT services dealers, announced today that Lindsay Kelley has joined the firm as Chief Marketing Strategist. We're beyond thrilled that Tim Moore has joined our dynamic marketing team at Rochester Optical. Rochester Optical announced that Tim Moore has joined their expanding marketing and technology teams as they continue to grow in many areas. With Tim’s proven background as co-founder of social media agency SayItSocial and founder of Venture Glass, he will provide tremendous value to Rochester Optical in their endeavors in both the retail and the online space. Moore's addition comes with the first glimpse of Bien Eyewear, a revolutionary new brand in luxury eyewear invented and developed by Rochester Optical. Tim Moore's proven background in digital and fashion lifestyle marketing and overall level of experience will further strengthen the existing nucleus the Bien brand already has in place.
Rochester Optical has been listed on the 2013 Rochester Top 100 list for the fourth year in a row, which recognizes the fastest growing companies in the Rochester, NY area. As a state-of-the-art optical laboratory, one of the first wearable technology items Rochester Optical will be producing are custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses for Google Glass, available for purchase in early 2014.
Rochester Optical is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of high quality digital lenses, eyewear and eyeglasses. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tricks of the marketing tradeThe marketing sector can be a complicated place as new marketing tools and techniques are launched, almost on a weekly basis. A new era for the role of the marketing professional is upon us, changing the way both client-side businesses and agencies think.
The marketing industry has always been in a state of constant evolution, but right now it’s changing at such a pace that evolution almost seems the wrong word. But for every white-knuckle twist and turn there’s also a bounty of hot dogs, candyfloss and ice cream to be enjoyed: respect for the importance of the marketing function, long overdue, is building. As marketers continue influencing businesses at a wider and deeper level than ever before, the challenge is to ride out the adrenaline-fuelled loops while not overdoing it on the candyfloss. The reality is that marketing teams of today require an ever-shifting array of skills and roles. As respected leadership author and Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill discussed in her recent TED Talk ‘How to Manage for Collective Creativity’, leadership to deliver innovation is becoming less about knowing all the answers and directing people in how to deliver them and more about creating platforms for collective innovation. This necessitates calling on the skills and expertise of specialists in the required fields.
And so marketing leaders are becoming the aggregators, the opportunity identifiers, setting the stage to lead collaboration between a host of specialist skills.
If client-side organisations must adapt to the changing landscape, the same goes for marketing agencies; we are, after all, two sides of the same coin. Over recent months we’ve observed changing trends in the industry and have spent time analysing the requirements of existing, new and potential clients.

For in-house marketing teams the immediate future is about assessing which skills are at hand and which are required, and how they will meet the challenges of updating skills in the future; the right solution will depend on each brand’s individual requirement. Creativity is another strength of Camilla’s, with the ability to constantly think of new ideas to communicate to the different online communities that she managed. Successfully positioning a product or service to moms of infants and toddlers requires specific recognition and appreciation of Mom’s role. Tylenol has a recent marketing campaign that does a brilliant job of positioning its brand for moms of infants and toddlers. As we explore in Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer, one of Mom’s primary roles is feeding her infant and toddler.
If your brand’s product or service fails to recognize Mom’s role first and instead unwittingly supplants Mom by talking about itself, the brand’s communication runs the risk of being tuned out.  Specifically, in our work with infant and toddler nutrition brands, we found that it was important to honor Mom first in the marketing communication, and then to mention the product as a helper or support for Mom. Motts provides a good example of a brand that recognizes Mom first with “Sweetness from Mom” and then its brand second with “Less Sugar from Motts,” as shown in this execution. This new role was created to meet the rapidly growing industry need for dealers looking to evolve into profitable managed IT services organizations.
Moore’s role at Rochester Optical will be two-fold with contributions to both the Research & Development team in wearable technology, and digital support to the Marketing team.
His company, Venture Glass, a wearable technology company, was chosen by Google for their Google Glass project. Bien Eyewear made its debut on the runway during Rochester Fashion Week, on October 17, 2013. Moore’s contributions to the R&D team in the wearable technology space will continue to keep Rochester Optical on the leading edge in the optical industry and on target with projected growth. Founded in 1932, the Rochester, NY based company serves optical professionals, military and government agencies, and other companies with fashion, performance and safety eyewear.
Powered by The Drum Network, this regular column invites The Drum Network's members to demystify the marketing trade and offer expert insight and opinion on what is happening in the marketing industry today that can help your business tomorrow.12 June 2015 - 12:01pm What do CMOs want?
The experience of it is less a “process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change” and more a rollercoaster designed to test the nerve of the most gung-ho marketer. Evidence and experience suggest that businesses are increasingly focusing on their customers and their brands as the centre of their operation, taking a more marketing-focused approach. Marketing models are changing, new strategic requirements emerging and channels multiplying. I’m not going to list the hundreds of specialisms being called upon every day – we’d be here a while, and if you’re connecting with what I’ve said so far, you likely don’t have the time! For some, with larger teams and more resource, this can be managed in-house, through large team matrices covering multiple specialist teams. A recent report by integration specialists R3 examined the 40 most integrated brand campaigns from across the world, looking at the skillsets driving the campaigns and the models of agency relationships involved. The businesses we speak to are looking for the integrated collaboration that one point of contact brings, but they also need best-in-class expertise in very specific fields.
It’s something we’ve taken on board, remodelling to offer four distinct specialist divisions which are coordinated by a dedicated Mobas Group team. We know that to stay relevant to our clients, we will need to continually evolve and invest to ensure we’re at the top of our game.
For some that may be growing their team, for others it will be using multiple agencies, and for many the ideal is the right level of support from experts in their field and less time spent managing agency relationships.

The “Everything You Do” campaign honors and recognizes Mom (and Dad), while showing how the brand complements parents’ efforts. For example, a recent post is “Nothing beats hearing ‘I love you Mom!’” or “Hugs are the warmest layer.” Moms enthusiastically respond to this engagement. Michal develops winning growth strategies and detailed go to market plans for some of the world’s outstanding organizations including McDonald’s, Gatorade, Abbott, Barilla, Tylenol, Clorox, Key Bank, Eagle Ottawa, Quaker and the Baker Demonstration School.
Moore has also recently been identified as an “emerging thought leader in mobile and wearable technologies,” according to Forbes. Moore's background in working with Google on the Google Glass project, being founder of wearable technology company Venture Glass, gives some exciting clues as to what Bien Eyewear has in store in the near future. As a result CMOs and their teams are becoming more cross-functional, building stronger relationships with other departments and taking on a more diverse remit in order to deliver integrated projects. At the same time, the average CMO is managing additional requests, meeting increased accountability, contemplating new skillset requirements, spotting opportunities, leading their team, keeping abreast of trends, amending strategies… Oh, and the small task of overseeing the delivery increasingly successful agile marketing activity. Just as there are roles now that weren’t conceived of a few years ago, there will be roles needed in five years’ time that we haven’t even thought of. For others, working with external agencies is a great way to bring in just the right level of expert support, with enough flexibility to continually tailor the mix of skills required. The need for key specialisms was clear: 38% of businesses deploying the strongest campaigns opted to use multiple ‘best-in-class’ agencies and another 20% chose to use holding company agencies offering specialist sub-divisions. Mobas itself has Whether agency or client-side, evolving structure is rarely simple, but this approach enables us to continue to develop the divisions, and perhaps add to them as those yet-to-be –dreamt-of roles emerge.
Working across all product categories for key retail dates and events including; World Cup 2014, Christmas, Windows 8 and HP 360 launch.
Rochester Optical has been named as one of Rochester, New York’s Top 100 Fastest growing companies four years in a row. Agile is the buzzword of the moment, and for good reason; the brands that are tapping into opportunities are those that can respond rapidly. The impact is, that for companies looking to deliver real growth, agility and innovation, the general practitioner ‘jack-of-all-trades’ role is outdated.
British Airways Management of British Airways social channels, including strategy and content creation.
Offering a 360 service of PR, Digital Strategy, Community Management, complimented by in-house Graphic Designers and Web Development.
Merivale is noted as Australia's largest and most exclusive hospitality company in Australia. The Hemmes family, with Justin Hemmes as the Chief Executive Officer, owns and operates 11 inner Sydney venues, including, 12 restaurants, over 25 bars, 3 accommodation hotels, 10 dedicated meetings & events spaces, and a music company; Jam Music.
When I required fast-action, creative thinking and new media exposure, Camilla always delivered. My business received instant recognition in a very short time, thanks to Camilla's dedication and long hours.

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