Ever look at successful businesses like Pinterest, Google or Apple and wonder how they did it?
The only way to know if your small business is a success is by establishing goals and measuring your ROI. A key component of any small business’ marketing strategy is to be effectively positioned within search engine results. As well as the many complex and detailed strategies search engine optimization can involve, there are a few simple and effective ways to boost your rankings and visibility, while simultaneously improving your social media, ratings, reviews and media. Your first step should always be to ensure the information on your website is properly optimized. More than ever for small businesses, you want as much about your local area in your website copy as possible. Encourage your customers to go online and give you a review after you have provided them a service.
The main options are Google+ (this can also take you into Google My Business, which is hugely beneficial), Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. BUSINESS HOURSOur clients receive 12 Hour Support Monday to Friday, We are here to help solve problems large or small!

Get In TouchIf you are looking for SEO services for your company; or just want to say Hi, then use the information below to get in touch with us. Brands like Nike, Coke and Betty Crocker have developed a strong loyal customer following, but it took a marketing strategy to get there. In order to promote your small business and engage with customers, you need to develop a full content strategy. Her biggest passions are writing, social media, anything Jane Austen, the color turquoise, and chai lattes. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This will build up your reputation and the more positive, authentic reviews you have, the more Google will notice you.
Always thank them for the positive review and welcome them back, and address any negative reviews, find out what went wrong, fix it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Update statuses, engage directly with customers, introduce new products and specials, and post any relevant information.
You can use the same tactics Fortune 500 companies use to develop a marketing strategy, just on a smaller scale.

Small businesses shouldn’t jump into the market without developing a marketing strategy. Get rid of marketing strategy silos and make an effort to implement your strategy in all aspects of your business. Encourage them to take advantage of your service or product, or email about a local event you’re supporting.
You need to define your business by developing objectives, a mission statement and outlining your target customers and competition.
We recommend developing several goals that directly pertain to your small business objectives (e.g.
Any mention you get from a worthy media source, will mean a lot to where you stand in the search results.

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