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There are a number of new tourism marketing campaigns that may be hitting international airwaves soon as officials at the Ministry of Tourism are working to release new commercials. According to Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe, officials have been working on several new ideas to promote The Bahamas and ultimately attract new business from markets like Asia, Europe and Latin America. The minister said that he was particularly excited because there have been little or no marketing efforts done for quite some time.
He added that was partly due to the Ingraham administration’s decision to introduce the companion fly-free programme. He continued, “Before we go into something else we want to make sure that we don’t hurt ourselves by just chopping off everything. In the meantime, Minister Wilchcombe said officials are looking to create a market for all of the major Family Islands. UK Market – 41% Increase in 2011 Rwanda Tourism Fact Sheet for the World Travel Market 2011 Rwanda is actively working to sustainably grow its tourism sector and the efforts are succeeding. The Government of the Northern Territory in Australia has just launched the development of a new tourism strategy for the State.
Tourism Australia reported today at the Australian Tourism Directions Conference in Canberra that the industry’s vision to double annual overnight tourist visitor spending to A$140 billion by 2020 remains firmly on track but with clear scope to further improve Australia’s global competitiveness in the sector. The Japanese has proposed (emphasis on proposed!) an interesting marketing strategy to attract visitors back to the country — give away 10,000 tickets to prospective tourists. The Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has been increasingly and successfully positioning itself as a diverse family destination. The Tourism Ministry is set to work aggressively this year to boost arrivals, increase occupancy and to create and to sustain demands for ‘Destination Guyana’. Minister with the portfolio, Irfaan Ali, made this bold announcement during a press briefing last week, where he outlined the various strategies that will be pursued to achieve these goals.
According to Ali, one of the main initiatives is the launch of a visitor plan for 2013 for the Mashramani celebrations in February, which will be designed to target the needs of all visitors particularly those from the neighbouring countries of Brazil, Suriname and Trinidad.
In this regard, the Ministry will focus its energies on attracting the participation of a 30 member Brazilian Samba Band, which has the potential to attract as much as 400 ‘followers’ to Guyana. In addition to this, there is also strong interest from a Surinamese delegation from the Aptijt (pronounced Uptake) Band , which is one of the leading Bands in that country with a following of at least 500 persons. Alluding to the benefits of these and other interests, Ali said, “We are already working to make this happen. The Tourism Minister revealed that a massive ‘Street Celebration’ is being conceptualized as part of the plan to attract more persons for the upcoming Mashramani celebrations and to magnify the significance of the occasion.
Mashramani 2013 will be celebrated under the theme ‘Reflecting creativity, Embracing Diversity’ and as is customary, the occasion is expected to attract thousands of visitors from across the world.
Our firm has made great impact in assisting communities with their branding, marketing, and strategic planning efforts.  Our approach is research driven as well as highly inclusive.
SAG recommended improvements to the current booking process showing coordination between the CVB and the Convention Center. The Boards of Directors of Houston First Corporation and the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau engaged SAG to help them reengineer their overall organizational and governance approach to improve their sales and marketing efforts. Prior to this engagement, citywide event sales and marketing was accomplished through the CVB and the George R. Our recommendations addressed a new governing body, staffing, success measures, marketing plan process, marketing plan components, booking processes, goal setting procedures, training, and budgeting.
SAG created a brand that accurately represented those thoughts and feelings for residents, business owners, parents, kids and visitors alike to recognize and take pride in.
SAG personally spoke to more than 150 members of the community and reached over 30,000 residents, regional businesses and past visitors through quantitative surveys and focus groups. The community leaders in Independence determined that they wanted to reposition this historic Midwest City for the future of community development and tourism. Through in-depth community engagement, SAG has produced the “top ten” words to describe the character of Independence and has created a brand and tagline that is derived from the community feedback.
SAG recently completed a study on cultural tourism and planning in Broward County and greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida. SAG met with over 50 tourism and cultural stakeholders to ensure comprehensive input and support for the recommended plan.
The Cultural Tourism Committee and the Tourism Development Council approved recommendations and SAG is now engaged with the County to implement the annual signature event that will take place in October 2015. SAG reviewed all past and current tourism plans to evaluate the effectiveness of tourism marketing. SAG worked with the Volusia County officials to determine key stakeholders within the industry. SAG also researched industry-wide trends in the regional Volusia County area as part of the tourism analysis and consequent plan. The SAG Team worked with Volusia County to create a new organizational structure for the recommended tourism strategic plan. In developing strategic recommendations for the Atlantic City destination, SAG evaluated the current organization’s structure and funding sources. SAG’s extensive research, analysis and input from stakeholders, yielded the Meet AC organization. SAG collaborated with SearchWide to recruit and select the new Meet AC CEO as well as several other key positions.
Since the completion of SAG’s analysis in 2014, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority reports that in the last two years, non-gaming revenues have increased by more than $160 million and are now nearing $1 billion annually. The new Meet AC organization has seen results; with 8 percent more group bookings and 15percent more convention-related room nights, in 2014 than in 2013.
SAG was recently engaged to revisit the prior plan to further develop the City’s goals for tourism facility development. SAG facilitated the development of a ten-year tourism strategic plan to help Charlotte maximize its tourism, entertainment and quality of life opportunities.
The Branding portion of this project focused on combining the best of Colorado’s historic western heritage and culture (“old west”) with the modern pioneering spirit (“new west”, “Rocky Mountain west”).
Carlsbad, CaliforniaSAG has recently completed a Tourism Industry Study and a Strategic Action Plan for tourism efforts City of Carlsbad, California. SAG has conducted extensive stakeholder outreach and spoke with over 50 hoteliers, sales managers, business owners, attractions and restaurants that have a vested interested in the tourism developments.
SAG has recommended a plan to develop a measurement and monitoring process that focuses on how the sales and marketing efforts are driving respective target markets to make the decision to come to Carlsbad.
SAG is developing a new accountability plan for the contract with the City of Miami Beach and the Greater Miami Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau. SAG’s primary recommendation was to change the overall direction of the proposed terms for the GMCVB contract with the City to a performance based agreement from a fee for services approach. In addition to overall project management, SAG managed the subcontractor assigned to the project that was responsible for analyzing, budgeting and recommending the necessary capital improvements for the theatre. SAG also provided the City with a market study of the live music industry and current trends.
In addition to industry trends and analysis, SAG also evaluated the Greek Theatre’s performance and profitability for the City.

Rochester, MinnesotaSAG was engaged by the City of Rochester, Minnesota to complete a benchmarking, management and operations analysis of the Mayo Civic Center and the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau. Detailed benchmark data was gathered from a number of comparable and competitive destinations. Based upon the conclusions of the study, the City retained SAG to assist in implementing the recommendations. A cornerstone of SAG’s recommendations was the creation and implementation of a new Governance Structure that created new industry oversight of the Convention Center and a permanent structural partnership with the Rochester Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.
Hawai’i Tourism AuthorityFrom 2011 to 2013, SAG worked with the Hawaii Tourism Authority to create a group sales platform that included domestic and international contractors. Through this process, SAG helped develop the “Meet Hawaii” brand, which not only united the tourism community, but also united the sales staff at the CVB and the collective domestic and international assets to sell the destination cohesively. HTA as well as the Convention Center and Visitors and Convention Bureau accepted SAG’s recommendations.
The evolution of the focus of group sales efforts being based on measureable definite bookings and not focused on lead generation is an example of instituting new accountability. Lake County, CaliforniaSAG was retained to produce a three-year Strategic Plan for Lake County, California.
SAG’s research led to the analysis of the current state of Lake County Tourism and the challenges that hindered potential opportunities. Marketing Focused around Lake County’s two main demand generators, Clear Lake and the wineries. The Afan Valley north of Port Talbot is an old mining area that has been extensively reclaimed with one of the earliest reclamation schemes in Wales. Chatelain « Happiness is our business » Club Med provides all-inclusive premium villa and chalet holiday resort packages across 35 destinations worldwide. I haven’t looked at them yet, but I know that they have been working on some commercials,” Minister Wilchcombe told Journal Business.
For Rwanda, especially Nyungwe National Park, which is highlighted in the article, this is potentially very helpful positioning with the UK market. UK  tourist arrivals are steadily increasing helped, no doubt, by the 12 exhibitors on the Rwanda Stand and the RDB. The new Five Year Tourism Strategic Plan is expected to be implemented starting in early 2013. Knowing we have this stage because of our joint efforts is rewarding.” – Jeff Guaracino on presenting with SAG at DMAI about the efforts to create a new sales organization and new direction in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This was an extensive collaborative process that included meeting with the New Orleans hotel and business community. Brown Convention Center in a somewhat independent, inefficient, and at times less than effective approach.
The resulting new organizational structure assures collaboration, provides for a higher performing sales team and regular communication between all members and stakeholders.   The two Boards adopted SAG’s recommendations and we were retained to assist with implementation. SAG functioned as the development Project Managers for the two current headquarter hotels in adjacent to the Convention Center.
SAG set out on an inclusive research-based branding initiative to understand the community and its wants and needs for the future.
Through that research and community interaction SAG created a brand and story to deploy to residents, businesses city departments and more. The SAG team completed an extensive research process that is inclusive of a large cross section of community leaders and stakeholders.
These words were the essence of the Independence community and became the driving principles behind all future marketing and economic development. Following successful brand launch and adoption, SAG is now engaged in creating a long term strategic and marketing plan for the City of Independence Department of Tourism. The analysis included sales and marketing recommendations, the preparation of a budget to support a new direction for cultural tourism, and a new innovative plan for a major signature event for Broward County. SAG has met with over 200 stakeholders in the process and presented a series of preliminary recommendations. The SAG Team conducted internal review and an external comparison analysis to evaluate Volusia County’s effectiveness in the tourism market as well as how their competitors have deployed their resources.
SAG spoke with small business owners, chamber members, county staff and many others to get a pulse on the current status of overall functionality in the community. SAG’s external comparison analysis was a key contributor to the tourism plan as it brought insight into competing markets and how those communities were executing their respective tourism initiatives.
SAG worked with Volusia County to create a shared services model for the Volusia County authorities to have effective success in the new strategies.
SAG met with members of the Volusia County Council, the authority boards, Daytona Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau Board and others to establish the process of oversight and ultimately governance of the Volusia County Tourism Industry initiatives. SAG reworked the current organization to create a new private, nonprofit corporation to effectively sell the destination.
Meet AC is the new group sales focused organization in Atlantic City to drive the industry with a targeted approach and to unite the hotel and casino properties within.   In this instance, SAG recommended the sales staff transition from a geographic model to a vertical industry model of segmentation. The new staff at Meet AC has gotten very positive reviews from the Board of Directors and Industry Stakeholders. Group bookings at the city’s primary meeting facilities also have been on the rise, increasing by more than 22 percent since 2009. Meet AC indicates the city is on track to realize a 20 percent increase over 2014 in its meetings business in 2015. The six-month initiative included hosting various community forums to generate a list of potential projects that would help the Committee fulfill its mission.
SAG then facilitated a MindMapping exercise with the committee and community to develop a consensus on the top five projects.
Our goal was to help Denver envision the meeting and event environment over the next 20 years with the larger destination story in mind.
SAG’s research indicated that the Western culture “brand” ranked very low in brand priorities for Denver as a destination. As part of the process, we facilitated focus groups with both existing and target market clients.
The goal of the project was to provide City leadership with a long-range plan to boost Carlsbad’s performance as a coastal California destination. SAG’s stakeholder engagement is key to understanding the aspirations and goals of the collective industry.
These include tracking data in conjunction with online activity and in collaboration with the hospitality community. Our deliverables for this project often took the form of presentations, not only to City leadership, but more importantly communicating the long-range vision to various community groups that are key to the success of the plan.
This has included metrics for the leisure sales and marketing efforts that include room night conversion.   SAG’s Dan Fenton, performed a comprehensive analysis of the current agreement, the Miami Beach hotel market, hotel industry trends and provided recommendations on revisions to the agreement.
This new direction focuses on the achievement of key metrics and the overall measureable success of GMCVB in their contractual relationship with the City.
Part of this analysis involved understanding the promoter landscape and what company would best fit their venue. SAG presented this material to the City staff to help them understand the value of the venue and how it was pacing.   SAG continued to evaluate the performance of the Greek Theatre and how individual operations of the venue were trending over the last several years. The conclusions and recommendations were based on benchmarking against other destinations, staffing and oversight, food and beverage operations, standard operating procedures, booking policies, marketing resources, processes and governance.
SAG is currently overseeing the implementation of the agreed upon plan including sales, governance, marketing, capital and overall operations. This included a new approach to managing results and determining unified metrics that focused on conversion. SAG was retained to implement the recommendations and has completed extensive market research and a comprehensive redeployment effort.

The other development was SAG’s recommendation and support of the implementation of the TAP report that serves as a new effective tool for understanding current Meet Hawaii results.
SAG led a stakeholder-supported effort to re-think all aspects of Lake County’s Tourism marketing and asset development. The Afan Forest Park was designated as a Tourism Growth Area and has become a focus for outdoor activity with some of the best mountain biking trails in the country.We were asked by the Forestry Commission and Neath Port Talbot CBC to provide an interpretation strategy, a marketing strategy - and a visitor management strategy for the Park.
It manages 77 resort villages and 1 cruise ship in short, medium and long haul destinations and offers different resort styles that focus on sports, culture, the family, golf and spas. Major media such as Time Magazine, The Guardian, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and many others have circulated the story. SAG conducted sessions to understand where the opportunities were to increase effectiveness in the overall sales and marketing functionality. SAG assisted the Boards of each organization create a new collaborative sales and marketing process for the convention center district. SAG led the process to determine the size and attracted developers for the Hilton America’s and the new Marriot Marquis.
The research completed by the SAG team was record breaking and the creative vision was unanimously supported. Well over 1,000 people were involved in this historic effort to rebrand a historic place with a new look a feel that fit this community. SAG also conducted an extensive PRIZM analysis to create a focus for future marketing efforts.
SAG worked with the entities to create a model where the community groups and key stakeholders would have centralized support. We’re seeing growth in multiple segments, including corporate, regional association and sports, so that’s very encouraging for us.” Jim Wood, Meet AC CEO.
SAG worked to create new bylaws, mission statements, new budget processes and staffing levels to best suit Atlantic City. This recommendation has been supported and SAG is currently working with the new organization to retool the group sales effort through market prioritization and industry targeting. SAG has instituted new accountability and monitoring of Meet AC’s success both internally and for the governing body. During the first quarter of 2015, the Meet AC sales team brought 30 conventions and meetings to the Atlantic City Convention Center and another 19 to the city’s hotel properties. The outcome focused on creating a downtown destination that added a new professional basketball arena, minor league baseball stadium, an urban entertainment center, a motor sports museum and expanding and relocating the existing arts museum. The project involved both an external and internal tourism analysis as well as extensive industry outreach to develop a tourism marketing plan that the stakeholders would support. SAG conducted a Lifestyle Segmentation Analysis to understand and develop target markets by segment.
As part of this recommendation, the City would establish a base fee and establish an incentive fee to be paid based on the overall achievement of agreed-upon annual performance goals.
We completed over 100 interviews and surveys and met with individuals in the surrounding neighborhoods and park area.   SAG also worked with the finance department in the creation and administration of the RFP process. Having information about the right promoter would help contribute to a more successful and profitable venue.
SAG, is currently working with the City of Los Angeles to implement a new operational model that maximizes venue functionality and profitability. SAG worked with the HTA and the International Contractors to develop a plan to drive new group business with increased accountability for HTA and all domestic and international contractors involved. The implementation effort created a comprehensive document that is currently used as the roadmap for the new direction. This included working with potential private developers and investors to uncover new large project opportunities. SAG helped develop packages as part of the Tourism Strategic Plan to increase tourism in the area.
The marketing plan set out specific objectives and reviewed product development requirements before developing a series of recommendations for branding, promotional literature, e-marketing, events, monitoring and implementation.
Founded in 1950 Belgian water polo Olympic medalist Gerard Blitz French businessman Gilbert Trigano Mission Club Med offers t o travellers a world of endless joy and happiness Values Multicultural and pioneering spirit, kindness, freedom, responsibility. The Hilton is a highly successful publicly owned hotel and the Marriott is due to open in the first quarter of 2016. SAG worked with the County to provide this new, shared services model for increase the effectiveness of the County’s assets and deployed resources.
SAG worked to create a balanced industry based nimble board of directors in order to be effective in the industry and specifically this unique market. This has enhanced stakeholder confidence in the efforts and transparency of the newly formed organization. This research will allow Carlsbad to develop key feeder markets and target segments in both the regional, drive-in market and fly-in markets.
SAG conducted extensive stakeholder outreach and the client group and community endorsed our recommendations.
SAG worked with the County and reached out to industry stakeholders to develop packages that would bring in additional tourism revenue to the community. The interpretation strategy defined four target groups; activity tourists, family visitors, local residents and special interest groups.
Logo A trident – attribute of Poseidon and symbol of his domination on seas Brand proposition Club Med takes small groups of individuals and countless families from their day-to-day lives and brings them together in a all-inclusive relaxing and fun environment of holiday villages in new getaway horizons around the globe.
SAG also worked with Volusia County Officials to recommend improved governance structures to effectively monitor and maintain the brand standard of tourism within Volusia County.
To that end, Denver and the Rocky Mountain West is well positioned to celebrate the idea of the “new west”, showcasing health, recreation and the over-arching pioneering spirit through cutting edge science, education and research that is emerging in this region of the United States.
We researched and benchmarked the competition and we have had numerous client sessions to debate and discuss findings.
SAG has also helped develop specific packages and experiences on behalf of Visit Carlsbad and will begin testing new campaigns to these target markets in the coming months.
The conclusion was a unanimous vote of approval by the County Supervisors in a session that was attended by over 50 tourism stakeholders. Part of the Tourism Strategic Plan in Lake County was a recommendation to create a new governance model for the Lake County Tourism Organization.
In this way, the best of both worlds (a celebration of the historic Western culture and the modern pioneering spirit) might be realized. SAG’s recommendation for governance was to focus on a board to improve marketing campaigns and resources the county had to circulate on behalf of the industry. In 2004, we were commissioned to look at a similar range of issues in relation to Cyfarthfa Castle and the nearby iron blast furnace site at Mertyr Tydfil. More aggressive paid campaign efforts in key markets will begin in April with emphasis in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver and Salt Lake City. Respondents were clear in their perception of Denver as a destination with air and water quality and a general propensity to live healthy.
Our task was to prepare a long term strategy for visitor management and interpretation of this complex site, looking at a range of options.
The broadcast and outdoor campaign elements will run through July with digital, social media and some print elements running through September of this year.

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