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Today Samsung announced a $5 million partnership with Jay-Z, which will bring the rapper's new album to 1 million Galaxy S4 owners for free when it launches July 4. It's just the latest big marketing move by Samsung, which spends boatloads of money marketing its mobile devices.
Let's take a look at how Samsung's marketing budget compares to the marketing budgets of other top tech companies.
Following a $5 million deal with Jay-Z, let's look at how much Samsung spends marketing its products. In Samsung’s latest Ad campaign starting tommorow in the national en regional papers in the US. It really doesn’t take a genius to see that the Samsung Galaxy S III has a lot more features then the iPhone 5. We already know the Anti Apple tv commercials which makes fun of the Apple users, now they are attacking the phone directly.
Samsung is aggressively trying to pitch itself as the anti-Apple, saying it offers more features for less money. The iPhone 5 will sell the most in the US so we are talking about the US version of the Galaxy S III.
The ONLY improvements Apple should be able to claim over the old iPhone is the screen size and LTE. For the rest (Siri, Face detection, Panorama, video stabilization, Take still photos while recording, EarPods) are all in the software and CAN be implemented to older iPhones. Deciding to get either an Android or Apple smartphone requires much deliberation because once you have spent much of your hard-earned cash on Apps, you are more inclined to stay with the respective market. Don’t be alarmed when you see a large group of mindless zombies in your town centres this Friday the 21st. It’s only people possessed by a large corporation going to collect their new mind controlling devices, or iPhones as they call them. And Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently the Best Phone on the Market, due to what iPhone 5 brought out. It may be a relatively small sum for Samsung but when was the last time Apple gave $1B or more to Samsung?

Better if we see the financials of Samsung and Apple for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012 and let’s see who got OWNED. And all these lawsuits are used as a smokescreen to hide their real purpose, Destroying Android.
I use my Galaxy S2 on a daily basis and am happy with it, but that doesn’t change the fact that this ad is ridiculous. And the last time any of the two got owned was when Samsung was told to hand over $1B to Apple. Price• Pricing their product from RM199 until RM7999.• Customer will feel that why their product so expensive, because Apple’s products are good in quality and technology so that the price will be higher.
Product• Ipod, Ipod shuffle, Ipod nano, and the most popular products are Iphone, Ipad, and Mac book.• Apple’s products let customer feel it very convenience when using it. Promotion• Give some stuff when you buy their product, such as iphone casing or free to installing some application.• They also offer free wifi to their customer. Place• Branches located in everywhere• Customer can easily to get the information about their product and services.• Customer also can buy those stuff for their iphone or ipad easily.
Price• Samsung’s pricing their product Samsung galaxy S II for RM1499.• Samsung’s products are good in quality and technology so that the price will be higher.
Product• Samsung’s product, such as Samsung galaxy series, television, and computer product. Promotion• They will give some stuff when you buy their product, such casing or free to installing some application.• They also offer free wifi to their customer.
Place• Samsung’s company got many branches mostly located in everywhere.• Customer can easily to get the information about their product and services.
We don't know how much Samsung will spend on marketing in 2013, but here's a look at how much it spent in 2012, according to Asymco analyst Horace Dediu. Apple has to market their product with a focus on the user experience over specs because they know they didn’t cut it in terms of being leading-edge in technology. Apple patrons should be miffed and unpleased with the fact that Apple left them behind and is forcing them to upgrade.
If you have spent hundreds or thousands on apps purchased in the Apple app store, I doubt you’d allow yourself to throw all that away buy jumping ship to Android and vice versa.
The reason I won’t get one is because I would like to have full control of whatever I buy.

So if you’re an anime freak like me, forget about being able to watch those anime from websites still using Flash technology.
I had a simple problem, I experience corrupted textures when playing Diablo 3 (100% in Act 3).
The new iphone is a decent enough phone but outwardly it looks just the same old except it’s got a bigger screen.
Samsung should let they sale and Costumers do the Talking to Hit iPhone back in there faces.
Iphone 5 will never outperform Samsung Galaxy S3′s performance in terms of quantity sales coz they suck. Most of you know iPhone users can be easily misled when comedian in US went on the street and given a 4S to users and asked what do they think they all said it was thin,fast,cool etc.
Everything between NFC and removable battery are just there to make the list look bigger… to make it fair iPhone should also list things like VIP inbox, Safari sync etc. I would be surprised if they improved Siri and Apple Maps and made it exclusive to iPhone5s or iPhone 6. Its mostly Apple’s business model and restrictive environment that I choose not to purchase the iPhone. Now I liken this to driving around in a modern car with all the up to date, state of the art driving aids but if it still looks like a Model T Ford then I’m not going to be that enthused about it.
If I were on Windows, I would just need to update the Graphics driver and it would be fixed. Each to their own but I like something not only to have up to date performance, I like it to look up to date as well.
But for OSX, you will need to purchase and update the whole Operating System to Mountain Lion to fix that issue.

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