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Know Your Buyer Personas & Buyer’s JourneyIn developing your inbound marketing strategy, you’ve likely already defined your buyer personas.
Without a strategic vision, plan, goals and digital strategy in place, jumping straight into a digital marketing campaign, is destined to end early and at great expense. Before embarking on your digital journey and implementing an initiative it’s important to understand what you’re hoping to achieve and plan a roadmap accordingly.
The steps below will lead to a conceptual plan for digital marketing that identifies what your business hopes to do and how best to do it. Once you have decided on your digital marketing goals, you will be better able to develop a plan that is tailored to meet those goals as well as measuring your success.
Once you have set some goals, have a good look at the vast array of ‘digital tools’ available which can help simplify everyday tasks. Tools for search engine optimization (SEO); analytics, conversions, customer engagement and content creation are growing increasingly sophisticated and precise and are invaluable for any business using digital marketing.
One of the great failings of companies that attempt digital marketing is setting up social media accounts and then abandoning them.
Social media requires regular, relevant attention, responding to customers concerns and comments and a strategy linked in with the overall content strategy. There are an abundance of analytical tools available to help keep your digital plan and vision on track. Businesses that wish to remain competitive cannot afford to ignore these channels for retaining longtime customers and connecting with new ones.
Have you streamlined your business processes in alignment with the fast evolving new age of digital? An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. If they fail to do that, they are missing out on the lions share of target market, before they even set out. So that businesses may best utilize resource and engage efficiently, they must set goals and have a plan from the outset. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. If you need good examples of marketing strategies in action, you've come to the right place. Internet Marketing - Your competitors are doing it and your friends too, but how do you start implementing an internet marketing strategy? B2B and its Relevance in Today's Market - Do you need to network with other business in order to gain success?
There’s an eBook that dives deeper of course, but we know you like short form, visual content too.
O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios. Learn how to create engaging marketing videos for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine and YouTube. In addition, you’ve also likely mapped content for your buyer personas according to their buyer’s journey; however, if you haven’t done this yet, it is as equally important to generating leads as the goals you set. Your content must be relevant to your audience whether it comes in the form of blog posts, tweets, infographics, advertising, emails and more.
Google provides a plethora of great tools from analytics, keyword research and paid search and remarketing options. A Facebook page or Twitter account that is sadly out of date or a blog on a website that was last posted to a year ago is worse than not attempting social media at all. It’s also important that the person in charge of the social media accounts is someone who can be trusted to interact appropriately with the general public and on occasion, irate customers. However, some digital marketing goals such as customer loyalty and engagement are more difficult to assess and must be measured in other ways.

A strong digital marketing strategy can provide results for much less money than more traditional marketing methods. If so, what is your experience in planning for a successful Digital marketing Strategy and how has this helped your business grow? You’ve provided some top advice for any business who wants to get the most from their digital presence. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! We discuss different types of marketing strategies and offer some successful marketing strategy samples from a variety of industries, as well as a few examples of marketing strategy disasters. This article gives you the best tips to market your small business on the internet.Unique Selling Positions - With all of the information out there vying for your customer's attention, a startup needs to find a way to uniquely stand out. A According to CMI and MarketingProfs, 66% of the most effective marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
A recent report from the US highlighted that the majority of businesses are continuing to start with tactics instead of goals when it comes to Digital. Companies stand out in the mind of their customers by offering something unique and how you communicate your unique value is through your unique sell proposition ("USP")The Art of Crafting an Effective Marketing Strategy - You have already decided on the product or service you will introduce to the market.
When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing.
But, many have set out to accomplish this and barely end up generating enough leads to keep the lights on .
For example, one of your goals may be to focus on generating leads for a particular persona.Optimize Your Website for Lead GenerationWhile estimations vary by source, there’s a general consensus among sources like in this Forrester report that shows 90 percent of the buyer’s journey is digital, and it isn’t until the customer is two-thirds to 90 percent of the way through the journey before they speak to a sales person. These businesses are really wasting time and money and what’s somewhat peculiar is that after they fail, they often blame the tool (channels) rather than realize the error in their ways.
Even worse, marketers who have successfully conquered lead generation but end up on their sales team’s bad side because the leads are far from qualified. Know yours.Smoothing Out Seasonality in Your Sales Cycle - Seasonal peaks affect many businesses. It’s like your asking your website visitors to marry you after all they’ve done is read your eHarmony profile.
It all has to do with your marketing strategy.Product Lifecycles - Different promotional strategies are required for each of the four stages that a product's lifecycle entails. Knowing how to compensate when the highs are over and you hit a low period is the key to survival.Five Customer Segmentation Strategies - Why the need to segment your customers? It is of essence to understand what each of these stages entails so as to get the promotional mix right.
Because each group will have different needs and therefore different reasons for buying your services and products.Using AIDA in All Your Marketing - AIDA exists because people only give your piece of marketing literature, advertisement or web page a few seconds before they pass on to look at something else.Examples of Marketing Strategies - Looking for some example marketing strategies?
For example, it can be hard to generate leads from your website if you aren’t driving any traffic to your website.
What are the promotional strategies to use in each of the said stages?Selling to Passive People - Gives advice on dealing with passive customers.
While more and more website visitors are using mobile devices, some companies may actually find that the majority of visitors are still on desktop. Emphasizes the importance of giving these customers space to think while asking questions in order to help guide the purchaseHow to Measure the Effectiveness of Marketing through Metrics - Many small business owners run marketing campaigns and wonder why the conversions are low. But how do you do this?Product Positioning Strategies - The ability to come up with accurate product positioning strategies on the part of the entrepreneur is a crucial element in the small enterprise's quest for profits. Failing to set specific and measurable goals, which can be developed using the inbound marketing benchmarks you’ve gathered, means that you nor your marketing team can be accountable for the results generated. This is especially true in B2B where online research is often conducted at a desk during business hours.So, while it is important to optimize your website for mobile conversions, you should first identify the most commonly used device on your website using Google Analytics or any type of analytics platform.

Because they do not know how to measure the effectiveness of each campaign they run, they continue to make the same mistakes without considering implementing metrics. If your users are still predominately using desktop, focus on desktop conversions with the expectation that you may need to redesign if this changes.Content Drives It AllContent is still king, but the playing field isn’t as level as it once was for most industries. This image becomes the product's assessment point in relation to competing products as well as other products offered by the same small enterprise.Subcontracting Marketing Strategies - Subcontractors help larger companies finish projects on time and on budget. We'll tell you how to use subcontracting as an effective marketing strategy, and we'll describe what it takes to build relationships with firms that hire subcontractors.Grassroots Marketing with Clothing - This article discusses how and why to use grassroots marketing. So, where you may have got away with a sub par piece of content 10 years ago, today you will see poor results if this content doesn’t appeal to your personas and isn’t distributed properly.Utilize PersonalizationMy last piece of advice to you for generating an outrageous amount of leads is to utilize personalization. It discusses who to speak to and when to enlist their help.Marketing Characteristics of Service Businesses - Service-oriented businesses are denoted by distinctive characteristics which in turn elicit the need for a different approach in as far as the marketing effort is concerned. By personalization, I don’t mean that you should simply use a first name when addressing a lead in emails or on your website. What are these characteristics and how do they make service marketing different from product marketing?Determining Promotional Appropriation - In as far as determining promotional appropriations is concerned there are two main difficulties faced by business owners. Personalization needs to go beyond that to create a whole experience that caters to the common needs and characteristics of your personas.As an example, let’s say your primary buyer persona is a parent who is strapped for time and has a very short buying process. It is quite difficult to establish the total amount that should be spent on a promotional mix and secondly, the amount that will be allocated to each activity in the said mix. In this case, you could cater their entire experience by making website copy short and to the point, make it easy for them to find information that helps to validate their purchase and lead nurture with short intervals between emails and remarketing that is time sensitive. Equally difficult to gauge are the results achieved after funds have been spent on the promotional activity.Product Promotion for Small Enterprise - We often hear talk about the importance of promotion in business as one of those fundamental aspects that must be undertaken if commercial success is to be achieved.
What does the promotion activity comprise of and of what use is this activity in pushing the business agenda forward?Organizing for Advertising - Regardless of the resources that a business chooses to use in the creation of its advertising campaigns, the skills required are basically identical. Marketing your business successfully is based on understanding the emotional triggers that make the customer reach out for wallets and put the cash on the table. Here are five such emotional triggers you can use.Social Media and Marketing - Most small business owners think that social media usage is restricted to teenagers. Would you like to know if that decision is justified?Why Social Media is Different - The tables for marketing have been turned around; things are changing rapidly for marketers. Consumers emerge yet again as the force that determines the success of any company selling products and services. Here's how social media allows that to happen:Affiliate Marketing Programs - Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest yet more effective ways to increase a company's exposure, especially via the internet. But are there actually more similarities than differences and can the two be used effectively and co-exist in peace?Increasing ROI Through Data Mining - Explore and exploit the powerful tool of data mining to increase your profits and customer base.Is Comedy a Commodity?
If you do it right you can use this to your business's advantage.9 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Target Audience - Ever heard the old adage 'What you don't know won't hurt you.'? Know your target audience like you know your way home.Ignore Your Competition - Are you an entrepreneur who constantly worries about what your competitors are up to? If so, then you may be guilty of placing too much emphasis on what your competition is doing. Ignore the competition.The 10 Commandments of an Effective Marketing Strategy - Sticking to a marketing strategy is the key to getting the best out of your promotions.
Writing a good marketing strategy relies on business owners knowing what they wish to achieve, what they can afford and who they are reaching out to.Strategic versus Tactical Marketing - Do you have a marketing plan for the remainder of 2010? Learning the difference is imperative to your business.Customer Acquisition Strategies - It used to be that you set up a website and could get millions of hits to your site. Those days are long gone with the flood of millions of websites, however online businesses continue to thrive, but the strategies and costs for acquiring customers has changed drastically.e-Marketing Strategies - Well-defined e-marketing strategies create powerful connections between companies and buyers in the digital space.

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