However, with the process of era, some marketers find out that 4Ps focuses the attention to the sellers while the buyers should be given more concerns. The above is some of my understanding regarding the marketing mix of 4Ps and 4Cs for translation companies. I will use CCJK Technologies in the future and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for language translation services. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Lara Media has the expertise working with equity, diversity, and inclusion as a common denominator in all we do.
Lara Media Services is a Latino Marketing Agency serving the Portland & Seattle areas connecting businesses with the latino market.
A large company can expect that some level of customization will be required for some of the countries where it does business.  For instance, manufacturers and marketers of bikinis and female swimwear recognize that in Islamic countries their commercials and advertisements will need to be toned down to conform to the norms of the country. In other countries, companies may attempt to adapt unique product features of one product to unique needs that exist in another country.  For instance, a shampoo targeted at youth using sexy or flirtatious imagery might be targeted at Muslim women who suffer from excess hair and scalp oil than can result from wearing wear burkas. Customizing the campaigns based on location can be essential, depending on the topic of the campaign and the potential sensitivity issues you might run into because of the topic. I totally agree and confirm the fact that every brand needs an individual sort of custom marketing strategy tough marketing fundamentals remain the same but needs tweaking all the time based on local marketing scenarios. Email marketing, social media marketing, promotion at trade fairs, cold calling, word of mouth? One of SNS members said, “A word of mouth brings you the best works, but a constant tailor-made marketing according to the actual situation is giving for best results. Actually it should be always a combination of hard work, quality of service, innovative approach in finding clients.
Product is regarded as items that can be provided in the market and meets the needs of the customers.
Commodity, replacing products in 4Ps, refers to the customized products offered to the potential clients. This is really an effective one as satisfied clients who spread the word about quality service will bring new ones continuously. It could be some tangible things, services, people, organizations, strategies or any of their mix.

Cost, instead of price, indicates a customer centric version which includes producing cost, selling cost, purchasing cost and social cost. You have to shop-around to search for the needs of your services instead of just advertise yourself. Channel or convenience, rather than place, means the way how the customers can reach the commodities in a most convenient way. Social medial marketing as a new tool in recent years, about 10% of people have received good results in this method.
Don’t be lazy, invest your time in Direct Marketing, your spare time brings better results than paid adverts, or bothering people, companies with services they do not need at the moment. Communication, which is ranges much broader than promotion, pays attention to the links between the seller and buyer. E-mail is spam, and everyone know how cheap is to spam, telephone is deep intrusion into someone’s privacy. In all, 4Cs provided a customer focus and is a more advanced theory in the modern business world. There are some factors that influence price dramatically, such as demand, cost and competition.
Generally the method is to send promotional letters and company brochure to target customers (or to send all the cultural organizations who likely to be interested in your services). For commodity, marketers should target to satisfy the customers’ needs and specify the demand. Promotion refers to methods which the marketers use to supply information to the target customers, such as advertisement, public relation. For example, except the translation, you can provide some extra service, such as building a Glossary list or a TM for them, which saves the customers’ time and cost greatly. And to build a customer base that will regularly supply you with jobs enough for your capacity.
For the translation companies, this marketing mix is also useful; it can be applied into many aspects. The product of a translation company offered is translation services which may include many languages. After analyzing the cost from the viewpoint of the customers, the price must be more suitable and acceptable.

Moreover, it’s important that you should be professional all the time and Provoke Interests for potential customers. The price also ranges a lot due to the cost and the demand; when translation companies set a price, they must keep a close eye to these factors. Channel or convenience is more relevant with marketing compared with place nowadays; translation companies should adopt internet to make their business more accessible to their clients. Don’t limit your customer base to only a few customers, but saddle up for at least 500-1000 with a solid global spread. The place rests upon internet greatly nowadays; the promotion is various, such as email marketing, telephone marketing and so on. Communication, last but not least, emphasizes any form of exchange between the buyers and purchasers.
That way you will have the possibility to receive job offers from all regions of the world. Translation companies can invest more in communication, such as Internet marketing or personal selling and so on, all of which will enforce the link between the firm and clients. Even if our planet is pretty globalized now, we can often experience that some regions are more prosperous than others. One more thing; deliver good quality on time and adapt to the price levels for your language pairs is the key to success. As for social media marketing, most people who applied this method said they have already got a great deal of jobs from direct clients, they use social media to build and start their own public relations campaign to inform potential clients of their existence and create or enhance company professional image, participate in meaningful ways in discussions and activities, offer up the expertise and skills, start the marketing campaign. Concerned about promotion at trade fairs, this method is not widely applied in translation industry. Marketing people are likely to join local chamber of commerce and some translator’s association, attend meetings and conferences, and get a feel for their membership which will bring some potential clients for them.

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