Facebook has grown into a powerful marketing tool with pages and groups excellent resources for marketing majors. Provides frequent updates about challenges and achievements within the marketing profession. An interesting source of inspiration for marketing students who approach the field from a media and publishing perspective.
For marketing students living in or traveling to Australia, this page provides links to networking conferences, scholarships and jobs. While clearly directed toward women, men may also join and contribute to the discussion.  A special section of the site is available for event listings, and recent member posts share links to valuable resources such as an empowerment network for entrepreneurs. Group members are invited to share posts about marketing strategies, scholarship opportunities, business schools, internships and jobs related to marketing.
Working in teams, the students are collaborating on a range of projects with start-up companies that are based in DIT Hothouse, and with a number of small artisan food companies from Good Food Ireland. The Digital Marketing students also attend the monthly Google Breakfast briefings at The Foundry with their client companies.
Monash marketing students at the Australian embassy in Beijing, one of five Chinese cities they visited on a recent study tour.
A group of 17 marketing students visited some major international organisations on a recent two-week study tour of China. Under the guidance of Monash senior lecturer Sandra Luxton and ManageChina's managing director Tim Lyons, the students travelled to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Yiwu and Hangzhou.
The students visited organisations including Austrade, Bluescope Steel, DDB Guoan advertising, KPMG, Lenovo and Westpac, Chinese organisations Wahaha and Tsingua University, and the Suzhou Industrial Park.
Senior marketing executives made presentations to the students and discussed their organisation's current and future marketing strategies.
Ms Luxton said the study tour was designed to expose students to the intricacies of doing business in China. The study tour and associated assignments constituted one unit towards the students' degree programs. The China study tour is available to all students in the Faculty of Business and Economics each July.

Ms Luxton said the study tours enabled students to be exposed to a range of different cultures and to the thinking and strategies of some of the world's leading marketers. More information is available on the Department of Marketing's China study program web page.
The Spanner Ezine, our email newsletter goes out to a database of over 100,000 students each week.
We can target specific groups of students through our Direct Marketing Database, allowing you to talk to the people who your product or service suits best. We have an experienced in-house digital marketing team managing communications across networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Although some allow fans to make posts, most of the posting is created and monitored by the formal administrators of each page. It provides frequent posts to articles about topics such as planning meaningful interviews, learning to market from spiritual guru Deepak Chopra and appealing to different internet surfing patterns. Marketing students can easily integrate the information provided into both class projects and actual marketing campaigns.
However, administrators also post video footage from the conference and blogs about the conference that give marketing students an idea of the kind of information shared there.
For marketing students based elsewhere, the site is a model for how student marketing associations can use a Facebook page to generate interest and support.
Posts link to job openings and also keep students updated about major changes, meltdowns and breakthroughs within the corporate marketing world. The groups listed here have enough members to create consistent, useful posts for marketing students. Since this is a group rather than a page, members can also chat and video conference with each other when online. Anyone can request membership within the group, but administrators must approve the request before members can read or respond to posts. However, the group is maintained by an agency located near Washington, DC, and administrators frequently post links to creative marketing campaigns benefiting businesses in the area.
The Department of Marketing also offers a round-the-world study tour in January and interstate study tours within Australia.

There is a MPU available to rent within the Ezine allowing your brand to take advantage of this targeted database. Using our services we can specifically target students with your promotional messaging, creating another platform of communication for your brand.
Interacting frequently with Facebook also provides students invaluable knowledge of how social media works that will likely become a key part of their future marketing campaigns. The special starred sections near the upper right-hand corner of the page provide excellent information about marketing education and careers and allow students to check the average marketing salary in different states.
The page also accepts posts from fans, and companies use this feature to share links to their own professional networking events. This page also provides insightful articles about fundraising and the effectiveness of different marketing techniques. Recent posts also include articles about job application strategies and the best education and training programs for future marketing professionals. Following their acceptance, members can also connect with peers and colleagues for text-based chat and video conferencing. Marketing students living elsewhere can view these as inspiration and adapt the campaigns to suit their personal needs. For example, posts at the time of writing address the role of CEOs in contemporary culture, ethical companies and the way a financial crisis can fuel innovation. These provide advice to marketing students about how to use social media as a successful marketing tool. This page is a great resource for marketing students who need inspiration for class projects and who crave a deeper understanding of their field. Attending these conferences is a great way to learn new information and to connect with colleagues.

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