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Sorry gentleman my mistake, the formula for the theoretical hull speed in Kts is 2.43 times the square root of the LWL and the LWL measured in meters. Even 25 Kts is not the normal cruising speed of some of the big container ships at the moment.
Still, the thread was interesting and informative, particularly when some of the forum dinosaurs disagreed with each other.
In the course of this thread we have talked about size, range, seaworthyness, provision space and the space and usefull load capacity for tenders and toys. But what makes a boat a true expedition or explorer yacht, as far as type of hull, propulsion (type and number of engine, gear and prop, steering, electrics, hydraulics), redundancy, enviromental conciderations like type of exhaust (dry or whet), exhaust gas cleaning and wastwater treatment, etc.
So, if I understand You correctly, unless you are going for ice class, GRP hull is good due to maintenance. On the other hand, she is all aluminum in construction, has forward facing galley windows and is very elegant. While wet exhaust is convenient for pretty making, it's fairly complicated compared to dry exhaust. There are some that just spray salt water into the exhaust as it travels out of the boat, some that introduce it close after the turbo or exhaust outlet from the engine, others that introduce it into a chamber that uses the exhaust gas to throw the water out. Straight up the mast like it was a truck, through an electrically heated scrubber, through a diesel burner. Drystacks not only detract from the appearance when the soot plumes erupt, the soot that comes out causes damage as it often contains a sulphur residue which when wet is sulphuric acid.
That having been said, I think that the folks who are looking to spend a great deal of time on expeditions tend to be less focused on those fine luxury finishes. The black belching smoke certainly is a put off for me, but I've been told off at parties for being a sissy about it.
My understanding is that, if the components of a dry exhaust system fail, you simply keep going and are dirtier until you fix them, but if your wet exhaust has something go wrong it can be more serious, and leave you limping; this would not be an advantage on an expedition. It’s important to understand that there is no such thing as a “one solution fits all” when it comes to internet marketing.

Although each project is different our approach is always broken down into the following three phases. In Phase 1, we focus on defining the specific project goals, the tools to be used, and the strategies for implementing those tools. We will analyze your website, your Facebook page (if it exists), your reviews…your entire web presence. This phase typically lasts 2 weeks and the primary deliverable is a Project Plan that is specifically tailored to meet your objectives. In this phase, we assume responsibility for operating your online presence while you focus on running your funeral home. Welcome To Our WebsiteOur mission is to provide you with the best promotional products possible. Our marketing has been great successful and our products have been selling all over the world and serving in different homes of different people. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Many companies have reduced the cruising speeds of their ships down to 18 Kts or even down to 12 Kts to cut down fuel costs. Unless you are going into sensitive areas, standard heat exchanger cooling and wet exhaust is the choice.
With a range of 5500 miles, a strong simple engine (Kelvin, an institution in commercial fishing) and the large tenders up forward. If you do the wrong thing online your reputation can be ruined and your funeral home that has been passed from generation to generation will cease to exist. Whereas one client may need to focus on driving more traffic to the website another may need to focus on repairing a reputation that has been damaged by an unethical competitor. This phase typically lasts 4 weeks and includes tasks such as setting up all social media accounts, fixing specific website seo problems, implementing link building campaigns to promote websites, creating videos, etc. Diesel engines at maximum continuous rating, when single engine plus get me home device (like Nordhavn boats).
I was onboard the boat a few years ago when I toured their yard in the Netherlands and subsequently wrote the review on Valquest.

No fisherman that I've talked to have thought it a very important system, even those who have wet exhaust. Moisture can get in when left idle and cause major eruptions when restarted throwing out rust and sticky wet black stuff.
Fine wool carpets and textiles inside the boat probably see decreased service life from soot tracked in as well. Unless you are going to be actively icebreaking or spend all your time in some very sheltered harbors you don't want an icebreaker bow. Based on this research we will develop a one page customized SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats).
For example, we may fix your Google Places page so that it ranks better in the Google search results. In this phase we will also be creating the initial content to be used throughout your internet marketing such as articles, blog posts, or email content.
The service speed of a commercial ship is the maximum continous speed which cleared by the engine manufacturer (and the ship is still economic).
For a yacht, if you are out on an expedition you don't have to worry quite as much about looking pretty for the neighbors.
There are even icebreakers who put their icebreaker bow on the stern and break ice backwards just so they can have a real bow on the front when they are en route through open ocean.
We will review the SWOT analysis and work with you to develop an internet marketing game plan that is perfectly suited to your funeral home. I just took Emma Maersk as an example, because she is at the moment one of the most economical cargo ships in the world, this from the specific fuel consumption point of view and the fuel used per ton of cargo (because of her size).

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