October 12, 2012 By Sarv007 1 Comment It is not sufficient to develop a good mobile app to sell it well. The above tips can help in effectively turning the spotlight on your mobile app and make people go crazy on your hard work. The app which Motors, the online database listing new and used cars from all over the UK, has developed for major mobile platforms offers real benefits for both those looking to buy a car and those looking to sell one.
The reason why mobile apps are gaining the importance now-a-days is probably their super instilled helping facilities which give user a sigh of relief. Recent buzz in the apps world is that now apps will simplify all your hectic tasks within a frame of seconds. A recent estimation by Economic Co-operation and Development organization surprisingly revealed that by the start of 2022, the average family unit will have the possession of 50 internet connected devices. These modern technologies are trying to relieve every person from daily tensions and workload.  A washing machine, microwave, AC and dryer produced by Samsung, for example, can be distantly monitored by using Android app to start and stop the device, and manage factors like controlling temperature. We can also manage our health through the Apps, For instance, weight tracking can be done by using the Withings Health Mate app for iPhone and Android users which automatically monitors weight by connecting to one of Paris-based company Withings’ smart bathroom scales.
However concerns about the privacy norms in these apps are still under doubt as it can easily track all your information. Bond with your existing customers – Starbucks Card Mobile is a good example on how a company can strengthen the relationship with their clients by offering exclusive advantages. Businesses that want to grow their client base must think on strategies how to profit from this instinct people have to share stuff on social networks.
Truth be told, an app must be part of the big marketing plan, it is just of component in the big picture that needs to be promoted and brought to the spotlight itself. Flavius is the Marketing Manager and Co-founder of Mobiversal, mobile app development company working with startups and established brands like Forbes to create unique mobile experiences. When people are looking for a local business, more and more often they’re turning to their smartphones or tablets for help. If you don’t already have a small business mobile marketing strategy, or it’s been on the back burner and you haven’t done much with it, it’s time to shift your priorities. Smartphone and tablet screens are smaller and your website has to be able to function on reduced screen real estate. Keep the overall design simple and clean, and avoid Flash animations—they don’t play well with mobile platforms. If possible, avoid drop-down menus—they’re difficult to near impossible to work on a small screen. Place information that’s important for mobile users, like your address and a click-to-call phone number, near the top of the page. The key to benefiting from mobile search is to make sure that when people are looking for your products or services in your area, they’ll find your business.
Make sure you’re easy to find on social media by listing your address and phone number on your Facebook page, and claim your business location on Google Places, which can be linked to a Google+ account. Allocate a budget for mobile search marketing, which is separate from Web search marketing.
In much the same way you build an email marketing list, you should also be working on a text or SMS (Short Message Service) marketing list. You can promote your text club on your website and social media pages, and in your retail location if you have one. What type of companies do you think the “text clubs” mobile promotions works best for? Seems like something that a lot overlook but at the same time, I don’t think it works for everyone.
SMS is such an intimate and immediate form of communication that it only makes sense to use when the end user, your customer, gets real value out of it.
If your business relies on local business, this type of marketing should be integrated into your business today.
Mobile marketing is cheaper and if correct messages are sent, it can bring instant customers and boost up your sales.
We think text clubs and SMS marketing in general is a really useful and friendly way for local businesses to build up their customer base at the point of sale or local events. All of these things were built to help people be successful, and we’ve really tried to minimize the promotion of Signal within them.

When you are developing an application make sure that it is not something ripped off from an existing application. One of the best ways to make make your apps popular is through social networking sites and blogs.
If you can create hype about app before its release in the market it will get lot of attention once it is released in the market.
The app is designed to be functional and easy to operate, but the key to getting the best possible use out of it – both for buyers and sellers. If you are really get tired of worrying about your household chores like putting off the lights on time, keeping a track on you food to get processed etc. These internet connected devices can effortlessly be managed by the apps which can control each and everything. We used to prepare our food with the help of gas cylinders and stoves but with the arrival of technology our life becomes more convenient and supple. A good example of a company that really innovated in raising customer satisfaction through the use of mobile apps is Walgreens. Humans are social beings, so it’s no surprise that statistics show 91% of mobile internet access is to socialize. If a mobile app is successful, besides users, it can also draw mentions or reviews on various websites, passing valuable link juice to the company’s website.
Mobile searching is a whole new playing field, with the majority of searches related to shopping or finding a nearby business—a gas station, a restaurant, a hotel or retail store. According to StatCounter, the search engine giant is responsible for 96 percent of mobile searches worldwide, and 57 percent of mobile ad revenue.
If consumers can’t read or navigate your site on a mobile device, they’ll head for the nearest competitor with a mobile-friendly website.
If your site is built with WordPress, you should check to make sure this option is enabled on your dashboard.
These lists, often called “text clubs” to emphasize exclusivity, can be used to send customers special offers, discounts and promotions.
You can also use interactive smartphone technology like QR codes or NFC tags that let shoppers sign up for your SMS mailing list with a wave of their phones.
Chamber specializes in helping SMB's grow their business on the Web while facilitating the connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.
When do you think we have reached the stage when we got so much SMS that it feels like the cold-calling phone sales people ringing you up on a daily basis?
We build SMS apps for social entrepreneurship purposes that do very well in building subscriber lists, while at the same time generating a lot of engagement. With other methods of marketing it can take time to get a response but with the mobile it’s very fast.
One challenge that companies routinely have is getting their customers to make the decision to visit their website when they add it to a print-ad or product packaging.
Customers do not have to clip the coupons, print them or remember to bring them to the location.
And the true marketing benefit of being able to use SMS is that text message based conversation that happens in real time. The reason behind that is, today most people do carry mobile phones and they are well conversant with the apps of the phones and spend most of the time with their phones.
The best way to market you app is through some application stores of various mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Ensure that the launch of your mobile app reaches social networks, blogs, newsletters, magazines, and other top technology websites. Young people mostly share their opinions through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Hype can be generated by keeping your potential customers guesing and by playing around with teasers about the product.
Apps are widely used by the people from round the corner of the world to solve and monitor small things.
Now people are increasingly spending their time in using the apps, from controlling the internet usage of their children to managing the household chores, people have now become reliant on the technology.
Apart from it, you can also set the timers of your AC and change the temperature according to your mood.

The beer company engaged consumers with a fun app that let’s them shoot photos and apply awesome Corona beach and vintage filters.
However, mobile users are increasingly turning to services like Yelp for reviews during business searches, and the majority already searches for product information from their phone in-store – 84 percent of them, according to a Google study. SMS marketing is highly effective—according to Nielsen, 97 percent of all text messages, including marketing, are opened and read, compared to an average email marketing open rate of 10 to 20 percent depending on industry.
Megan specializes in reporting the latest business news, helpful tips and reliable resources and provides advice through her column on the Chamber blog.
So I think small business need to deeply consider about mobile marketing and if possible they must all come up with a mobile version of their website. Google also has introduced mobile seo in organic search also added enhanced campaign in Google ad-word for sponsors search. Even if you can’t develop a new to the world product, make sure that you reinvent an existing app into something which could be of more use to the consumers. If the links to your mobile app is shared more on social networking sites, then more people will start talking about it. In this way you can tell people how they are going to benefit from buying your mobile app more effectively.
The criteria that the app will ask you for takes in such areas as the type of car, your price range, where you are located, and how far you are willing to journey to look at potential cars.
Thanks to the technological advancements which gives us the new life where we can simply control and monitor everything from household activities to connecting with the world. The lead feature of the app is Refill by Scan, which allows patients to order refills simply by scanning a prescription barcode with their smartphone and now generates more than 40 percent of all Walgreens online refills. Afterwards the photos can be submitted to Corona’s Facebook page and enter a prizedraw to win a trip to an exotic location.
Companies usually host on the website a landing page for the mobile app with a short description or a video and Download buttons to App Stores. One of our most successful ventures has been the creation of a very effective text to give SMS donation utility that is integrated with Twitter, and which utilizes both short codes and long codes. The advancement has reached to such a level that some companies have even installed credit card processing apps coupling it with credit card reader on smartphones to make the marketing process more customer friendly.
Since there are thousands of apps in the market for every platform, your mobile app marketing strategy may not work if you don’t have anything unique to offer.
The app does not demand that you fill in all of these in order to search for a car, but the advantages to doing so are clear because the more relevant information you supply the more appropriate to your needs the search results will be. This works very well for our smaller, successful local nonprofit clients who don’t have the big fundraising budgets of the larger, national nonprofits. A good business owner knows that he should not miss on this traffic by optimizing his website for these gadget users.
A customer can track his cash payment if he is doing business on the move.Time and Data ManagementA customer, now-a-days, is very much cautious in managing and minimizing his time and energy.
If you can attract the attention of the top review bloggers, your app can get popular quickly.
It is observed that a customer finds it more comfortable to send SMS rather than to post or send e-mails. From a company’s viewpoint, it is extremely important to maintain the detailed and complete data of a customer. If the last transaction is done through a mobile, it’s easier to follow that particular transaction. Many customers are faithful to certain specific brands because the mobile marketing facility is easily accessible in their locality, thereby get satisfactory customer service.
Nobody can deny the benefits of mobile marketing strategy and its contributions towards marketing system. Mobile Marketing can be considered as more specific form of marketing and mobile apps are the best platform for the customers.This post was written by Sachin, a professional writer and online marketer. He writes articles regarding Mobiles, Tech, Gadgets, Games, Web Applications, Social Media and much more.

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