Have you ever been to a networking event where you had just 90 — sometimes 60 — seconds to speak in front of the group? If you use those precious few seconds well, boy oh boy, you will be more memorable than the dude who paid an extra $10 to get 6 minutes of stage time. If you like what you see here, please subscribe to my RSS feed or sign up for email updates below.
I had a nutritional deficiency so bad I should have been spending my entire days in bed, instead of working a full-time job, running my home business, and caring for my husband and three kids. My doctor’s words made me realize it doesn’t matter how much time management skills or productivity hacks we have.
In this post, I’m going to cover the different elements to becoming the sharpest, most productive person you can be. The best marketing efforts are intertwined, leveraging every opportunity for maximum impact. For example, ask satisfied clients to write a testimonial, send them the link via Facebook (along with a friend request), and then mail a thank you note with a couple spare referral cards.
Part of the culture we have been focusing on over the last couple of years is the need to provide training and education platforms that allow the agents to continue to grow and evolve as agents. The best real estate agents have always been able to make a personal connection, and your marketing efforts should strive to do the same. To commemorate this momentous day in internet pop-culture history, I'm releasing a new infographic, “Psy vs. Staying Power: Who has the more devoted following that will keep their star power going strong? The success of "Gangnam Style” has been an immense phenomenon, garnering massive attention out of the starting gate when it was initially uploaded on July 15, 2012. While the internet is no stranger to viral videos, “Gangnam Style” has shown rare endurance for a one-hit wonder- where other videos drop off the radar, “Gangnam Style” seems to multiply its supporters with each passing week.
This like and dislike data offers a deeper revelation – although Bieber has been the champion of YouTube until recently, evidently not all viewers are watching “Baby” because they appreciate the video’s cinematographic sophistication. Due to the high percentage of dislikes, I theorize that many YouTube users visit Bieber’s video solely to give it the thumbs down, perhaps while offering a snide remark to a friend watching the video over a shoulder: “Look how ridiculous he is – why do they like him?” Not all of Bieber’s video views are a tally in his favor.
In recent months YouTube has served as a warzone between Justin Bieber’s supporters and naysayers. Celebrity endorsement on Twitter is the key ingredient for YouTube video marketing and can set a viral video ablaze – a few retweets can change the lives of many artists. Part of what has made Gangnam Style so irresistible is the video’s easy-to-imitate dance moves.
Watching this video, you can see how much the celeb audience is enjoying the performance, dancing and signing along.
Despite the unparalleled popularity of  “Gangnam Style,” Psy himself has a paltry number of YouTube channel subscribers and Twitter followers compared to The Biebster.
The majority of Psy’s supporters, on the other hand, lay allegiance solely to the “Gangnam Style” video, rather than its creator.
What really has set Psy apart and earned him significant attention is his kind demeanor and humility, which is a refreshing change from the normal Hollywood ho-hum. Many “Gangnam Style” fans have been looking to Psy’s usurpation of Bieber as a pinnacle moment. People have really been gung-ho about “Gangnam Style,” with the dance earning some impressive, and honestly, quite exaggerated accolades. There’s no argument that “Gangnam Style” hasn't shown remarkable shelf-life, far surpassing its expected cultural sell-by date.
Larry Kim is the Founder & CTO of WordStream, provider of WordStream Advisor and the 20 Minute PPC Work Week. I go to see everyday a few web pages and information sites to read posts, except this website provides feature based content.
Do you find yourself needing more focus and concentration or are just looking for easy productivity tips?
Binaural beats, or binaural tones, are auditory processing artifacts, or evident audios, caused by certain physical stimuli. This impact was found in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove and made greater public awareness in the late 20th century based upon claims originating from the alternative medicine neighborhood that binaural beats could assist induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other preferable mindsets.
The result on the brainwaves depends on the distinction in frequencies of each tone: for instance, if 300 Hz was played in one ear and 310 in the other, then the binaural beat would have a frequency of 10 Hz.

Hope you use these tips to help you increase productivity tips for focus and concentration. Do you find yourself wasting a lot of your day working hard on your business with little to no results?
Now I can spend less than 3 hours building my business while getting results and enjoying my life. Thank you for reading and have an awesome day.Make Money Sharing Your Passion With The Web! It’s a support group, accountability group, and mastermind group all rolled into one. This is why at a content marketing conference, Exposure & Profit, in Toronto, Ontario, I cornered Justin Popovic for an interview. Unless we’re in tip-top shape physically and mentally, then we will always be under-productive. I was especially pleased with the extra tips that Lexi offered about the best ways to gain more publicity using my video.
We asked some of the best real estate experts in the world to share their top tips for marketing real estate in 2015. Social media, review sites and the internet as a whole make it easy for people to fact check and share opinions, which means you need to always be true to others. Ensure you have the tools in place to give your clients and potential clients the fast replies they expect.
Then share a photo with the review on Facebook, tagging the client's name in the post. Getting into this mindset of leveraging your efforts will extend your reach and ensure your marketing budget goes even further. We have recognized the talent and resources we have within the team, and have created training classes that allow agents to learn from the best agents on the team.
Look for marketing opportunities you've always wanted to try, like radio commercials, Facebook ads or a website redesign, and make this the year you go for it! Put some time aside to sincerely evaluate which of your marketing efforts generated results, identify ways to enhance that success even further and then make it happen. When it comes to social media, share things that are actually interesting, engage people, ask questions, enjoy conversations and ultimately put the "social" back in social media. Although I am not in real estate, there are great tips in this article for all industries, including mine: Beauty. The quirky k-pop hit has continued to thrive long after many prophesized its end, and in doing so has redefined the very notion of a viral video. Bieber on social media exposure, as of the time of this writing, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” took the prize with 805 Million views in just 19 weeks, compared to Bieber trailing slightly behind now with 804 Million views after being on the chart for 135 Weeks. In fact, it’s hard to say if massive support for “Gangnam Style” is a result of the video, or if Bieber dissidents are choosing Psy as their champion out of pure dislike of Bieber. No moon walking or Dougie-ing here, just trotting around on an invisible horse (keep those heels down!).
These cyber-savvy tweens are quick to retweet and favorite even Bieber’s most trifling of remarks. Yes, the music is catchy, and video hilarious, and Psy’s patented motto of ‘dress classy and dance silly’ has charmed the suit pants off us all. He doesn’t look like or act like the classic music celeb, and out-of-the-ordinary can be quite endearing. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called “Gangnam Style” a force for world peace, singling it out as a new hope for growth of Korean culture. But having gone through this data collection exercise I'm nothing short of astonished by these numbers. Plenty of trolls, for one.Give it a few more days and we'll be seeing the first YouTube video with a billion views - it's that crazy! The frequencies of the tones need to be listed below 1,000 hertz for the beating to be noticeable. What does it really take to earn passive income online?How To Start A Blog Step By Step For Beginners In Less Than 10 Minutes!MLM Sponsoring Secrets.
Working when you’re tired, stressed out, and malnourished is like chopping a tree with a dull knife. Ensure your goals are tangible and set smaller milestones for those big goals, to keep you motivated along the way.

Hire an assistant, turn on your ringer, enable text messaging, set up automated messages and do everything you can to reply to everyone right away. Hammer mash-up broadcast at the American Music Awards, the “Gangnam Style” craze is still going strong, but for how long?
It’s interesting to note that nearly all Tweets associated with Psy are directly connected to “Gangnam Style,” while tweets surrounding Bieber are less concerned with his music or videos, instead focused on his personal identity (or his apparent rockin’ six pack). Psy’s fun yet easily learnable horse-dance makes it easy for others to join in, resulting in a number of celebrity attempts at mastering the move. Bieber, lacking a trademark show stopping number, isn’t nearly as fun to imitate, although he is adorable on the eyes.
But ultimately, that’s all Psy is – a break from the normalcy that will eventually be returned to.
However, if the video continues its current trajectory, I predict that on December 11, 2012 (approximately), “Gangnam Style” will be the first YouTube video to reach 1 billion views! At the AMA awards, MC Hammer called out Psy as one of the four artists ever to “shift the planet” with their dance, comparing him to James Brown, Michael Jackson, and, naturally, the Hammer-man himself.
The distinction in between the 2 frequencies need to be little (less than or equal to 30 Hz) for the impact to happen; otherwise, the 2 tones will be heard independently, and no beat will certainly be viewed. I am passionate about freedom and sharing how regular people can follow their passion and make a happy living doing it. Is life moving too fast, and you wonder if you’re doing enough to reach those goals you promised yourself you will accomplish this time, at last? You may eventually succeed, but it will be much harder and take a lot longer than it needs to. Set Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and yearly goals for both personal and business goals. Just when you begin to feel a yawn, another celebrity comes out of the woodwork to add their “Gangnam Style” rendition to the horse and pony show, MC Hammer being the latest addition. It’s certainly plausible to imagine “Gangnam Style” continuing its growth and reaching that marker.
The next closest video is LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' which has a measly 1.6 Million likes and hardly changing. Psy’s the musical artist Hollywood deserves, but not the one they need (or want to keep around past dessert). But don’t worry, they often fail because they have not taken into account one of the following areas. Psy's success is nothing short of phenomenal - becoming the #1 YouTube Video Ever in such a short timeframe is the social media equivalent of a lunar landing!  Of course it’s yet to be seen if Psy himself will continue to be revered as a performer, or if “Gangnam Style” is a one-hit wonder and Psy merely a one-trick pony -- the data leads me to believe that he'll be influencing pop culture on a global scale for years to come! It is easy to think of content as a written article like this, but it doesn’t have to be that – it could be an image (e.g. Your audience should help you decide which format is right – which one will resonate best with them?How long should my content be? From the user’s perspective, if you can make your point and achieve your objective succinctly, then you should do that. There have been numerous studies into finding the perfect word length and conclusions are often conflicting. However, in my experience, articles which are between 800 and 1,500 words seem to work bestMake your content visually attractive: This sounds obvious, but not every piece of content is good to look at. Video and images are content in their own right, but they can also support a written article to make it more interesting. When articles which have a featured image are shared on social media, often that image forms part of the post – which makes the post more attractive and yet more shareable.
Make sure that the following are optimised:your URLthe description of the page contains the keywords you are targetingyour web page structure contains H1, H2 headings – search engines still use this to navigate pagesany images that are used have the appropriate alt tags addedHave a plan for the distribution of the content: Are you going to segment your audience and promote your content differently to different people?
Are you going to advertise your content on social media too to drive the number of impressions? Are you going to share your content with the influencers that you have engaged on social media (this is part of your content strategy, right?).

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