Nowadays it’s pretty easy for mobile marketers to locate their target customers through location-based marketing. This form of marketing can work wonders for mobile marketers, who may not be using it to properly, opines the State of Mobile Advertising, 2016 report, which is produced in affiliation with Search Optics. In an ever-so increasing mobile world, the usage of hyperlocal advertising becomes vital, considering the number of active internet users that keeps growing on a regular basis.
This is what the survey result showed when respondents were asked about the tactics they’re employing to benefit from this form of advertising. Talking about the client-side respondents, over 90% of businesses confessed that they used it to some “good” to “excellent” effect by retargeting to track their business competitors and so on. As such, we don’t need to jump the gun, especially considering the fact that hyperlocal targeting is at an early stage of its development. Considering all the hype surrounding the need for making mobile marketing a major part of your marketing mix, it’s often less than clear just how that should play out. So why not take a closer look at how the mobile consumer is behaving with their multitude of devices these days, and then consider how you can reasonably benefit from that. 82 percent of mobile shoppers complete their purchase inside your store, and 26 percent right from their phones!
Ensuring that your business is not just fully optimized for mobile but also up to date as to how to use these exciting new toys is your job.
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If you want to get your name out there and continuously make connections, having a business card has typically been your best marketing tool.
If you have a plain generic business card, it will probably not leave the kind of impression you are wanting.

Have you ever handed your card to someone and then wish there was a better way to engage that person? Even your own customized Mobile Website Landing page (with links to your Facebook, Twitter, and blog if you would like). Mobile Business Cards can be used as a personal branding tool (adding a touch of high-tech to your image). In this age of digital advertising, it’s a boon to be a mobile marketer, considering the fact that almost all searches are now taking place on mobile. Despite several theories supporting the usage of technology, only 22% of mobile marketers are using hyperlocal advertising tactics effectively.
But marketers are unable to get desired results, since they are not exploiting the platform to the fullest. Only 35% of respondents were found to be using the most popular hyperlocal marketing tactic, whereas only 10% of them used it to target audiences around specific locations such as shopping malls.
When quizzed about the inherent benefits of this form of marketing, respondents answered words like excellent and good ROI.
The benefits enjoyed by the marketers only serve as a reminder that this form of marketing is here to stay. There are many aspects to this sort of initiative, and it helps to have a firm grasp on them before we embark. In addition, they are increasingly likely to complete the complete cycle right from their mobile device. It’s your job to make sure you are not only present, but able to service their needs just as well as if they were in your store.
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Business cards help you to quickly exchange your contact information and turn a brief meeting into a valuable long-term contact.
Besides yourself, it is often the first impression that a new acquaintance will have of you. However, a unique, creative, and professional card will help you to stand out and enforce a positive impression. They are finding out that a Mobile Business Card is like having a business brochure in your customer’s pocket. The company offers a wide range of Mobile Marketing services that empowers clients to engage customers, drive loyalty and increase sales through any mobile device … allowing them to connect with consumers across every mobile channel, including SMS text marketing, mobile web sites and branded apps.
Where there are no borders – no limits – and where the possibilities go beyond your imagination.
Therefore, you need to view your business card as a representation of you, since that is exactly how it appears to others.
I’m sure one of your biggest challenges is how to differentiate yourself and stand out amongst your competition.
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