Face book, Twitter, My space, LinkedIn are some of the approved  networking sites which   can be used directly to promote sales. Through blogging on social networking sites one has to post the information of the product which may not help initially in marketing but later on it results in a big business.
One can improve the marketing through social networking sites by increasing the traffic to the websites. The present social networks allow the businessmen to have an affordable space for the period of time they need it to be exposed to the customers. I can certainly consume more content than I could two decades ago, but no matter how much content is available, I can’t consume much more.
The real opportunity here, in my opinion, is to create – and curate – the best content focused on one specific area frequently enough that you become the one brand that consumers look to for this information. Let’s assume that you believe that to be true and you want to essentially become a publisher of the best content focused on a specific topic.  How do you do it and what tools are available to you? And let’s also assume that you don’t really have enough time to create that content – but you still want to be considered a thought leader in the space.  How do you do this in a time-efficient manner? Are you standing up a destination site?  Or does content need to flow into your existing site? How are sources determined?  What kinds of sources can you bring in?  Can you bring in parts or all?  Can it bring in historical content to form a library?  Images? What control of output do you have?  Does it produce a destination site?  Layout control?  Feeds? Of course with each of these, you still have the issue of what you are going to do with the output.  You can either just be feeding this to people for them to scan through and pull out interesting content, or you can leverage the fact that it creates RSS and use tools for mixing, filtering, merging RSS feeds.
And there are a few of these tools that also help filtering based on quality measures.  This is important to reduce the noise. PostRank – Likely the best known of these tools.  Leverages social signals to indicate quality content. There are also tools that are more or less bookmarking plus annotation that allow you to output in various ways.  These can be used as curation tools where the output is then used to form blog posts or can be displayed as widgets. Aggreage (formerly Aggregage) – aggregates content, leverages Social Filtering to form online publications, powerful long tail SEO. Eqentia – multi-purpose semantic publishing platform for knowledge tracking, competitive intelligence, media monitoring, SEO enrichment, thought leadership or any custom content.
As I mentioned, some of these tools are more aimed at producing flexible destinations – others at providing RSS feeds, widgets, etc. Qrait – A realtime curation platform designed to fulfill the needs of content curators and reduce information overload for the rest of us.

KeepStream – Remix your tweets, statuses, and other social goodies into a neat, tidy, permanent web page.
Anckr – Read, create or contribute to moderated Twitter streams organized around specific topics like breaking news stories.
Licorize – Turn web page bookmarking and status updates into projects, ideas, teams at work. Haven’t had enough, here are some great articles with lots more about approaches, tools, etc.  Have fun. Content Curation: Why Is The Content Curator The Key Emerging Online Editorial Role Of The Future?
I have a blog for which I am aggregating content in a particular niche – executive job search. I have looked for days and days and finally found a wordpress theme that comes fully loaded and also has a bookmarklet. Before that we have a few things to add to the existing platform that will help with creating a top notch curation platform. Sorry for not seeing this earlier and responding but I wanted to share that we do plan on adding what you suggested.
With this plugin, you can what you are looking for, use the Curate This bookmarklet on an existing WordPress site.
About This BlogIn this blog, Tony Karrer looks at how Aggregation, Curation, Long Tail SEO and Social Media can be used to Engage Audiences. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Many business houses prefer social networks for their marketing as it always results in success. This is done through writing articles on the product and services thereby attracting countless number of users.
In recent years marketing via blogs on social network has become a powerful tool in comparison to other tools.
Send email about your business to the internet users after collecting the addresses through networking web sites.
As a part of marketing one has to do a video of his services and send it to video distribution sites like You tube for promotion.
In the computer savvy world many people use the social networking sites as a medium of communication. And relative to the sheer volume of content available to me, I’m actually consuming a smaller percentage every day.

Subscribe to all your favorite feeds, then tell Feedscrub which posts you do and don’t like. For example, I use MS Livewriter to craft my blog postings which I post as a draft into wordpress and then make the appropriate SEO coding in tags, categories, and meta information. Go to the site download it, check the tutorials and if you have any doubts contact Pito Salas who will certainly guide you in achieving exactly what you have described. The bookmarklet as a addon for your existing blog is in the plan, right now it’s 2 months out in the development cycle. Here without much effort and at a lower expense all the product and services can be marketed.
Apart from just marketing your business one can communicate with the other clients in case of any problem through blogs. This becomes an advantage to expose your business to the people who use social networking sites.
Feedscrub will learn your preferences and begin filtering out posts that don’t interest you. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they plainly don’t know about.
Most of the curation tools I’ve looked at provide an RSS output or an output directly to wordpress (such as Amplify). Customers can order a product by sitting at home or while on move and get it delivered at their doorstep. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. As social network sites cater to large number of users worldwide the marketing products and services reach a larger target group. Business people can be a member of these sites by opening an account where they can enlighten their potential customers about their services and product. As the products reach the customers all over the world they can send the products by courier or posts to different countries without any extra cost of marketing.

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