In today’s global economy, one medium of marketing has transcended all others because of its affect across every industry: Video marketing.
Video marketing refers to the promotional strategies of companies through the use of short, engaging visuals. Integrating visuals with text and audio as appropriate, video marketing allows people to simply push play and, if done well, the product speaks for itself. Typically easy to understand and even easier to share, video marketing has reshaped the marketer’s job as it promotes ingenuity, engagement, and accessibility.
Joe Forte is a co-owner of D-Mak Productions, a corporate video production company based in Phoenix. If you are struggling to understand the fundamentals of online video publishing, as well as how to use videos to do marketing, this video article with Lasse Rouhiainen gives you some good basic information on how to get started. Having Lasse been a long-time fan of MasterNewMedia by sharing and commenting back on much of my work, I have kindly invited him to join me for an online video interview focusing on the basics of online video publishing and marketing. What do you need to do and which are the key problems you will need to face to start publishing your video clips on popular video sharing sites like YouTube? Robin Good: Hi guys this is Robin Good from Rome, Italy, and today I am with Lasse Rouhiainen, who's not where you think he is, because yes, he's from up there in the Scandinavian countries (he will tell us more about it), but he's somebody who has moved as a pioneer away from his nice and sunny warm land down to the cold, icy south of Spain (ironic tone).
He's also part of a major public training evangelism program on how to better use new media, that is part of the Spanish government sponsorship for creating a better culture around the use of these communication tools.
He acts like some kind of expert, tutor, advisor, to many people, especially in the filed of tourism, to help these agencies and these tourist operators understand how they can use YouTube and similar services to get their messages out. Lasse Rouhiainen: I would say that the number one mistake is that they wait until the video is perfect. The number one mistake I would say is that people want to act like somebody they are not, or they are waiting too long before they start to do a lot of videos. The most important thing it's the same as thinking that you would have some customers visiting your office, and you would have a chat with them. Then you can do short commercials, which are only like 10 seconds or 20 seconds, or something. I would say that when you start, I would start by doing a series of short clips rather than one really long one, because when you are trying to do long one, when you start you just get nervous. Start with selecting like two or three topics that you like, and your customers like, and I would do a video series of those topics.
You're serving a specific audience, which in theory is speaking about touristic destinations. Lasse Rouhiainen: Yeah, that's a good point, and I would add that I also work with other sectors, but tourism is by far the biggest.
I would think that it's the same question, as you have to think what your customers need to know right now about yourself, about your products and services. Try to think what kind of questions your customers are asking, and make a video based on those questions. Just try to focus and think about the video from the viewers' point of view, and don't just talk about yourself and how great you are and all those things.
That way the video would be really interesting, and that way it can also become a viral video where people start sharing it, if they find it that it's adding value and is something useful. Everybody says "I want to get a viral video", but while the definition is somewhat clear to everybody (that is somewhat of a video that gets spread by word of mouth and people telling other people more and more rapidly so that you get thousands and thousands of views), the strategy behind getting a viral video, is that something that you have a formula for?
But rather I would think that I would like to do video marketing which is profitable, it means that it can move your products, or move your business ahead, or get you more customers or get better relationships. Rather than having one viral video that has millions of views, I would do several videos that don't have millions of views, but have let's say hundreds of viewers, and those viewers are in your target market. For the many other interesting questions that you guys may have for Lasse, you got to come for the next part, because this is only part one of several ones, I guess.
This parody of the Hunger Games from Texas A & M Libraries draws you in immediately with its high production value and professional narrator.
This video details SUNY Albany’s Library Palooza, a welcome event held the day before classes in the fall semester. A great video that accentuates the service orientation of the library staff with endorsements from library patrons.

This simple but very well-done video has the patrons, through their personal stories of how they use the library and why the library is important to them, market the libraries services and holdings — from databases to computers, reference help, tools for managing stock portfolios, computer classes, job search resources, and English language classes, there is a patron and a personal story for practically every service the library offers. From a branch of the New York Public Library comes this spooky marketing video with a terrific surprise ending. This entry was posted in Library Customers, Library Marketing Tools, Library Patron, library pr, Library Tips, Mobile Marketing, videos in library marketing and tagged Creative Library Marketing Ideas, library marketing, library marketing tips, library video marketing, library videos, videos, videos in library marketing on August 2, 2013 by Michael. The most efficient way to receive and respond to patron questions, whether they are online or on-the-go. Increasingly, brand loyalists want to know that their favorite brands and companies are aware of the things that they hold important and have the same values.
There are many types of video strategies that companies can employ to engage their customers. With companies inviting the audience into the brand experience, consumers are mobilized and thus engaged to create their own content, which allows for a multi-dimensional experience with the brand.
Through videos, brands are able to reach their consumers in more personal ways using emotional connections to encourage participation.
From changing the game of traditional news releases to understanding viral trends, the use of video marketing can benefit any company through visual storytelling.
Sixty-five percent of human beings are visual learners, which makes video a great way to market your wares and enhance your news releases. The Harlem Shake, twerking, and every other viral video represents a massive marketing idea that can be integrated into a video marketing strategy. I think video used in a news release doesn’t necessarily have to be professionally produced. Lasse who is a passionate video marketing evangelist, works a lot with the tourism sector, helping travel agencies and professionals get familiar and proficient in their use of online video to market and promote their offerings. What I wanted to get from him was some simple and immediately applicable suggestions on what is probably the most difficult part of a video publishing career: getting started. I had faith because I really liked the weather, and nowadays thanks to Internet you can work wherever you like.
I got Lasse here, because Lasse is an interesting guy who's working on how to market your videos on the Internet, how to make your message effective by using video.
My first question to you Lasse, because my readers like you are very much web publishers of all kinds, is: what have you discovered, while you've specialized in this sector of video publishing, is the number one mistake that people make when they put their videos up on YouTube?
It's a simple step, and I think now in 2009 more and more video content will be in different formats on the Internet. Click the "play" button, and just record how we are and what we do and communicate better with our customers. One thing that most people ask me nowadays, when it comes to video, tough, is: what is the ideal length of a proper clip? You can do video which is like half an hour, or one hour video where you show a conference or something like that, and that kind of video is kind of like a relationship building video or credibility video. Do you recommend to these people how to take their specific topic, how should they find something that they feel compelled to talk about and that they get a little emotional and interested while presenting, and not being boring when they present? I would say that most people like to do viral videos because those are the videos that they hear in the newspapers, on TV, or Internet. They think that "the only way for using video in my business is that if I have one million views". And with today’s easy-to-use video-making apps and programs, librarians are using these twin passions to create some terrific marketing videos for their libraries. Throughout the story different aspects of the library are marketed, such as the reference librarians, the text-a-librarian service, the library’s holdings and the cafe. Librarians market the library using giveaways from their vendors, by partnering with other departments across the campus, and by creating a fun environment that includes photos with the school mascot.
Lee Library at Brigham Young University has plot, drama, and, best of all, librarians as actors.
A satisfied customer is often the best marketing tool for your library products and services.
While none of the library’s services are mentioned, a video like this makes the library cool and just makes people want to go there.

We hope you find some inspiration from the above videos to take your library marketing campaign to the next level.
Nielsen recently the statistic that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their marketing strategy in the near future. It is crucial for brands to always consider their audience in order to create content that is relevant to them.
Tutorials, testimonials and Q&A’s are great ways to connect with consumers in an emotion, visual and personal way.
However, the video creation is just the beginning… tune in for part two of this series to learn the importance of strategy in marketing video series to existing and potential consumers! A news release accompanied with a video of your executives, demos of your product, or even something funny helps engage influencers in a new and meaningful way. While they’re not always part of an email marketing program, companies such as Wistia are making video more accessible in your lead generation efforts. They like to be like actors and in online media today and Web 2.0 you just have to be yourself. Below are 10 great library videos, everything from parody to patron endorsements to ghouls in the stacks. With over 190,000 YouTube views and counting, this is a marketing effort that will reap results for years to come.
This is not be a surprise given the simultaneous evolution of content marketing and technology over the last five years. With YouTube reaching over one billion unique visitors a month, the connection seems intuitive.
Through the use of videos, companies are able to show their human side – how customers use their products, how these products are improving the lives of customers – instead of constantly pushing products in a sales way. However, one of the most popular ways that brands are using videos to engage is through user-generated content. We’re now free of those corporate chains, offering unique expertise creating and implementing channel-agnostic custom communications tailored to reader behavior. These videos can show the true emotions of the people at the event and can go a long way to represent your product or service.
Provide a video of how your product works or have your sales team answer questions they know are coming.
Slowly but surely, more and more brands are taking to the web to create their own videos – on YouTube, Vine or Instagram, for example – to engage and encourage customers to participate with their brand. And, as new channels of distribution and sharing develop, the various avenues for marketers to use videos in their strategy continue to grow and expand. Since videos are able to be created easily (and inexpensively) on mobile devices just as they are with professional equipment, many brands are encouraging users to document their experience with a particular product or service. Live event videos can present a first person perspective in real-time that attracts and influences potential clients and generates immediate traffic. Statistics show that for retail and brand sites, 40 percent of their video sharing occurs through email, with nearly half of that sharing coming directly from emails being passed around and shared. In the first part of this two part series, learn how connecting through the human element and personalization can drive engagement with brand customers.
And through our work, they see increases in relevance, engagement, and action, all of which drive business results.
People are more inclined to hire you when they can see firsthand what it is you have to offer and how you can benefit them.
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