Do you ever want to start an online campaign to promote your brand, product, or business, but not really sure how to get it done right and effectively, to reach your target customer who spend? We can be your brain and hand in formulating a marketing plan with winning strategy, that will help you promote your business to your target market and increase your market share.
Do you want your website to work for you by helping you to sell and gather enquiries? Are you unsure about online advertising and marketing? If you like us to be your hand on viral marketing campaign, do drop us an email using the form below. For those people who really do not know just what and how does viral marketing work, here is the answer.
The real concept of this viral marketing is to just create a market campaign which shall grow quickly without any extra advertising from you. And in this ebook you will want to provide some valuable contents and then place the link right inside this ebook and then link it to your websites. The article marketing is also a form of viral marketing too, which many will take for granted.
One of the wonderful things about designing a viral marketing campaign is all of the anticipation which at any given time can go viral. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Internet is the source of information, and knowing how to properly use it, you can vigorously strengthen your brand through viral marketing.
Using links is in fact a simple, free method of connecting to other sites, articles and blogs on the Internet.
If someone publishes a positive review of your product online, accompanied by a direct link to the respective product on your site, many users will follow the link and so arrive at your site. People love to argue with friends about the excellent new online service that is not only good, but also- free.  We can relate with the case of Hotmail that has created a revolution by offering its free services to its customers. This entry was tagged free content, free services, hotmail, how to, links, online marketing, positive viral online marketing, viral marketing. How you write about what you choose is one factor that goes into writing a blog post that goes viral.
At least that was the case for notorious Sweet Brown during her interview about a fire at her apartment complex.
Popular sites like Upworthy and Buzzfeed are perfect examples of modern content creators with the concept of virality down to a T. Our natural compulsion to share something may be directly related to how much we believe others will enjoy it. Psychiatrists and other medical professionals understand the science of viral content – but so do marketers. Understanding the human desire to share and manipulating the shareworthy area of the brain, modern marketers go to great lengths to ensure content is shared optimally across the social sphere. This is a continuation of an article about viral marketing. The first part of post you can find here PART 1. Today there are many examples of successful and not so campaigns attempt to use modern information technology.
One of the most successful campaigns which were held recently is the advertisement of Old Spice Company, which advertised shampoo for men. Another interesting example, different from the previous one, is the story about web site million dollar homepage, which helped its creator without significant efforts to earn over one million dollars.

Also, to outline some principles of viral advertising it should be mentioned unsuccessful examples of viral campaigns.
Another example of failed viral advertising is the campaign of Lipton Ice Tea, which Internet-video could not gather even hundred views per working week.
Marketing message should be formulated in order to receive the least number of attacks or negative audience feedback. Using social network for its own purposes, campaign should not try to limit comments on its page, but conversely, it should create a topic for discussion for more effective and dynamic bilateral communication. Viral advertising should be an integral part of the campaign, because the effect will be lost if the reason of its conducting is caused by trend or actions of competitors.
The launch of viral advertising better to entrust professionals, because viral marketing needs a special approach, and therefore experience and skills to use it. In conclusion it should be said that idea of viral advertising first of all must be fresh and should use humor to improve its effectiveness, because people perceive such advertising better and it is also better promoted through social networks.
The viral marketing is nothing more than an easy way to get some traffic sent right to your websites without ever having to pay any money. Then give the ebook away as being for free and as long as you did provide good information there is a great chance that the work shall then be circulated right other marketers right over the whole entire internet. So remember the key to this is to go viral just as you did with the ebooks and create some great content for it.
And should you be quite lucky enough and create a very successful viral campaign you shall find a need to then increase the bandwidth so to avoid any crashing of your servers. For this type of marketing, it is important to create high-quality information that will be cited and forwarded a lot of times. So it would be good and productive thing to create easy to remember links for your most important products or services.  The web server can thus created links that may continue to divert to the right, a long URL that is not simple to enter and difficult to remember.
In this way, Hotmail has become one of the most used e-mail provider, and is an excellent example how giving free services is actually very effective. The success of this webmail service was not based only on the fact that it was free because online promotion Hotmail based on viral marketing.
Many blog posts that go viral are blog posts of incredible stories (not a lot of credentials though).
Her infamous line, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!” earned Sweet Brown not only millions of views and shares on social media but a spot on a local dentist commercial, too. According to the Temporal Parietal Junction, content must not only be interesting but also provide value to someone else – in terms of appeal, enjoyability and usefulness – in order to be shareworthy.
The most successful viral content marketers consider their audience and its motivation to share – so that the message spreads like wildfire from one social media network to another.
We can consider successful examples of viral project implementation for better process understanding and following rules formulation for promoting such marketing campaign.
That is why various annoying things were popular in the Internet, but consumers tired from them. For instance, Starbucks and their ads of free iced coffee for friends and employees’ families is one of such examples, when the effect of advertising was unexpected.
After an extremely successful dance movie with Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, the company decided to develop a new object – dances.
Besides, the company, which uses viral advertising, should always control the outcome of its actions, as the final outcome can depend on it.
An article that is well written could get downloaded and also republished with so many other websites or even article directories.

For this there is no better way of creating discrete newsletter in which succinctly describes all the positive aspects of your brand.
Sweet Brown’s epic punch line even warranted an autotune remix – a hilarious song that went just as viral as the original video.
Mother always taught you sharing was caring – and today, more marketers care about your desire to share than ever before. In promotional videos presented by company were o lot of fun, incredible transformation, but the basic idea was to show that scent of shower gel and deodorant Old Spice can transform beloved man into true embodiment of woman dreams.
Starbucks was aimed with the help of chain reaction to encourage friends and employees’ families come to the coffee house and take free iced coffee. The video, which appeared on the network, was obviously created to get a viral effect: it shows a man at the bus stop, who after drinking Lipton Ice Tea starts to dance startling others. The process could be a little slow at first, but this can surely create some heavy traffic for many years for you. The main goal is that you begin to perceive the public as a source of relevant information in the field you are operating. In order to have a viral blog post, your blog post has to be one of quality.Another factor that goes into having a viral blog post is by talking about someone or something that people admire. Also, the campaign created accounts in popular social networks, where they gave in the form of video answers to the fan. In combination with a very law barrier to entry for advertisers who aimed to capitalize on fame, this is one of those ideas that sound humorously, but works. But when advertising spread beyond the campaign output was greater than expected and the corporation had to revoke the promotion. However, after some time only 91 persons watched the video, so the effect of the advertising is almost missing, not to mention its viral nature. Therefore newsletter must be up to date, clear, concise and almost personal, and it is best to distribute it via email to all users who sign in to it.
Although it is still funny because online advertising has penetrated in absolutely all spheres of the Internet, at the time Hotmail came up with this idea, it was very innovative and hitherto untapped way of promoting. When you write the blog post, make sure your credentials blend in with the entire post because viral posts are not about credentials. There are a lot of sports figures, teachers, and other people that are admired by many people. As a result, this advert has brought the brand not only the first position among sales, but also Cannes Grand Prix in advertising.
If this advice is combined with an award to each user who logs on to the newsletter, you will achieve even better results. Write a powerful blog post about that person or thing.When you finish the blog post, it is not going to go viral on its own. In order to make your blog post go viral on Twitter, you need to use Twitter’s search engine to find people who are interested in what you just wrote your blog about. At the end of the conversation, ask the person to look at your blog post about what you were just talking about.If you do this with 100 people a day, those 100 people will tell their friends who will in turn tell their friends.
On a blog post that goes viral, it is very important to tell people about your credentials in a small blurb that does not distract readers from reading the rest of your blog post.

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