These classes you cover the fundamentals of web design such how to use graphics, colors, typography and layout; as well as basic HTML and CSS3 development.
In the Web Marketing area you will learn very important concepts and best practices for Search Engine Optimization,A  Pay Per Click, Web Analytics and Email Campaigns. We’re focused on developing innovative solutions that engage and inspire your customers…real solutions that generate measurable results. A clear vision and objective is established for your marketing project based upon results from our research. Mobile platforms are rapidly evolving as the preferred browsing method for today’s consumer and are becoming one of the most important ways to connect with target audiences.
We create innovative branding and identity solutions that support your vision and communicate the core mission and values of your product or business.
A well strategized PR plan is valuable in establishing brand awareness by promoting your company or product and giving it credibility. We can help improve your company’s website search engine ranking by integrating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques into the structure of your website. Our experienced team can design, develop and launch engaging email campaigns that deliver your message directly to your targeted audience. Text messaging is an effective way of reaching and delivering your message to your targeted audience. It is important that your website has the ability to be updated quickly, simply and regularly. As your IT partner, we offer services that stabilize your infrastructure, while proactively managing your network security, hardware assets and monitoring business critical systems. If you want to become a successful long-term online businessman, you have to concentrate on what’s new in internet marketing. With this, you can see that the probable future of the internet is on towards the usage of mobile devices. Since internet is really popular, businessmen should promote their products and services online as well. The good thing is that there are a lot of internet marketing firms that specialize on mobile web design.

A plan of action is developed and tactics are identified to ensure your campaign is a success and achieves the desired results. We understand the importance of user-centered design and our website solutions are created to engage and influence the consumer, resulting in high conversion rates. Whether it be a simple shopping cart site or a more complex online business site, our team of developers can develop an innovative and user-friendly E-commerce website that is effective and meets your business requirements.
Our user-centered solutions for mobile devices engage, influence and motivate your customer.
Our visual branding systems resonate with your target audience and differentiate you in the marketplace. We develop solid solutions based upon user needs and behavior that communicate your message and can be dispersed across relevant communication vehicles. Incorporating public relations into your overall marketing efforts creates greater impact and improves effectiveness.
We make sure that each site we develop is search engine friendly and backed by a content strategy that meets objectives and drives results. We can track, report and measure our email solutions, helping to ensure the success of your marketing campaign. Our advanced SMS system allows for both, outbound and inbound texting and thousands of messages can be sent within minutes. Our calling system is completely web-based, so there’s no equipment or hardware to purchase.
Our custom content management systems are effective, easy-to-use anddeveloped to meet your particular requirements. Analyzing data helps in the development of solid strategies to create solutions that meet your needs and demonstrate measurable goals and success rates. In other words, we take care of all your IT needs – maximizing the return on your investment and allowing you the freedom to grow your business – without worry about IT issues.
If you’re a restaurant owner, you don’t have to sell foods online but your audience may be looking for a good place to eat. Integrated marketing reinforces the message and helps ensure campaign goals and objectives are achieved.

We help build relationships with consumers through effective social media campaigns that allow your company or product to become part of the conversation. We are able to monitor and track responses, which helps ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.
Now, it moves more than laptop computers and to be more specific on touchpads, tablets and smartphones. They love to send emails and read some of them and basically get daily information from the internet. This website will not be optimized for mobile customers whom will make it easy for them to buy from the company while they are on the move. In a nutshell, mobile website design simply refers to any website that’s been optimized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In line with this, a mobile device owner may seek for a certain product through his mobile device and this is where business owners will come in. Restaurant owners should have a website at least to display something and again this should be designed for mobile web usage. This is for those companies having a more complex website and looking for options on selling it over the internet. For those having a simple website, it can be simple as to convert the site to mobile version using software. These devices have the power to reach the internet and for some time now it has never wavered. Internet is the source of information and the good thing about these portable devices is that you don’t have to go back home and search for something that you need on your desktop computer.
People can buy from your site but they won’t be able to do that if your site isn’t designed for mobile devices. These kinds of websites benefit from conversion that’s usually taken from local businesses.

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