With a goal to be the best leisure airline, Thomas Cook Airlines is an expanding business with aggressive growth targets. A core part of Thomas Cook Airlines’ strategy is to drive sales of specific flights by targeting based on airport vicinity. Another core part of the airline’s strategy is deriving revenue from seat upgrades and add-ons.
By selecting "opt in" you are giving your permission for Infectious Media to collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) on behalf of its clients, including but not limited to your IP host address, pages viewed and referring URL. Marketing Week, the number one publication for marketers in the UK, reveals its first makeover edition on Thursday 23rd April 2009.
The new look brings the title bang up to date with the needs of the modern marketer in response to feedback from our entire readership - professionals working across every above and below the line sector including PR, market research, direct marketing and SEO.
In a complete overhaul, news will now largely feature on Marketing Week's website, itself set for a relaunch in June, making room for more insightful, valuable and exclusive features and case studies inside the magazine. Associate Editor for features, Ruth Mortimer, former editor of Brand Strategy magazine, will manage Jo Roberts, Joe Fernandez and Louise Jack.
A secret commentator will provide a weekly inside view of what it is to be a marketing director in a rapidly changing environment. A survey by PeoplePerHour suggests there is a significant difference between the growth in freelancing across the country - but what are the drivers behind this? The great British brand Pretty Polly has been dressing legs since 1919, from sheers to opaques and sleek Naturals to timeless Nylons. I gave two keynotes at the recent Marketing Week Live event at London Olympia and am pleased to be able to share the slides with you here. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Marketing chiefs from Britvic, Barclaycard and Sport England are just some of the judges judging this year’s entries for the Marketing Week Awards, taking place on 12 May at the Roundhouse in London. Working with Infectious Media, Thomas Cook Airlines launched its programmatic strategy in September 2014, carefully pin-pointing an audience that would be receptive to its message. It will typically start the month with targets of which flights it wants to enhance and use location targeting to advertise within a specific airport catchment area for a flight destination the brand wants to sell.
After a customer has booked, there is typically a window of opportunity for them to upgrade or add to their in-flight experience.
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Marketing Week will deliver more in-depth and analytical content, in a way that its subscribers want to receive it, all the while remaining the trusted, tangible, qualitative, reference source it has built a reputation of excellence upon.
The entire package is being looked after by a fresh team of dedicated and expert journalists led by newly appointed editor, Mark Choueke, former editor of Precision Marketing magazine.
Our job, as reporters, is to see that the quality of content matches the historical reputation and power of that brand.
Marketing Week’s features have replaced news in terms of exclusivity and has a dedicated team in place to fulfil this requirement. The news covered by Marketing Week will move almost entirely online and prioritise comprehensive coverage as opposed to exclusivity,” said editor Choueke.
The column promises to report on every day scenarios, from pitch disasters to debilitating budget slashing, all in a humorous tone.
Retained from the former team are: Stuart Smith, Alan Mitchell, Ruth Mortimer, Michael Nutley and Andrew Harrison.

It is a first port of call for most marketers and therefore vital that its content includes informative, practical, real life scenarios. For example, it uses one set of creative when advertising a flight from Glasgow International to Antalya, Turkey, and a different one when advertising a flight from Bristol to Gran Canaria, Spain. Thomas Cook Airlines uses advertising to drive them to spend more, treating themselves with meals, extra baggage allowance or perhaps a move from economy class to premium class. Infectious Media only collects Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) on behalf of its clients, including but not limited to your IP host address, pages viewed and referring URL. Many magazines and websites undergo a redesign; however, for us it was about more than just a cosmetic change. To stay one step ahead, Choueke will be commissioning expert writers at large to bring in fresh angles on marketing developments and debates each week.
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We knew that there was no point in following the crowd and simply modernising the look before we'd examined how we could improve our content,” said Choueke. If you delete, block or otherwise restrict cookies or use a different computer or internet browser, you may need to renew your Opt Out.

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