To get you ready for what’s coming next, we asked 14 social media marketing experts what to watch for in the new year. Make no mistake about it, the most social of social activity is going to happen in two unique and private places: private groups and messaging apps.
Snapchat started this, but the shift to messaging apps (think Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, etc.) is going to force brands to get a lot more private and personal with their social media expenditure. It also means that customer service is going to shift to messaging and private group spaces, and that brands will be expected to provide this level of communication between them and their consumers. The last part of this equation, which proves to be most fascinating, is that this usage and growth is fundamentally a mobile experience.
Mitch Joel, president of Mirum (formerly Twist Image), is the author of Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete. If this doesn’t happen, Twitter will eventually be a target for acquisition by Google or Facebook, which marketers might prefer, but those who prosecute antitrust cases at the Justice Department might not. My prediction for social media in 2016 is that more social networks will start charging for traffic. As social media networks adjust their algorithms, the only way brands can ensure they generate a decent amount of traffic is through advertising.
For example, Facebook was once easy to leverage; all you had to do was post a status update with a link on your fan page or personal page.
Now you’re encouraged to boost your post if you want to get the maximum amount of traffic.
Influencer Marketing: Instead of creating campaigns around marketing initiatives, brands will realize these are long-term relationships and adapt to the needs of the influencers.
Employee Advocacy: Instead of pushing marketing content on employees for them to share, brands will realize that employees are their biggest advocates and adapt to employee behaviors. Content Marketing: Instead of using social media only to promote content, brands will build a conversation with social media users using their language. Adaptive social requires responsive thinking based on the fact that social media was made for people, not brands.
Neal Schaffer is the founder of the Social Tools Summit, the Social Media Center of Excellence, Maximize Social Business and author of Maximize Your Social. Visual marketing will continue to grow in 2016, making it absolutely necessary for brands to have a solid plan for visuals including multimedia such as long- and short-form video for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as graphics for blog content. Creating anchor content for your website and breaking it into contextual pieces to natively post to each platform will be essential. Peg Fitzpatrick is the co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users with Guy Kawasaki. In 2008, with the publication of books such as Tim Ash's Landing Page Optimization and Bryan Eisenberg's Always Be Testing, the second generation of landing pages was born.
The rise of content marketing has probably had the most influence on the recent round of landing-page evolution.
The new breed of microsite is pure HTML, a collection of several pages linked together by a set of lightweight navigation choices. But with this six-page microsite, Intuit provides substantially more content to the respondent.
Note that the call-to-action is propagated across pages, with the same language, imagery, and "Start Now" button. This landing experience, designed for potential students interested in fashion design and merchandising, lets visitors explore a program overview, career opportunities, and a list of courses.
In other words, with a little bit of smart design input, any business should be able to produce landing pages of this caliber. Another way landing pages are becoming more interesting is that they are starting to incorporate more interactive and exploratory features as part of the user interface. The simplest incarnation of that might be an embedded video that visitors could click to watch, or a "lightbox" that lets visitors zoom in on a particular image, or a simple layout of multiple tabs of content that break out the different features of a product. Seemingly hand-drawn colored lines emanate from different icons and labels, and visitors can pan out from and zoom in on the page, much as they might with Google Maps. The page offers an engaging experience that helps prospective users to quickly discover what Google Plus has to offer. Again, although those features look impressive, the HTML and CSS used to implement them is relatively straightforward.
Although the primary call-to-action on this page is the "Get Started on a Quote" form near the upper right corner, the option to "Like" the company's sponsored health community on Facebook is a prominent secondary call-to-action.
Such "Likes" and "follows" have become a new kind of micro-conversion, a low hurdle for visitors who are interested in your offerings but who may not yet be ready to take the primary call-to-action. For visitors who are ready to move forward, a social micro-conversion doesn't have to be a disruptive detour.
Most Web analytics packages, such as Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst, let you track such social micro-conversions as page events.
Note that sometimes social share buttons can make sense on the "thank you" page of your landing experience, after visitors have converted. Because of the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, a growing percentage of traffic to landing pages is via mobile device. In the case of visitors who arrive via tablets, primarily the iPad, you won't have to do much. However, because the iPad does not support Flash, avoid Flash elements on your landing page, including Flash-based video players.
Smartphones are a little more challenging because although they can render regular, full-sized Web pages, they require visitors to do a lot of zooming and scrolling with their fingers. For instance, your mobile version might apply a much simpler design, incorporate more one-click choices (because clicking is often easier than scrolling in that context), and emphasize phone numbers that enable instant click-to-call shortcuts. If you're excited about the five features of the Landing Pages 3.0 generation, please join us for a MarketingProfs webinar on November 10. Join over 600,000 marketing professionals, and gain access to thousands of marketing resources! Scott Brinker is co-founder and CTO of ion interactive, a provider of landing-page management software and conversion-optimization services.

Brian Solis shares why great products, creative marketing, and delightful customer service are no longer enough to win customers. Ne?u nhu dang su? du?ng Chrome, ba?n da? co? the? de? da?ng ta?t tie?ng mo?i tab thong qua mo?t ca?p nha?t mo?i cu?a Google.
Truo?c day, ne?u nhu muo?n ta?t nhanh am thanh cu?a mo?t tab tren Chrome, nguo?i du?ng se? pha?i su? du?ng ca?c add-on hoa?c extension. Nguo?i du?ng chi? ca?n click chuo?t pha?i va?o mo?i tab va? nha?n "Ta?t tie?ng tab" de? ta?t toa?n bo? ca?c am thanh dang ba?t trong tab do?. Trong khi do?, ca?c tri?nh duye?t kha?c hie?n nay nhu Firefox ga?n nhu va?n chua co? ti?nh nang ho? tro? ta?t tie?ng tren tab. Ha N?i: T?ng 20, Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i.
T?ng 17, 19, 20, 21 Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i.
Address: T?ng 20, Toa nha Center Building - Hapulico Complex, S? 1 Nguy?n Huy Tu?ng, Thanh Xuan, Ha N?i. One of the best bits of advice I gained on running a small business came from an interview with copywriter Dean Rieck, “When the phone rings … I answer it. We’ll continue covering these two tools in much greater detail in future installments in the Preach What We Practice series.
Now that I’m running my own business, I have begun getting creative with tracking down tools that save time without automating parts of the process that need to stay human. I click the little orange button and POW out pops a cool little sidebar of the data the tool scraped from their profile. I scheduled a call with one of their co-founders in Israel, and he took Seth &  me through the setup of allowing prospects to schedule a meeting that checks the availability on both of our calendars. We use Google Hangouts for the majority of our remote training calls due to its cost (free) and dual shared screen feature. Join 802 fellow small biz owners.Drop your email below, to get our raw and radically useful monthly newsletter. These will all be live-streamed and the link will be posted on my Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Feed. Paul McNeal (from JoinTBF) and I (John Whiting – Founder of Outta The Box TV) talk about some of the latest trends and how young entrepreneurs can capitalise on them. Paul McNeal (from JoinTBF) joins me to talk about daily business operations that young entrepreneurs should consider. We are pushing ever closer to a new kind of social media: one that happens on these public and for-profit channels and networks, but one where the best (and possibly most valuable) content can only be seen by those who are granted permission to see it… or by a small group of people. Sometime in 2016, Twitter will create an algorithm that will affect which tweets are seen in which streams.
Within minutes, all of your fans and friends would see your links and the traffic would flow in. Even if you have 100,000 fans on Facebook, the only way to get the majority of them to see your content is to pay for visibility. The algorithms are continually becoming harder to leverage via organic means, so if you want maximum traffic you’ll have to spend money on ads.
The more we engage and collaborate with external and internal social media users for business, the more we need to adapt to their communities and needs for ultimate success. This will result in more participation and ultimately a greater reach and more authentic trust for your brand.
They will adapt content and social engagement to the interests of social users, and depending on the community it might look very different from social network to social network. For businesses to remain relevant, they’ll truly need to adapt to these foreign communities of people we call social media users.
For example, one long video will be embedded into a blog post, tweeted with graphics, and a tip from it will be shared as a graphic on Instagram and a Pinterest quote. But they were the first incarnation of context-specific, post-click marketing, and they were effective enough to justify their implementation. Software products appeared to help marketers manage their growing conversion-optimization programs.
Respondents expect more meaty content when they click through to a page—not just teasers for something after they convert. In a previous generation of landing pages, the first page of this experience would have been sufficient: a video, a little teaser text, several social proof logos along the bottom, and a brightly colored "Start Now" button. The second page in this series shows a great visual presentation of how the product actually works.
The purpose of that experience is the same as a single landing page—but with a lot more real content ahead of the conversion point. Graphic designers and usability professionals were rarely involved in their production, mostly because they were built in the service of text-driven search marketing.
After all, in many scenarios, landing pages are the first impression potential customers have of your company. By displaying one good image per page, compressed for speed, and by including a couple of CSS styling tricks, each page delivers a high-impact impression using fairly simple HTML. Instead of simply presenting a linear piece of text, landing pages might encourage visitors to click on different elements on the page to identify what's most relevant to the visitor. Open source JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery UI, have made such advanced Web-based user interface elements largely plug-and-play.
Landing pages are no exception, and their integration with Facebook and Twitter is now common. The "Like" option also doubles as a form of social proof, displaying others who have joined. By joining your social network, however, they can stay in the loop and learn more about you over time.
Because Likes and follows happen in-place, via JavaScript, the user stays on the page and can immediately continue on to the primary call-to-action.

The first is to implement the CSS and HML of your page so that it automatically reflows and adapts itself to the size of the user's browser.
We'll delve into some of the examples in this article, providing plenty of tips and tricks for how to adopt techniques relevant to your own landing pages and post-click marketing. Tuy va?y, Google da? chi?nh thu?c bo? sung ti?nh nang cho phe?p ta?t am thanh trong tab mo?t ca?ch nhanh cho?ng trong phien ba?n Chrome 46.
O? ca?c phien ba?n Chrome truo?c, Google cu?ng da? bo? sung ti?nh nang hie?n thi? loa ta?i ca?c tab co? am thanh giu?p nguo?i du?ng de? nha?n die?n hon.
Mozilla hie?n dang ti?nh de?n vie?c se? bo? sung them chu?c nang tuong tu? tren Firefox 42 beta. Khi ki?ch hoa?t ti?nh nang co? ten #enable-tab-audio-muting tren Chrome, nguo?i du?ng co? the? de? da?ng ta?t am chi? vo?i mo?t click duy nha?t. Die?u na?y co? nghi?a ra?ng, tri?nh duye?t Chrome se? khong co?n ho? tro? nha?n le?nh ba?ng gio?ng no?i. We are obviously huge proponents of the platform, and are constantly seeking ways to further personalize our email campaigns. It will even detect if you already have their profile loaded in Highrise, and allow you to update it. An amazing tool, that automates one of the more annoying parts of the sales process – scheduling meetings.
Reason – it uses the best combination of technology to leapfrog over digital steps, and carve out time for a real-time human connection. And recently, we’ve been using it on sales calls, especially when there is a website review or re-brand being discussed. That includes everything from marketing checklists to finance spreadsheets to comprehensive how-to guides for tools such as CutePDF, and sales funnels.
In 2013, they came up with an invention that could rapidly cool beer, that they call SpinChill. This is just me & a couple of really talented young business people joining me to talk about where to start as a young entrepreneur. When share price drops it’s time to monetize and maximize the value of having have 300+ million users. They captured leads with the promise of a whitepaper, webinar, or demo—or simply contact from a salesperson. Eventually, almost every digital marketer acquired some experience with landing pages of that kind.
However, these are not the microsites of the Old Web, the overweight Flash productions that required expensive creative agencies to build.
Even if visitors aren't ready to convert when they first visit, they can learn useful information about the product and form a strong, positive impression of the brand. As an example of an increasingly popular Web-design technique, one primary image expands across the background of each page behind the text and the form. Clicking on the "What people are saying" icon opens a new layer over the page with snippets and links to customer endorsements and other kinds of social proof. Though that solution allows the same page to serve all users, it can also impose constraints on your design and content that may be less than ideal. Nguo?i du?ng co? the? nha?n die?n duo?c tab dang ba?t am thanh thong qua bie?u tuo?ng loa, do?ng tho?i de? da?ng ta?t am thanh (bie?u tuo?ng loa se? bi? ga?ch che?o) chi? ba?ng mo?t click. Ngoa?i ra, Chrome 46 cu?ng da? chi?nh thu?c loa?i bo? Trung tam thong ba?o do co? qua? i?t nguo?i su? du?ng va? da so? thuo?ng la?m phie?n nguo?i du?ng nhie?u hon. ALL of the tools we use are designed to inject more humanity into our outreach efforts, not less. Beyond that I just use it to make phone calls, and text messages for those brave few clients who only communicate by text.
I like using Gmail with Rapportive because seeing the face of the person your contacting humanizes them, which can only help. Keeping close tabs on previous conversations, is critical to keeping your sales correspondence human. Having spent time in corporate B2B sales pits dialing for dollars, I’ve experienced first-hand the pains of poor documentation. And in the spirit of keeping things human, you can also create a follow-up task for that person, so your digital exchange via LinkedIn can be converted into a human response. This tool syncs up with my Google Calendar, and compares it to a manually inputted availability schedule. Rates and fees are not relegated to the fine print; they're a featured piece of content here. Also, when you are juggling a ton of clients and prospects, it helps to keep things straight.
TAGS: Designer, Vendor, SBT Prospect), and importing those emails directly into the appropriate group in MailChimp.
Most of the time Rapportive will pluck their current job title via the LinkedIn API, which is a helpful bit of info for adjusting your approach. Antes, havia um pequeno delay, que poderia se tornar muito grande caso o streaming durasse algumas horas. Organic reach will be throttled, Facebook-style, but you’ll have plenty of options to boost the visibility for a small price. Many online marketers like to specify which pages may be indexed by search engines (and which may not).
You should be able to direct search engine spiders for each landing experience, setting directives for noindex, nofollow and noarchive at your discretion. Twitter AaViu algum erro ou gostaria de adicionar uma sugestao para atualizarmos esta materia?

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