The following guest post comes from Ryan Born, the CEO of AdRev, a YouTube asset administration service and Multi-Channel Network (MCN).
A variation of this scheme is when a YouTuber will build an audience with your recordings (which they may even claim are their own) and then send the YouTube traffic (by way of the video descriptions and comments) to websites where fans complete surveys and trial offers (e.g. 3) Creating unauthorized derivative works based on your original music and reselling the new recordings as their own.
For clarification, I am not talking about legitimate, authorized licensees posting official videos to YouTube (e.g.
Getting access to monetize via method A above appears simple.  Pretty much anyone with a minimal view count and an AdSense account in good standing can sign themself up for the YouTube partner program.
So it seems that there are good reasons why the majority of the top YouTube channels have partnered with MCNs. We believe that it’s because the partners get much more value from the MCN than the MCN takes via any revenue share.
Based on previous posts and comments here at DMN, there seems to be some confusion about the difficulty in getting access to monetize your music (via method B above) and how easy it is to operate optimally.  Some say that direct access (method B(i) above) has been reserved for larger, well established rights holders. Could it be possible that we provide many of the value-added services depicted in YouTube’s guidelines?  Or that direct access alone isn’t good enough for everyone?  Are there opportunities to make more money and reduce costs by utilizing a network than by going at it alone?
The good news is that artists don’t have to pay a cent for copyright enforcement on YouTube.
We were proud to see so many of Thismoment’s customers brand channels on Adjust Your Set’s list.
As brand marketers, it’s our mission to cut through the noise and generate awareness for our digital campaign. Let’s take a closer look at some executions to understand how the brands in this list are delivering compelling brand stories on YouTube — and specifically, what they have in common. These brands do a good job showcasing curated brand or user-generated content (videos, photos or text) in their theaters, categorizing playlists to help tell their brand story.
The playlists guide users to the content that matters to them most, and keeps them within the brand’s YouTube channel. Global, multi-product brands have essentially turned their YouTube channel into a centralized “hub” for all their branded content (Olay, Sony Pictures, Ubisoft), which allows them to serve up videos for a range of products through the same channel. Reebok’s YouTube Channel features video playlists, integrated calls to action and a unified social stream. They bring different communities together by pulling multiple social streams into a unified stream, making it easy for fans to join the conversation. By boosting engagement with their content, these brands are also getting their content out to their fans’ social networks. Notice the integrated calls to action below the theaters on each of these brands’ YouTube channels. These brands encourage fans to sign up for mailing lists, download additional content, browse products, and interact with Facebook pages. Equip your sales reps to deliver exactly the right content to the right customer on the right device, at the exact time it's needed. Video may not be the best depiction of a gaming industry that is vocalizing over various gadgets and stages; however the significance of video as a medium for gamers is more grounded than any time in recent memory. The measure of time spent watching gaming recordings on YouTube multiplied from 2014 to 2016, outpacing the site's general development in the United States. Diversion advertisers who need to interface with this group on YouTube ought to change their procedure to achieve gamers when they're well on the way to be on the site. YouTube found that sixty-two percent of perspectives happened before dispatch, by and large, and 90 percent of those perspectives were driven by brand-discharged recordings. Fans depend intensely on amusement brands for trailers, demos, and dispatch recordings as they decide enthusiasm for acquiring another title.
According to a study conducted by Google this year, nearly one in ten of its Google Preferred desktop viewers do not watch traditional TV. Marketers can no longer rely on traditional TV alone to reach their audience, as the abundance of content choices to consumers today mean that people are consuming content in more places. Google says its Google Preferred audiences skew younger than the average online population. The research also offers up data on the types of products its audiences are looking to buy, claiming its Google Preferred desktop viewers are 182 percent more likely to be shopping for luxury cars, 170 percent more likely to shopping for beauty products and 195 percent more likely to be shopping for computers and tablets.
Amy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. I think no one in the country of Internet that do not know YouTube, so I’ll not talk much about it. In your channel page, YouTube gives you a mini gadget add up to 4 social links on top of your channel art.
Title: make sure the viewers can read your video titles clearly, fluently and no misunderstand. Description: YouTube gives only 2 sentences for the viewers to read the video description quickly. Thumbnail: a picture is better than a thousand words, the right thumbnail can attract a huge mass of audiences on YouTube. In YouTube, the annotations are the clickable texts that appear on top of your videos for a specified length of time.

And these days, we have a faster solution to make your videos promoted effectively, buy real YouTube views review to have more viewers rapidly. YouTube gives you a valuable tool to review video data and insights about your content and audiences. Become an AuthorWe're looking for Guest writers, do you like to join us for delivering unique, exciting, creative and helpful tutorials, tips and resources to your potential audiences?
From car dealers to manufacturers, the automotive industry has embraced social media in a big way.
Thismoment investigated why car brands, which previously dedicated bulk of their marketing budgets to TV, are now focusing on YouTube.
YouTube’s exponential growth as a social branding channel has resulted in car brands extending their TV spots to the video sharing site. Besides being cost-effective, marketing on YouTube means car brands can promote their products by creating interactive, engaging brand experiences.
Between June 2011 to June 2012, video shares across the automotive sector increased by a whopping 147.3% (Unruly media). The above studies indicate that the automotive industry is stepping up its use of YouTube for marketing. Showcase Your Virtual Showroom: YouTube, as a social branding channel, presents marketers with immense opportunity. Kia Motors America uses Thismoment Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC) to customize their YouTube channel , creating a virtual showroom in the process.
Automotive brands can customize their YouTube channels, create virtual showrooms and showcase their models in high quality visuals and ads by selecting from one or more of the DEC theater modules. Establish Emotional Connections: Research by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science shows that videos that provoke a strong emotional response are twice as likely to be shared than those that elicit weak emotional response from viewers.
The Hyundai Santa Fe “Don’t Tell” YouTube spot (created on Thismoment DEC) is a great example of an ad that establishes strong emotional connections with viewers.
Using Thismoment’s UGC contest engine, for instance, automotive brands can launch engaging, creative contests on YouTube, during the Super Bowl and otherwise.
Although not leading yet, the automotive industry is cruising into the YouTube marketing space. Mother Goose Club: It is one of the tops and best kids channel on Youtube in which there will be some funny colorful characters which demonstrates the kid’s rhymes and other songs and movements in an enjoyable way. Crafts for kids with Simple kid’s crafts: This channel educates the kids about how to use the scrap to make new things, it is best for younger kids.
The Brain scoop channel: The Channel demonstrates various educational topics like earth science and various demonstrations about the animals etc. Coma Niddy: Aka Mike Wilson, who is well-known as a Coma Niddy demonstrates the educational riffs that were related to the nano technology. Good Mythical Morning: It is completely based on entertainment which includes the skits, challenges along with the good vocabulary. React videos: the kids react videos are also one of the most expressive channels for the kids and teens. Geek Gurl Diaries: It consists of software educational videos which are very interesting and knowledge oriented. Vlogbrothers: The VlogBrothers channel focuses on the health videos and good habits as well as some science shows too for kids and teens. Sometimes all it takes is a viral cat video mash-up with your song running in the background, or one popular moment from television where your music was legitimately sync’d. Click the top 100 channels listing to see that in the top 20 channels, all but 7 are with a network and 3 of those 7 are youtube owned channels so don’t count that leaves 4 out of 17 of top 20. The folks over at Adjust Your Set took a look the world’s best custom YouTube One-channels and wrangled those that make their brands look really, really good.
Subscribers watch 200% more content than non-subscribers, so keeping them on the page for longer counts! They allow users to share the entire channel, share individual pieces of content, easily “like” the content, and leave a comment . Gamers are progressively fulfilling their long for instructional exercises, pertinent news on up and coming titles, and other insider tips on YouTube is a continuous destination for 95 percent of gamers when looking for amusement and data, and Google has aggregated crisp information on its survey conduct to help advertisers associate with those customers at the most compensating times.
Cell phones and tablets are driving a lot of that development, with one in three perspectives beginning on a cell phone.
In any case, Google likewise needs advertisers to comprehend that they can and ought to enhance every phase of the gaming background. Amusement distributors assume a basic part in driving perspectives before the arrival of a diversion, however, group based recordings get the share of interest once an amusement is accessible for procurement, the site closes. However, after discharge, gamers search out instructional exercises, walkthroughs, and spoofs from outside distributors.
From 2009 to 2012, she was an award-winning syndicated columnist for a number of daily newspapers from New York to Texas.
Make sure you provide the right information to help them understand your content in a short time. Refresh your YouTube channel regularly make your viewers always return the channel every day. Reviewing your most-watched videos or favorite videos with the most community feedback (comments, likes, etc.) can point to what type of content your fans love, understand why these videos are successful.
Big names in this industry like Ford, Toyota and General Motors are more aggressive with their social media marketing strategies than before. To meet this demand, automotive brands are leveraging this platform to launch user generated content campaigns, focusing on sponsorships etc.

For car brands that have until now trudged along, here are three best practices that will help them cruise into the YouTube marketing space. This interactive, virtual showroom enables customers to browse through and obtain information about the latest launches in the Kia line up. The research also highlights that the average automotive ad is not eliciting high intensity emotions. Besides being funny, the ad focuses on the importance of connecting with the family and tells viewers to start their story in the new Santa Fe. Consumers were invited to participate in Super Bowl themed UGC contests, upload those funny videos etc.
What’s more, marketers can also enable voting, asking users to vote for their favorite model, ads etc. In addition to dominating the Super Bowl over the last two years, car brands have leveraged YouTube to launch some memorable campaigns and contests. He explains various concepts to the kids and it is the best channel for older kids and teens.
It is the best to channel for the kids who are interesting in computers and their building videos.
In this week's Creator's Tip, we discuss the ways you can use this method to create some great marketing videos.5 Ways to Use the Hyperlapse App For Video MarketingMaybe your brand already has a video marketing strategy, and you are creating a lot of video content around your product or services. We want to engage our customers with experiences that are consistent across platforms and across devices. Gamers progressively swing to YouTube on night times, weekends, and through the span of the late spring.
Most reassure amusements represent the moment of truth it inside of four months of dispatch, when more than four out of each five diversions deals happens, so YouTube set out to discover relationships between's those deals and the particular recordings discharged by diversion brands paving the way to the discharge. YouTube likewise found an immediate connection between's the main 11 offering console amusements in 2013-14 and the level of engagement for pre-dispatch recordings. This gadget supports a range of socials, include Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. Beside the social media, you also have to brand your channel on the blogs, forums and other communities when you have a chance. While Facebook and Twitter are popular platforms, YouTube appears to be the new favorite with automotive brands.
Besides focusing on sponsorships like the Super Bowl, we expect automotive brands to extend their TV spots to YouTube, in a move to drive greater engagement, increase sales and reduce marketing spend.
Hopefully, you are also producing, and distributing, content for social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.
We want our users to spread the word through Likes, Shares, Comments and, if it makes sense, content that they submit. As an amusement aggregates extra perspectives in the months prompting dispatch, the relationship in the middle off’s perspectives and deals stays in place, as well as becomes more grounded. But there’s lots of untapped opportunity during rest of the year for automotive brands and we suggest they make the most of it.
However, there will be a noticeable difference between how these brands used YouTube earlier and how they will use it now to deploy campaigns. Hyperlapse is an app that allows you to share video content with all those platforms from a mobile device, and we've seen several brands use the app in a very innovative way.
In addition to their regular share of commercials, car brands will focus more on UGC campaigns and design their YouTube brand channels to resemble virtual showrooms.
Let's take a look at 5 examples.#1 Use the App to Create a Tour VideoBecause the app films in high-speed, you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.
This is perfect for creating a video that takes the viewer behind the scenes at an event, or a promotion, or a venue. The Hard Rock Cafe in Vancouver created this 15 second Hyperlapse video to show viewers around it's casino.
It hasn't got the highest production values, but it's quick and easy to create.This type of content could also be really useful for store owners, restaurant owners, or even realtors who want to showcase a new property. #2 Use Hyperlapse to Create Unboxing VideosViewers love unboxing videos - just look at the amount of views that these types of video get on YouTube!
As a brand, you could use the Hyperlapse app to tease the viewer with a first glimpse of a new product. With a little bit of creativity, you can use the app to get your brand in front of a wider audience, one that is active on Instagram or Vine, and is open to engagement. By creating these types of short videos, you are also providing a great social asset to share. Disney are very active on Instagram, and created this Hyperlapse video to show off its famous teacup ride.
It resonated well with followers, generating over 40,000 likes.#4 Use Hyperlapse for a Behind the Scenes Video of Your BrandNothing turns a viewer off more than being constantly bombarded with sales pitches, so to offer branded content that doesn't throw a product in their face is always a welcome break. Micro-form videos on platforms like Instagram lend themselves very well to behind the scenes snapshots, and adding Hyperlapse to the mix can make that mini video very compelling for the viewer. We love this sneak peak at a cartoonist hard at work creating Spongebob Squarepants content for Nickelodeon.#5 Use Hyperlapse to Tell a Story About a Product or ServiceCreate a story that shows your audience how your product can enhance their life, or how it was created, or how it can be used.
It doesn't have to be fancy or complicated, the beauty of this type of video production is that you have to keep it short and simple, and that can make great content.

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