With all that business owners have to deal with in today’s fast-paced environment, one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is their company’s online reputation. While it seems like it should be a top priority for businesses large and small, some company heads try and tune out its importance, focusing more on sales, advertising and generating leads. That being said, what is your company’s take on the importance of online reputation? Is online reputation a top priority, falls in the category of important but not near the top of the list, or is looked upon as we’ll worry about it when the time comes?
The bottom line that many business owners fail to incorporate into their daily work lives is that building a great brand online can take weeks, months and years to foster. Be a traffic hall monitor online– Remember your days in school when an adolescent would monitor your school’s halls looking for kids running instead of walking, talking too loudly or using abusive language, and trying their best to skip class? Be a leader, not a follower – One of the great ways for your company to build up its online footprints is by becoming relevant in online discussions within your industry. Be factual with your online comments – Whether it is posting information regarding your business or industry or responding to negative consumer comments, be sure to present the facts and just the facts. Be sure to hit search engines with positive and worthwhile content – Along with your company’s blog, be sure to reach out to online services to run company content in the form of press releases, infographics and more. As we delve into the first few weeks of 2012, take the time now if you haven’t already to see how your company can better its online reputation over the next 12 months. Suggestion for you Warren – write a Tips post with advice on how to give an interview, that might be a good partner for this well written post.
With-out the full buy-in of the management or c-suite executives in any organisation, neither social business nor collaboration would get to pass go…I fully agree with you Elaine. Hi Kathryn, I agree, consistency is one of the bigger reasons why people don’t develop an audience when blogging. For me the #10 is the most common reason why no one is reading your blog.If you’re offering a product or a service, obvious self-promotion through your blog is another big turn-off. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tags: 8a marketing, e-commerce help, how to sell online, HUBZone marketing, marketing for small business, online marketing, SDVOSB marketing, small business marketing, VOSB marketing, WOSB marketing. Ben’s the founder of Sixthree Technology Marketing, LLC, a Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides online marketing and web design services to small business owners. There are many internet- based business models to choose from, however, they are broken down into two types – low traffic and high traffic.  My personal online business falls in the low traffic category, however, that will change to be a combination of both once my new program is launched. Examples of high traffic business models includes low price products, the sale of merchandise, ebooks, videos, webinars, online courses or a combination of all of those.  It also includes paid subscriptions to newsletters, ezines, community membership sites, affiliate marketing, adsense sites and blogging. Low traffic business model examples include mid to high priced products or training courses, coaching, consulting, freelancing, speaker services, and higher priced services, membership sites and others.

As you can see, there are similar types of models in both the high and low traffic categories – the higher priced your service or product, the less traffic you need to make money. Once you drive traffic to their business, it’s up to them to make the sale and you receive whatever commission they are offering.  I earned two $1000 commissions when two people signed up for an online course that cost in excess of $3000 and I receive commission from time to time when someone uses my link to purchase the Word Press Estore, the Affiliate Software or other products. Once you have these skills, you are in a position to make a nice income as information products are the top selling products on the internet.
I don’t recommend ecommerce as a way to start online if you aren’t already experienced in retail sales.  This type of business has a large learning curve and there is a lot involved, including returns, replacing broken items, knowing if there are restrictions to shipping certain items to certain states and a lot more. I hope this helps you on your journey to choose the type of online business model that will be right for you.  As you can see, it can be complicated and require a lot of research and work on your part.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get a business up and running? This entry was posted in Empowering Young Entrepreneurs and tagged building a business, Empowering young entrepreneurs, entrepreneur mindset, entrepreneurship, Julia Neiman, start a business, teen entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs by Julia. I really enjoyed reading this but now I’m no longer sure what business I am in, with regards to making a few dollars. Some of these business models are interchangeable Chef William, so I wouldn’t be concerned. Well, keep in mind Cher that I write for teenagers and twenty-somethings, most in the at-risk category. If you run an online interior decorating business, one great way to be more relevant within your line of work is by discussing the latest trends in your industry. Your company’s online reputation will be called into question if you make up statements or take the low road with individuals online. Folks will walk past with possibly a negative perception of what lies behind the crusting paint, dirty windows or rude signs taped to the door.
What you are saying above is a continuation of this, honesty with yourself and play to your strengths. While writing the soon to be published white paper on MDEC I came across a Ted Talk by Daniel Rose on Intrinsic Motivation, it is excellent viewing.
I don’t think companies who are guilty of these really stop to look at their blogs with an unbiased eye.
Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site!
Advantages of the online marketing seven trends gearing up to take Business to the next level in 2016. The course runs about 60 minutes, and you can log in as many times as you’d like during the 6 weeks. He’s an online marketing expert, a member of the Internet Marketing Association, and he studied Marketing at the Robert H. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive and interesting perspective on high and low traffic internet business models.

I think Internet Marketing is like learning a foreign language, it’s good to see it put clearly. You need to monitor what is said about your business, when it was said, and who is saying it.
If someone goes to your site or a related forum to take issue with your company, listen to what their complaint is and just don’t brush it aside. People who possess these traits are out there, but most companies can not identify them or, do not know how to tap in to their IM, or worse their bureaucratic management style suppresses it. That said, websites like Tweak Your Biz and others allow you to blog less frequently and still tap a large audience. But once you have it solved, your website will drive more sales and create more business than you ever imagined possible. You’ll also leave the course with downloadable tools and resources to reap the benefits all year long (and beyond!).
I’ve found adding some affordable products to a low-traffic model can increase visibility and revenue. I kind of combine 1, 2 and 3 with plans to add 6, but as you state, it is a lot of work with a big learning curve.
I am sure you have seen it already but if not – There is a letter R missing in your third paragraph of Blogging.
The worst thing a business owner can do is let negative comments about the company go unchallenged. In many cases, customers will give you and your company a second chance to correct a wrong if you show you’re caring about their needs. You aren’t giving yourself opportunities to find people in other areas who would actually be interested in your blog. Kindle, in particular (I get paid subscriptions to my free blog through here and also sell books – curiously, making print books available as Kindle Editions has actually helped increase print book sales)provides some great marketing juice while also adding to the company coffers.
This happens not only with product sales, but also by introducing prospects to higher-priced services.
While you may still get the letter or phone call from time to time, you are more likely to see someone talking about you online.

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