Here is the first tip in Video Marketing 101 For Your Small Business. Many companies create educational videos that show how to use their products, or portray their services in action. It’s important to remember that when online consumers look for video content, they’re not looking to be marketed to. If your small business designs websites, put together a video on color theory to inform your audience. Showing what your customers don’t usually see is a great way to generate interest in your small business through online video content.
Your online audience trusts consumer reviews over any other form of marketing or advertising—so why not translate that trusted source to video?
Testimonials and customer interviews make for an interesting and convincing form of video content that goes over well with Internet viewers.
The more client reviews you can get the better.  By displaying different testimonials across a range of products or services offered your reviews will appear more genuine than if all given by one customer.
Always make sure that you ask permission from your customer to use their feedback and explain exactly how it will be displayed.  If your customers would happily recommend your service anyway, they will not mind putting their name to a positive testimonial for you.
Every person who registers for the 4th Annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women will receive this special Jumpstart Your Sales and Marketing Workbook as a companion to the event. The conference trainers are ready to deliver.  And the good news is that you will be able to follow along with this special workbook created specifically for conference attendees. The Network for Women in Business officially launched in January of 2012 and a few months later, so did the annual Small Business Boot Camp for Women. If you don’t have a good email marketing program, you don’t have a good marketing program — period. However, in order to have a great email marketing program, you need to have the right email marketing service in your arsenal. Are you at a stage where you want to build engagement and visibility by encouraging signups and sending a newsletter? One important goal is to make sure your email campaign is readable on mobile devices as well as desktops. If you need more specific help with your campaign development and strategy, some email marketing services offer professional campaign consulting services.
To find the the email marketing service that best fits your needs, look through a number of options listed here. As a startup, you already know that costs are an important factor in every business decision.
However, that doesn’t mean that you should automatically go with the cheapest possible service. Pricing structures for email marketing services usually use a monthly fee that’s based on the number of subscribers you have. Free trials are another important way to evaluate your cost-to-benefit results with email marketing services. Email marketing — like all marketing initiatives — requires extensive testing to see if the templates and copy you’re using are effective.
Most email marketing services provide free basic self-service analytics on metrics like open rates, which links are clicked, and unsubscribe rates. Consider whether you want to integrate with Google Analytics, or whether you need professional analytical consulting services included with your plan. Choosing the best email marketing service for your small business is an important part of any startup’s marketing mix. The post How to Pick the Best Email Marketing Service for Your Small Business appeared first on Small Business Trends. Our Business is making your Business get more Business.  We strive to complement marketing vision. Automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows to increase efficiency and grow revenue faster. Saturday, November 30 is a day to celebrate small businesses and their role in your community. It’s good to have this type of content, but there are a few problems with limiting educational videos to your business offerings.

When you show consumers what happens behind the scenes at your business, you help them realize that you’re offering more than just a product or service—there are real people they can relate to behind it all.
You can create a series of staff interviews, create a day-in-the-life scenario, do a walk-through of your office, production floor or warehouse and more.
You can put out a call on your website, through email marketing, or on social media and ask your customers to send in video clips—either talking about or using your products or services.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. In April of 2012 approximately 50 women (and a few good men) spent a full day learning the ins and outs of social media marketing from the Network for Women in Business founder and social media marketing maven, Toni Coleman Brown. Her Network for Women in Business has trained thousands of women entrepreneurs both on and offline. A 2013 report from Custora, a New York City-based marketing analytics firm, showed that 7.5 percent of all gained customers are coming from email marketing, which is better than either Facebook or Twitter, and represents a 4X growth since 2009.
Start off by figuring out what your key marketing needs are and what you need your email marketing to accomplish for you. Or do you plan to increase sales and conversions by using your email campaign to convert customers and link directly to your sales catalog? More and more customers are on the go, and choosing a service that allows you to optimize for mobile is a key part of a successful marketing plan.
While these services can be expensive, they can also help you avoid misusing time and money if you have a small staff or need expert help. As a result, the costs associated with your email marketing service must be reviewed carefully and balanced against their potential for return. Services typically have plan minimums and plan maximums, but most also offer custom-built large subscriber plans as well. Once you’ve narrowed your choices down to two or three, use the free trials and see if the service seems intuitive, easy to use, and effective for your needs. Not all email marketing services include these functions, so it’s an important consideration before you make your final choice. By considering your marketing goals, costs, and analytical needs, you’ll find it easy to make the best choice for your company. What started in 2010 as a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday has exploded into a nationwide movement to support shopping locally. There are approximately 23 million small businesses across the United States, and 7.8 million of those are owned by women. Import your email contact list to your social media networks to discover which of your current customers are already online. Embed your Twitter feed onto your website so that people can see in real time the conversations going on about your business. Content Marketing is believed to be highly useful for creating brand awareness and increasing business by converting the regular contacts into clients. So instead of focusing on education for your brand, think about any complementary ideas or services you can illustrate on video for your visitors. If you have a retail location, you can record testimonials on-site (be sure to get your customers’ permission to use the video for marketing, of course). In the following years the event evolved to cover more topics such as business finance, offline sales and marketing.
Each month, hundreds of women register to attend Network sponsored virtual training events and when she’s not delivering the training herself, she usually will leave them in the hands of other well-documented experts. There are dozens of options, and only by evaluating your business’ needs and direction will you know which one is best for your startup.
Because all email marketing services have different features and prices, knowing your exact needs will save you both money and hassle.
The key to right-investing is to choose the product with the highest likelihood of delivering positive returns for your company. Regardless, it’s a good idea to choose a service that you aren’t about to outgrow in the near future.
This will help you avoid spending money unnecessarily on a program that winds up being a poor fit.

Hubspot gives a great list of key email marketing metrics, including conversion rates, forwarding, list growth, leads generated, and overall ROI. These 23 million small businesses account for about 54% of all US retail sales, according to the US Small Business Administration. This week, post pictures on Instagram showcasing holiday gift ideas that are available for purchase on Small Business Saturday. When advertising via mobile, you get a unique marketing opportunity to reach your customers while they’re out, possibly right down the street from your store.
Content marketing is the best practice that can put your business on the map.While, properly executing your content marketing strategy can produce some spectacular results for your business, mismanagement, on the other hand, can make it go horribly wrong. This year, the event will go back to its original roots as the first half of the event will focus on traditional sales & marketing and the second half of the event will be dedicated to social media marketing and online traffic and conversion strategies. The mission of the Network for Women in Business is to train, advance and connect female entrepreneurs. If an email marketing service doesn’t give you the resources you need to track these results, it isn’t a great fit for your firm. Let your customers know in the days leading up to Small Business Saturday and on the day of about promotions. The organization’s motto is “We EDUCATE to ELEVATE women in business.” The SBBCW event falls in line with the motto and delivers the mission of the Network. For example, if you buy a $5 cup of coffee at a locally-owned shop, $3.40 of it goes back to your local community. Some of the blunders you need to avoid are discussed below in detail.Businesses use content marketing as a call for action but what if it falls flat and does not offer your readers any value? If you buy a $5 cup of coffee at a national coffee brand, only $2.15 goes back to your community. This quest for an answer might very well lead them back to you!Another common mistake that most of the content marketers make is the practice of restricting the content only to their business.
A good writer must blend general content with business to make a story bigger and interesting for the readers. Involve your customers and optimize your content both via search engines and social media so that your content finds more and more readers.The biggest mistake content marketers make is to generate content by ignoring the actual need of the end-users.
Customers want to know how the particular product can make a difference in their lives, if it meets their requirements or if it fulfils the purpose it is being bought for. They want relevant information and if all a content marketer is doing is swarming them with advertisement then it could have adverse effects on your business. Make sure you share unique information about your business to attract potential customers to generate business leads.Most of the marketers ignore quality and instead invest their time concentrating on quantity alone.
Businesses invest too much in generating content in the form of articles, blogs, newsletters, e-books and even arranging webinars. However, do not forget that content is an opportunity to show your business potential and the unique traits that make you stand out.
Content is the soul of your web business that can make or break your business.Once-and-Done is a strategy that does not work in content marketing business.
Most of the companies start working on content marketing enthusiastically in the beginning but after few weeks, the passion starts ebbing away.
It always takes time to build a closer relationship with the potential customers to convert them into leads. It is fun to create content in the initially but it needs real hard work to keep it that way.You can learn to avoid these mistakes by practically implementing them in your business. She writes frequently on the topics related to Drop Shipping, distributors, wholesalers and trade suppliers.

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