The YouTube has rolling a new feature in the true view ads which allows the advertisers to sell their products along with the video ads. The TrueView shopping ads on YouTube were going to be the next big thing which allows you to showcase the details of the products and the images.
The true view ads are increasing the conversion rates of the marketers and encouraging the viewers to land directly to the product purchasing page by clicking the ads within the videos.
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This means that a video posted on the site has incredible marketing reach and marketing potential. Videos online have become an important marketing tool for millions of businesses all over the world.Posting a high quality video can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. Reach Audience on a Global Scale:When it comes to marketing, you get to take your campaign to a global level which means you take yourwebsite to a global level. Viral Marketing: Great videos that stir up any type ofpositive consumer response from viewers are most often shared by viewers with their family, co-workers, and friends, which increase overall Youtube views as they will share the video with others. Climb Up the Search Engine ResultPages: Using the site to showcase your videos will drive your website up the search engine rankings. A good video will influence many viewers to visit your website to learn more about the products or servicesoffered.
Create Customized YouTubeChannel: When you add a video to your account, a profile channel is created. Facebook’s Like Button adds Life to your ContentLike it or hate it – the Like button is here to stay. Research is showing that we will use the Like button for many things because its is one of the easiest social actions (easier than share) and can signify you like certain content,  show you like a certain product, approve of an advertisement, or share your feeling for a video.

In the future you should be able to Like books on Amazon that you read for only your friends to see, Like search results on Bing to give your friends a heads up on the best result, perhaps even use the Like button to vote on the outcome certain TV shows (my favorite idea is to use the Like button for Reality TV shows such as The Apprentice, Top Chef, Survivor, or Project Runway and actually create the outcome of these shows). Still in its infancy the Like button holds a lot of promise for Facebook as their march continues to making all interactions both web and mobile more social. For marketers the like button holds some significant promise for extending the lifespan of your content.
The Trueview shopping ads allows the advertisers to overlay the related videos, playlists and the website links to the other video content.
YouTube is the 4th most visited internet site with 22.25% of internet users visiting the site. Originally, the site was used by amateur video makers for entertainment purposes, but now ithosts countless marketing videos by all sorts of businesses. As well, it is easy to upload the video and your website’straffic will increase almost instantly if it is a quality video. Therefore, the more hits your site receives will cause your searchengine rankings to improve. In the first week of its launch 50,000 like buttons were integrated on various websites and more than 1M “likes” were registered within 24 hours of its introduction. They’ve integrated the new Like feature with every product on the site so at a quick view, you can see the number of “Facebookers” who Like the item and maybe even cast your own vote. A recent statistic showed that with Liked content you can expect click thru rates to improve by 3-5 times compared to content that does not have a Like.
The viewers were also showing their attention towards the true view ads and make their purchase decisions.
There are tremendous benefits to leveraging Youtube views in your own business marketing campaign.

You can also promote your websites, and products and services which allow you to build your customer list.
At last count well over 100,000 websites integrate some form of Facebook’s social plugins (including my site!). On individual product pages, it even pulls in pictures of your friends who’ve Liked the item.
In an age where there is more User Generated Content than Publisher (or marketer) Content – here is one way that B2B Marketers can ride that user generated wave to make your content stand out and live longer than it does today. Google was charging the advertisers if the viewer didn’t skip that particular ad Advertiser will charge if the user had watched the 30 second content of the video. It also enables the advertisers to measure the interaction and engagement of the users with the products.
Marketing using online videos is an ideal way to expand your customer base and grow your profits. The best part is website extends the Facebook integration out to create a “friends store” which essentially customizes the entire experience to be Facebook friend centric and also allowing you to invite all your friends into that shopping experience! The Google merchant center was get integrated with the video ads and the advertisers are just connecting their campaign with the viewers. SERP results were become prominent in Google search results and that had a great impact on the advertisers.

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