To stand out from the crowd you’ll need to get the details of your expertise and experience in front of the right people, the right companies and in the places you want to work.
Cassidy Education wants to share some good practice to anyone looking to market themselves for the job they actually want. Your CV will often be the first chance you get to make a good impression, check out our blog article on Writing a successful CV for in-depth instruction.
Utilising a recruitment agency is often a great way to secure your dream job; they’ll have connections you can only dream of and in-depth industry knowledge to help match you with your ideal job. Maintain a positive online presence, it is common for prospective employers to check online profiles prior to hiring. Get your CV on job boards, this is a very efficient way to get your CV noticed, as recruiters will often access job boards daily or even receive an email notification, if your skills match a vacancy they have.  Make sure you keep your CV up to date and follow the tips mentioned above to maximise your success. Your time is valuable so use it wisely, target your ideal workplace or company and match your qualifications to your desired career path, skill set and personal goals – start submitting those applications.
Social media is a great way to network but there’s no need to neglect the traditional face-to-face networking opportunities available to you.
Make sure there’s nothing embarrassing on your social media pages. One of the first things a potential employer is going to do is an internet search of your name. Think about what you can offer the company, not what the company can offer you. Really think about how your resume and cover letter are positioned. Provide exactly what the company is asking for. If a job posting requests you send a cover letter, salary requirements and references, make sure you comply with their requests. Do a little research on the company and get a feel for their culture. Reference the company’s culture when it makes sense in your communications, but don’t overdo it.
Every communication is being judged. From the way you format your resume and cover letter, to emails you send to set up interviews, PROOF, PROOF, PROOF and then PROOF again! Watch the use of emojis in your communication. Some may see this form of communication as too casual in the initial stages of getting to know each other. When it comes to marketing your business, one of the key concepts that a lot of people tend to forget is the fact that your business is about YOU. The manner in which you go about marketing yourself to the world says a lot about who you are, so it’s a good idea to start your marketing efforts with yourself. When you market yourself effectively, you will be in a better position to market your business effectively. TetraMap uses nature as a metaphor, and the premise that we are all connected and inter-dependent. The participation to social communities is the first step to show your skills to the design world. I didn’t get any design job during the first year, that I spent studying and networking, but I had the opportunity to focus all my efforts on my education and interact with others. If you want to enter this world because only attracted by the business aspect, you’re in the wrong direction. It’s difficult to move the first steps in the blog community, but if you put quality in your articles, this quality will be recognized.
We do the best to provide high-quality products that you can use in your commercial projects.You bet!
Absolutely wise words – that the way it goes, no matter if you write tutorials, work full time or freelance. Hi Sebastiano, Thanks for sharing your experiences, as Maciej pointed out, passion added with perseverance is the key to success no matter what in the world stops you from doing what you love, this will boost my confidence even higher since i am also a budding graphic designer…. Cool, I can’t wait to be see the next thread, make it now, forget all of the other content you have scheduled.
I work with License Brands and also create new generic Graphics and Design Concepts for Toys.
If you time is fully taken up by producing art for a niche industry like myself, you may not want to or have the time to blog. The irony is that while I was at Art School, I had friends doing Graphic Design courses never knowing I’d end up that field. I too am self taught and over the years have made it my choice and through passion to have dabbled in most Bitmap, Vector and 3d Applications. The most important thing you need to learn when becoming a Graphic Designer is to learn when to unleash your ego, and when to bury it. Blogs are a great source of information, but there is also a lot of very poorly written and researched blogs and even less inspiring Tutorials. In Italy (but I think it’s the same in each country) the amount of bills depends by the amount of profit. In sincerity I don’t know of agencies specialized in these kind of designs, I was contacted by a couple of small agencies without a great experience in this field. In the beginning, I started with doing much tutorials on sites like good-tutorials and later psd-tuts.
I am new in the field of graphics, have experience of about 1 year of Photoshop and illustrator too. I want to add u with me on messenger, for ur guidence in future if u have no issue then lemme know plz. Hi,my im fro kenya and my plan was to start a graphic design studio,but i was to get people from outside to do the graphic design coz i dont know how to use the soft wares yet,i would provide them with a sketch of what i want and they do the digital work and i would be learning slowly as the business progresses do you think this is sustainable??whats your take??i also wanted to provide printing services as well to go hand in hand with the graphic design but i would also outsource this.i have the passion but i am unemployed at the moment and putting all my money in a website and business cards to start a business that is not sustainable is my fear. I kept my remarks relatively short, reminding them that being an author is a business and staying on my core message of Community does NOT equal Commerce.
The WD team live-blogged some notes from the session, and I had a number of requests for the slides, which I’ve made available via SlideShare and embedded below.
None of these books are brand new, and a lot of new shiny platforms  and gadgets have sprung up since they were published, but each of them is far more relevant, insightful and timely than the majority of the cashing-in-on-a-trend books that have been published since, perhaps none more so than the oldest of them, Cluetrain. This entry was posted in Marketing, Publishing and tagged Community, new media, Platform, Self-Publishing on January 22, 2011 by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez. Having an impressive CV will impress prospective employers and recruiters, vastly increasing your chances of making a great first impression. Your LinkedIn and Facebook should be up to date and your first choice for professional networking, they are convenient and very effective. You should think of yourself as a commodity and the more appealing you are, the more hirable you become.
We understand education and educators; we are a boutique recruitment agency and pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with both clients and candidates. From the second you walk in the door at an interview, to the way you respond to a follow up email, you want to be your best self. You might want to make sure that profile picture of you doing a beer bong in college is deleted. Concentrate on explaining what you bring to the table more than what you are looking for in a potential employer.
It proves you can follow directions (even if they are simple) and makes things easier for the person collecting the applications.
The only thing you’ll land with a typo or poor organization of your resume is at the top of the ‘no’ pile.
At the very least, you should be sending an email thanking the interviewee for their time and consideration (but I’m still a fan of getting mail!). She remembers pre-PDF days when every proof required a face-to-face client meeting, and the number of colors in an ad determined its price.
You’ve got a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, a LinkedIn page and many more ways for people to find you online.
Make sure to get involved in the community and attend functions and networking events that your potential clients may attend.

Do you see other bloggers collaborating with brands and think there must be some magic list you need to be on to have these opportunities land in your inbox?Well there might be lists you can get on.
It maps nature into four basic Elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire then uses the metaphor of nature for us to look at the nature of human behaviour.
Whether we believe that premise at a pragmatic, spiritual, systemic or scientific point of view, it is a unifying approach that crosses the multiple boundaries we create as human beings. When I started publishing my works to DeviantArt, I had the opportunity to follow great designers, surf through hundreds of incredible artworks, be inspired and network with people from all over the world who, like me, love graphic design.
With the help of WordPress, a free CMS, all what you need is 40-50$ to buy a shared server and be online in few hours.
Your blog, if it’s full of interesting articles and tutorials, will be the best way to attract potential clients. If you have something to offer, something interesting, you can be sure that they will be happy to support and pay you. With Piervicenzo, I’m now running a successful firm, with new challenges to face everyday. I'm a self taught graphic designer who loves to create amazing stuff using every kind of media. So my background was Painting and Sculpture until I discovered computers and Graphics software.
I have had times when I have had pushy nightmare clients who have watched over every line I have made, who had no design eye and who basically forced me to create, what I thought, was average graphics. If you or any of the readers are interested in collaborating with me here is my background. I feel really lucky to have found this, because I’ve identified so well with this article – at least the first chapter! I am a recent graduate of a design school and studied graphic design and because It is here a year later and I have not found employment I was highly discouraged and very impatient and immediately applied for my DBA and tax id.
The response seemed pretty positive, and I got a lot of great questions, most of which I was able to answer intelligently,(thanks, Matt, for the Bookscan assist!),  and not a single one was about content being stolen if they posted it online! Be honest about what you’re good at and be clear in your goals, decide whom you want to work for and the best way to contact them. Work on developing yourself personally as well as professionally, if you want to achieve or even exceed your expectations. These tips and tricks are little ways to market yourself and make a positive impact at your next job interview. Sitting on the board of directors for local organizations can be a great way to get involved and positively contribute to your community. But one of the best ways of getting yourself on a brand’s radar is to make the first move and to speak to them yourself.
Each side is equal and offers a different perspective, a different point from which to view the world. I did not attempt any design school, because I preferred to use the huge amount of resources that the web offers and experiment by myself new techniques. If you are studying by yourself, maybe in your room, and the web is the main contact with the design community, you need the others criticism to improve. I worked as waiter for a couple of years so I didn’t have the necessity to be hired for a graphic design job.
When I started publishing contents on WeGraphics, which was nothing more than a personal portfolio at the beginning, my aim was to create an active community of graphic lovers by sharing free design resources and publishing Photoshop tutorials. In my case, the ability to write Photoshop tutorials allowed me to propose myself to sites that were searching contributors. After the first collaboration with Design Instruct, I had the opportunity to be in touch with other great personalities of the blog community.
In the final chapter of this series I will explain in depth how I started a business into the design community and how I manage it. I just swallowed by ego, gave them what they wanted, hid behind the generic artwork and took the money. I started doing Business Cards, which lead to the Fashion Industry, which lead to the Toy Industry and Major Retail stores around the world.
6 Years ( I?m 20 now), so i?m kind of self tought, but i also visited a design school, where i learned much great stuff like color- and compositiontheory, which (I think) I would?ve never learned if i started being a Designer the way you did. In this case it?s about the students because you cant just hope that they gonna teach you something.
These loaded questions are common in an interview scenario and you need to know what you want and what you offer, to be able to answer with confidence. Yet, she brings a youthful, fresh perspective to overseeing all client relationships as well as managing her own accounts. Therefore, when it comes to marketing your business, a good place to start is by marketing yourself.
Potential employers will certainly do their due diligence and find out all they can about you.
Take care to avoid any representations of yourself that may be unflattering or cast you in a negative light.
Be the person who starts that conversation about collaboration, and you’re well on your way to creating and cultivating long-standing blog-brand relationships.But where to begin? In this 3 articles series I would like to share my experiences with all those that approach the graphic design world and provide suggestions on how to find the best resources and how to avoid errors. The first point I’d like to speak about is: when is the moment to introduce yourself to the design community?
When you decide to publish a work, you can’t control the reaction of those who see this work, and compliments and criticism are two indispensable faces of the same coin.
Anyway I can assure you that the possibility to be hired thanks to the participation to design related communities is real. After 1 month I had more than 1000 daily unique visitors, the blog gave me the opportunity to drive hundreds of people to my works, lots more than DeviantArt did. I simply contacted Jacob Gube, who just launched his new blog DesignInstruct, focused on graphic design tutorials, and showed him my works.
Some of them asked me to create specific resources, for example Steven Snell of Vandelay Design contacted me for a couple of textures and brush sets. After the first period focused on tutorials, I was hired to create cd covers, posters and UI interfaces. I started an apprenticeship last year in an awesome and successfull agency, with friendly people.
Sure that there are some schools, but I have the impression (maybe it’s a mistake) that the average level is low.
How many hours should I focus on creating visual works and how many on web designing (and so on)? When her daily Director of Account Services duties are done, she enjoys relaxing with a good magazine or book, chasing around her son Oakley, and doing DIY projects around the house. While it may have been a lot of fun to socialize with your friends at that keg party back in university, potential employers may not be as impressed.
Don’t just take the chance to talk about yourself, but rather take the time to talk about others. Also I was in a different position: until that moment I was only a student, while now I had the opportunity to share what I was learning with other young designers.
So when I published an article, I submitted it to different articles aggregators like DesignBump, Design-newz and Designfloat. Fortunately my tutorials were accepted by the DI’s team, and I started guest posting.

While I was working on the new version of WeGraphics, I had the pleasure to be contacted by Grant Friedman, the Psdtuts editor, who invited me to write a tutorial for them.
I had the time to experiment from the realization of textured and grunge posters to the creation of clean webdesign interfaces and icons. I guess the only thing you would kind of miss with being a self tought graphic designer is that you can?t go to a university as you like, or is it different in your country? Before someone will do business with you, there is a good chance that they will find out all they can about you from online sources. If you take the time to create an online image of yourself that is favourable, people will be more inclined to take you seriously when it comes to doing business together.
It guides us to see ourselves, others, and the world around us from multiple perspectives. There are lots of communities, like DeviantArt, where artists can interact, publish their works, comment the works of others people and get feedback for their first experiments. His illustrations and icons caught my attention, and now he is our full time icon designer.
Also I noticed that there were more Photoshop tutorials aggregators sites than sites that were publishing quality tutorials. When I create a tutorial, I have the opportunity to learn by experimenting new Photoshop techniques, that then I explain in the articles.
It was awesome, considering that only 2 years before I started learning Photoshop basics thanks to their tutorials. So if there’s the possibility to be a student of an awesome design schools, it is cool. I have a really basic portfolio site that was required when we graduated can you take a look at my work I have soo far and give me some feedback I would appreciate it . Make sure to take the time and present yourself in the manner with which you wish to be perceived. In order to sell yourself to potential sponsors and advertisers, you need to know what you have to offer. Services like good-tutorials, pixels2life and PhotoshopLady drove more than 2000 visitors per tutorial. Psdtuts was the opportunity to show my works to the greatest Photoshop community, so it represented an important step for me. Learn when to control and unleash your ego and design eye, and you will become a better, more rounded, Graphic Designer. Binary symmetry is the first thing we naturally look for, and when found, often stops us from looking further. People started appreciating my works and kept following the updates via Twitter and feed RSS.
Your aim shall not be making money at this stage, but continue to improve your knowledge and interact with other creatives. My first tutorial was featured on Tutorial9 and then was included in many roundups of best tutorials for December 2009.
What kinds of things do you like to write about, and what kinds of things do you like to feature?
Narrow down who and what you are.What do you want?Think about the types of brands you would like to partner with. Think about the ways in which you’d like to do that (We covered options in the earlier Ways to Collaborate and Earn an Income on Your Blog post).
Think about the products and services you use and love every day, and would have no trouble recommending.
It’s best to find an actual person in charge of marketing decisions (and budgets!) rather than just throwing all your info at their social media and hoping something will stick. Too often I see posts that centre on what the blogger needs rather than what they can offer a potential sponsor.
If that makes me tune out, imagine how it looks to someone who is considering finding legitimate and professional-looking bloggers to partner with. Nobody wants to fish around for extra information you should have included in the initial stages.
If you follow your contact on Twitter or elsewhere, mention in your email their photos of their recent trip to Croatia were beautiful.
Or you hear they’re coming to Melbourne next week and you recommend that little place on Lygon street for excellent coffee. If you have blog buddies who have done work with the company, don’t be shy to ask for a contact, or an introduction.
Do the same for other bloggers who might like to work with companies you have affiliated with. If you have a mega-huge campaign in mind, maybe take it one step further and send them a press release. There are plenty of examples online you can look at (I wouldn’t fill in the blanks of a template here), and customise to suit yourself.
Find the person you to whom you need to send your pitch directly  (by calling the brand’s information line, or asking whoever is manning their Twitter or Facebook accounts), and send it off. Don’t ask them to make a decision on the spot, rather just serve as a discreet reminder you have contacted them. If you’ve written about them on your blog, tag them in your tweets or Facebook status about the post. Tag them in your Instagram pictures showing you using the product, or how much you enjoy it.
What marketers are looking for is conversations around their product or service – facilitate that conversation. Your readers only want your legitimate recommendations, and brands want people who recommend their product to be believable. A writer, blogger, and full-time word nerd, she can be found making play-dough, reading The Cat in the Hat for the eleventh time, and avoiding the laundry.
I too believe that branding is really important to build up long term relationships with our customers.
Thank you!I would like to hear about how brand sponsorship affects our relationship with our readers. I feel I have an ethical obligation to disclose, even if the relationship has nothing to do with the strength of my recommendation.My credibility is important to me. It seems to me that any responsible article(s) about blogger-brand relationships should address our responsibility (to our readers) as bloggers.Maybe this should be the subject of a future article on Problogger? It really is the minority that think it’s unimportant, or they can get away with duping their readers.
They want to be taken seriously, they want to be honest, and they don’t want to piss off their readers.
The bloggers who will shill anything for a buck rather than cultivating relationships with brands they are proud to recommend are in the minority.
I did it just because this tradition was special in my husband’s childhood and now is special to our kids. Do you have a suggested approach for monetizing that post for this season, or is it too late since it’s out there for free? There was another smaller black box in the upper left hand corner and a message that is counting down when I would return to the page.

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