Marketing automation requires a great deal of time and effort to learn, and even more skill and training to execute the email marketing campaigns, create the landing pages, segment the data, and more. We are Marketo experts, Eloqua experts, Pardot experts, and HubSpot experts, and can integrate them into your CRM.
We can design, write copy, code and execute email nurture sequences and landing pages for your company.
We analyze the results, and make continuous adjustments to your campaigns, optimizing their performance. By Jordan Hellyer President, Easy Marketing Automation CanadaYou understand the value of Marketing Automation software, and have invested in Marketo. By Jordan Hellyer President, Easy Marketing Automation CanadaCompanies that have embraced marketing automation software often are not achieving the results that are possible. By Jordan Hellyer President, Easy Marketing Automation CanadaAs with any new technology, process, or strategy, companies should expect to experience a time of learning and adjustment.

By Jordan Hellyer President, Easy Marketing Automation CanadaWith the increase in popularity of using marketing automation in Canada and all across the globe, many companies are reaching out for help in getting their software started, managing content creation and lead scoring, and in the development of automation strategy. While the ON24 webinar analytics are incredibly valuable in and of themselves, they become significantly more valuable when incorporated into a company’s lead scoring and nurturing process. With the ON24 Integration Service, webinar analytics can be delivered to leading CRM and marketing automation platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, NetSuite, Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Exact Target and HubSpot. With the ON24 Webinar Analytics and Integration Service, marketers can optimize their demand generation and lead qualification processes, and accelerate opportunities in their sales pipelines. We can prepare the data and templates for your instance, so you're ready from the very beginning.
Our in-house staff has a great deal of experience creating nurture sequences for many companies across a variety of industries.
While marketing automation will be no exception to this, knowing what to do and what to avoid as you get started will likely shorten this phase and give you a quicker return on your investment.

The ON24 Integration Service enables you to close the loop between your webcasting, CRM, and marketing automation solutions and take your demand generation and lead nurturing programs to the next level.
Over 30 types of metrics can be transferred, including campaign information, user registration and viewing duration, as well as polls, questions, surveys and the associated user responses. The setup process – which is completed by the ON24 client services team – configures the ON24 Integration Service so that it checks for and passes viewer metrics from your live and on-demand ON24 webinars to your CRM or marketing automation solution on a daily or more frequent basis.
This checklist covers topics including functionality, branding and design control, and marketing campaign creation.

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