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You’ve probably heard about the importance of personal branding in your corporate branding efforts. You’re building a brand; and it would be quite helpful if your list of contacts was growing, too. If you are looking to review your Social Media Marketing Strategy with me or anyone else, I believe it is helpful to work together to systematically assess your current situation. To do this I have devised 12 Questions – Six Offline Questions and Six Questions relating to your current Online activities. I have also made this brief video to help to explain the questions and why I think they are important. These are the Six Pillars I use when working with my clients on their Social Media Marketing Strategy. I have uploaded the Slides in the video to Slideshare and they are also downloadable for your convenience.
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Former British Army Officer, Udemy Instructor, Podcaster and Public Speaker, specialising in Business, Online Marketing and Online Learning. He has personally launched numerous successful companies, breathed new life into struggling businesses and helped turn the fortunes around for his many clients across the globe. We started to have a look around at some of the greats and thought we’d share this little collection of clever adverts with you. Instead, you must highlight what is unique about you (and your brand) and then wait for others to form opinions, create a buzz, and ultimately determine the cool factor of your brand.Remember that your brand is not what YOU say it is, but rather, what OTHERS say it is.
It’s his system for taking control of the chaos business owners find their web strategies in, and re-organising it into a simple yet devastatingly effective structure which generates a flood of profitable new business.
You can try to influence perceptions, but those perceptions ultimately belong to those interacting with your brand and receiving your messages, i.e.
Not to copy their precise movements, but to take example from their responses to their own market climates.To help with your studies, CoolBrands has once again released its Top 20 Coolest Brands in Britain list. This list is compiled using votes of branding experts from the company’s very own Expert Council as well as 2,500 random Brits. It is an opinion poll, supported by nothing more than judgment and belief; however, isn’t that the core of brand perception? If you can’t identify with every brand personally, I’m certain that you can at least acknowledge the buzz (i.e. Here are a few pieces of advice from the experts in brand names at How to Build a Brand:No person, or brand, can be cool in the eyes of everyone.

Choose people who have the problem you’re solving, and who are ready to listen to your message. Building this branding foundation will boost your cool factor.Figure out your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and use it.
Discover this USP, market it, and you will attract the people who will call you “cool.”Be honest about your corporate values. You will then attract the types of ideal clients who share those values and who will, by default, think your brand is pretty cool.Fill a gap in the market. Take note of comments made about competitors—especially to those “I wish” comments that address things that are missing. To the contrary, those brand names that try to appeal to everyone—who pursue the “cool” tag from the masses—are rarely successful. What does work is the targeting of people who need your service and who have expressed interest in what you’re offering.Ready to learn more about how the coolest brand names do it?

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