Golden State Foods (GSF), announced on April 1 that it has acquired a McDonald’s distribution center in Lebanon, Illinois, (near St.
The acquisition occurred to maximize efficiencies and strengthen the distribution network within the McDonald’s system. McDonalds, the largest fast-food chain in the entire world, serves some 64 million customers at more than 29,000 stores in 119 countries daily. McDonalds, perhaps as stunned as everyone else, said very little at the time of its withdrawal. It is clear, however, that the real reason for McDonald’s departure had to do with more than tiny buns.
McDonalds Flagship 50th Anniversary restaurant in Chicago, IL, with view of Chicago in background, dusk.
The same April 2004 article highlighted that though several business leaders had expressed interest in owning the franchise the application of Christopher Issa seemed most likely to succeed.  The article further noted that Mr. Is it that McDonald’s was not pleased with the application of those who applied to take over the franchise?
I think McDonald’s has great potential to succeed in Jamaica and so the Corporation should evaluate its failure and try again. A company that survives and grows during a recession on one hand can’t simply allow itself to just roll over and die on the other.
Burger King, McDonalds’ biggest competitor, has said that some of their best performing restaurants are located right here. Burger King, which has been able to survive and thrive even in depressing times, is not even half the size of the McDonalds Corporation.

We are the world’s second largest fast food hamburger restaurant, or FFHR, chain as measured by the total number of restaurants and system-wide sales.
Mc Donald should keep out of the Jamaican market Jamaica is doing great no problem better for local restaurant Berger king didn’t run and must get first choice to grow in Jamaica no compition for Berger king.
Owner Operators and Restaurant Managers will find many valuable business reports on our site. Caught me a trio of Gateway Distribution ProStar daycabs pulling for McDonald's on I-44 in Missouri.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How is it even possible therefore that such an established brand could have failed in Jamaica? Patricia Issacs-Greene, then franchise holder, “was to spearhead an ambitious plan that would see the opening of 15 more restaurants throughout the island,” over five years. It is clear from the facts stated that both McDonalds Corporation and a number of local investors saw the tremendous potential for the brand locally. Burger King is the second-largest United States hamburger chain behind its far-larger rival McDonald’s Corp. As of June 30, 2010, we owned or franchised a total of 12,174 restaurants in 76 countries and U.S.
McDonald’s clearly failed to recognise and appreciate the preference of the Jamaican consumer. If you are interested in becoming a part of Hank's Truck Forum, you will find that self-registration has been turned off.

The facility services more than 350 McDonald’s restaurants in five states: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky.
This is a result of so many spammers and porn sites trying to create problems on the Forum. The facility employs approximately 160 associates, which increases GSF’s total associate count to nearly 4,500 worldwide. Of these restaurants, 7,258 or 60% were located in the United States and 4,916 or 40% were located in our international markets. Burger King opted to heed the complaints of the Jamaican people and switched to local content beef and promoted this heavily. GSF services more than 25,000 stores in 50 countries from its 38 locations on four continents. We will then email you back and ask you some questions before we sign you up.Thank you for your interest. The McAloo Tikki Burger in India which is a country where most persons for religious beliefs do not eat beef). Re-entry into Jamaica is possible but in my opinion, the preferences of the Jamaican people would have to be taken more seriously.

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