Some people will try to make you believe the meta description and the meta keywords will not help your ranking at all. How do you make sure that your website is found on internet if you fill out certain keywords?
It's very important that you add the keywords you want your site to be found under in your KEYWORD tag. Try to give each page of your website a relevant title, description and keywords that correspond with the text on your website.
Search Engine Optimization Meta TagsThe Meta tags on your webpage are essentially you telling the search engines a bit about your page to help them determin rankings.Meta tag infomation isn't displayed 'on the webpage' - but they still count towards on-page criteria since they are part of the page.
The meta title forms the text line that appears in the top of your browser as well as the title of any search engine results for that page.The meta description usually forms the search engine results description, although not always. Search Engine optimization must be consistent across the board in order to provide maximum relevancy.
Personally, I think meta-tag content gets a bad rap because, in the past, many SEO professionals and website owners exploited meta-tags to achieve undeserved search engine visibility. As an SEO professional, I optimize meta-tag content because there are multiple reasons to use meta-tags on web pages and other files, apart from ranking purposes. Due to the emergence and ubiquity of blended search results, many SEO professionals need to re-think their meta-tag optimization viewpoints.
If I am able to help implement SEO best practices at a company, I try to make metadata optimization for all file types part of a normal process. Going back and re-optimizing (or initially optimizing) 2,500 video files can seem like a daunting task. If everything goes as planned, within a few weeks, the optimization for those files is complete, and now the optimization procedure has become a habit at the company. Call to action: When shown in search listings, encourages searchers to click on the link to your web page.
Reinforce aboutness: Reinforce content that is already available (and visible to users) on the page. Visibility: Help to obtain top search engine visibility in the search results that use meta-tags to determine relevance. For example, for navigational searches where users wish to go to a site's home page or a specific page on your site, smaller snippets are often more effective. With navigational queries, the destination is important, and the URL provides a clear indicator of the final destination.
The meta-tag keyword attribute often gets a bad rap because many of the commercial web search engines do not use this content to determine relevancy. Nonetheless, the commercial web search engines are not the only search engines in existence. Site owners still cling to the mistaken belief that meta-tag content alone can make or break a ranking in the web search results. Nevertheless, metadata certainly has an effect on long-term search engine visibility and ROI. If you have any questions about Omni Marketing Interactive's search engine optimization (SEO), website usability, information architecture (IA), or web design services, please call us at 847-426-4256. Dogpile and other meta search engines aggregate data from other search engines and organize them in new ways.
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LycosIf there’s anything I particularly hate when it comes to SEO, it’s the meta keywords tag. Anniversary PoemsHappy Anniversary Quotes Anniversary poems for all of your anniversaries from your 1st anniversary to your 50th anniversary.Our First Year Together. You browse to a search engine and you will fill out certain keywords that match what you are looking for. If a search engine spider finds the same words on your website and in your meta tags, these words will be ranked higher in the search index.
For more specific searches, they may extract copy from the body of your pages and display that instead to improve the relevancy of your results.The meta keywords are simply you stating which words you would like to be found for.
Some say that search engines disregard meta tags today a€“ YouTube is the worlda€™s second largest search engine and cannot search ita€™s own content. Notice that a€?cheap flightsa€™ is the first keyword (each keyword as a whole is separated by a comma + single space; a single keyword can consist of multiple words). What file types are appearing in search engine results pages (SERPs) for targeted keyword phrases? In this situation, a keyword-focused meta-tag description can make or break search engine visibility.

Once copywriters, graphic designers, video and audio producers, and web developers make it a habit to produce high-quality metadata content, it does not seem like a daunting task. But people have to start somewhere, and one properly optimized video file is better than no optimized video files. If I am working with a company that has a great web analytics package, I always measure the ROI of video optimization.
I often feel as if search engine advertisers have a better grasp of display effectiveness than SEO professionals. On informational searches where searchers desire information irrespective of where the information might be found, longer snippets are more effective. Which pages on your site are better pages to display in response to informational or transactional queries? They might take the listing description from other on-the-page content, or use a combination of the two. This concept is called front-loading, because in the US and other countries, users read from left-to-right.
The presence of a keyword (or keyword phrase) is more important than keyword density in the meta-tag description.
Google and other search engines might not use your page's meta-tag content as the snippet in a search listing.
Having a list of unique keywords for a page can increase the accuracy of your site search engine. Google, for example, limits the number of characters displayed in a search listing to 155 characters. These tools can be quite helpful for troubleshooting too-long meta tags or too-short meta tags. If you want search engines to crawl and index your site's content, then there is no need to use the robots exclusion meta tag in the page code. Heck, my When Search Meets Web Usability co-author had to persistently correct a university lecturer about this common misconception during a graduate-level class, which he found rather frustrating.
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That's why it's so important to put relevant and correct keywords in your meta tags in the source of your web-page. Not only will for example google show your description tag but if you use an attractive line or text, more people will click on your listing.
It might be a lot of work to add specific meta tags to each page but you will notice in time that it works! It relies almost exclusively on titles and tags for on-page ranking criteria.a€?Yes but what about Googlea€?In my experience, adapting the keywords in the meta descriptions have changed results. Seasoned search engine optimization (SEO) professionals might yawn and roll their eyes when the subject of meta-tag optimization comes up, as they might think, "Meta-tag optimization is SO 1990s. Most of the time on a text-based document, meta-tag descriptions and keywords are not used to determine whether or not a page ranks.
Optimization strategies for text files differ slightly from optimization from non-text files. Understanding your target audience's intent with various keyword phrases will help you create better pages and more effective listings, leading to a more positive user experience.
For this reason, I prefer to have meta-tag content reinforce the most important keyword phrases on the web page. The content in the keywords meta-tag can make site search engine results more accurate, which is exactly what users want. It's okay to use pronouns (it, he, she) and prepositions (of, by, and so forth) and articles (the, a, an) to make the meta-tag description grammatically correct and understandable. If a little repetition makes sense and communicates 'aboutness' of content, then go ahead and repeat a word. For example, if a website uses a site search engine, I will robots exclude site search results pages (sSERP) from being crawled and indexed. For site search engines, most of the time, the content of the page title and meta-tag title will be identical. I understand his frustration about the narrow view of meta-tag usage, especially since optimization strategies have evolved. Themes are a great wayFriendly frogs present a variety of words for you to use for displays and announcements.

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Search Engines have developed and are always looking to improve the relevancy of their editorial search results, leading some a€?SEOersa€™ to give up on meta optimization altogether.
Search engines have long evolved to use other on-the-page and off-the-page criteria, as many SEO professionals know. I always begin with the video files that have the greatest impact on achieving business goals. However, if I know that the main searcher goals are navigational, for example, I will try and keep the meta-tag description short to help searchers achieve their goals more easily. Including a call to action in a meta-tag description can encourage searchers to click on the link.
If you front load your meta-tag description, Google should display the most important words. If the meta-tag description is sufficient, accurate, and compelling at only 100 characters, there is no need to modify it even if the software communicates an error or recommendation.
But website owners might find that different titles (1 for web search engines, 1 for site search engines) can be better for the searcher experience. Choose from almost 200 custom designed templates to give your site a unique look.Death Of A Meta Tag - Search Engine Watch.
All too often, management needs to see some relatively fast results before committing staff time to full implementation.
Do not ignore meta-tag optimization, but rather try and understand its role in the big picture. Full Tilt Poker offers the best in online poker: world famous pros, a huge bonus, real or play money.
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